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Bewitched, Bothered, and Burdined is episode 11 of season 1 of the Bratz: The Series.


Using a new hypnosis tool a mind-control device she bought over the internet, Burdine uses it to hypnotize Jade and Sasha, directing them to sabotage the Bratz and their friends Cloe and Yasmin on the night they are set to receive the "Tween Voice Award".


Cameron takes pictures of Cloe and Yasmin performing skateboarding tricks for Bratz Magazines fitness spread. Jade and Sasha excitedly tell them they've won the Tween Voice Fierce & Funky Award and London Milton is flying in to present it to them.

Burdine buys a Hypno Zapper, a laptop that can hypnotise people, from a teleshopping channel. She tests it out on Kaycee and Kirstee, commanding them to hop like a rabbit and bark like a dog. When she finds out Bratz Magazine have won a Tween Voice Award over Your Thing magazine she decides to hypnotise the Bratz into humiliating themselves on stage when they go up to accept their reward.

The Bratz argue over who gets to accept the award as Burdine tries several attempts to attach a chip onto their pagers, including distracting them with the tweevils and stealing Sasha's phone while she's on the toilet. Eventually she sneaks into the office room the roof, mission impossible style, and plants the chip onto Sasha's pager. When Sasha's picks up her pager she is hypnotised by Burdine. Jade rushes to help her but is hypnotised too. Burdine orders them to act normal for now.

The Bratz head to a club to check out the stage they will be accepting their reward on. Under hypnosis Sasha and Jade attempt to knock down the catwalk and drop two overhead lights on Cloe and Sasha. The girls are unharmed but notice that Sasha and Jade are acting weird.

Meanwhile Kaycee and Kirstee decide to hypnotise Dylan and Cameron into falling in love with them so they can get them to buy them clothes. They try dangling a coin on a string and speaking into a microphone but are caught by the boys each time. Whilst ranting about how the boys "suck" at being hypnotised Kaycee accidentally lets slip that Jade and Sasha have been hypnotised by Burdine.

The girls go to Cloe's house to relax before the show. Jade gives Yasmin a moisturiser that breaks her out into green spots and Sasha gives Cloe a body lotion that makes her smell like a skunk whilst they tell the girls that the other one has been saying bad things about them behind their back. To relax, Sasha and Jade put Cloe and Yasmin's feet in a foot bath, which is revealed be cement. Kirstee and Kaycee arrive to take Jade and Sasha to the show and Cloe and Yasmin realise something is seriously wrong with them.

Cameron and Dylan arrive at Cloe's house and help the girls stand whilst explaining that Burdine hypnotised Jade and Sasha. Cloe manages to free her and Yasmin from the cement shoes using a body scrub. They rush to the Tween Choice Awards just as Burdine orders Sasha and Jade to act like her interns while accepting their reward. Cloe and Yasmin manage to get the laptop of Burdine and tell Jade and Sasha to act like themselves.

Sasha and Jade graciously accept the reward presented to them by London. Back at the office they permanently un-hypnotize Sasha and Jade. Sasha disposes of the Hypno Zapper by flushing it down a toilet but Kirstee and Kaycee fish it out and use it to make Burdine cluck like a chicken.




  1. "Bratz TV Theme."
  2. "Ready to Roll."
  3. "Doin' It Right." (Instrumental)
  4. "Livin' It Up." (Instrumental)
  5. "Let's Get to It." (Instrumental)


  • Tween Voice Award is a parody of Teen Choice Awards.
  • Third mention of Cloe's hamster, Henry.

Mistakes & Errors[]

  • 1:40: Cloe's voice comes out of Jade's mouth by mistake.
  • 5:57: Cloe's lipstick turns from red to black. When she enters the toilet it turns back to red.
  • 6:20: Sasha walks into the bathroom she goes into the third stall from the right. At 6:36 seconds later, Cloe walks out of the same stall, which is revealed to be empty when she opens the door. Later when Sasha leaves the toilet she comes out of the second stall on the right.
  • 6:31: Jade applies mascara with an invisible wand, then puts the wand in an invisible bottle.