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Bratz: Babyz is the first video game based on the Bratz Babyz toy line and the 4th Bratz game overall. The game is based on the movie of the same name.


Gameboy Advance

"Stir up tons of trouble and go on wild adventures as you help Cloe Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin perform an emergency pet rescue!"


"Move & Groove Through 12 Games and Activities Nora and Nita's dog Snappy got loose in the mall and Duane is holding him for ransom. Join Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin, and all their friends through tons of "sas to the max" adventures at the mall to save their favorite puppy. Get ready for fun - these girlz have a passion for fashion and for getting into trouble.  Prove you've got Brattitude as you play 8 rockin' games. Earn maximum points to unlock cool bonus games, accessories and more. Show 'em it's never too early to be girly as you show off your flair for fashion in 4 design challenges. Exclusive full motion video clips from the new Bratz Babyz DVD progress you through the game. Print your awesome designs to share with family and friends."

Manufacturers Description

"Step back in time & step out in style with the Bratz and see how it all began as they express themselves with that unique sense of style and lots of Baby Brattitude. Take part in loads of fun adventures as you help Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin rescue."


Gameboy Advance

  • Snack Attack: The Bratz Babyz Pets are hungry and in need of snacks! Help them find dropped treats before they are run over!
  • Ring for Blitz: After realizing Duane has kidnapped Snappy, the Bratz Babyz need Blingz to pay his ransom. If they can reach the payphones they might find some spare change.
  • Fashion Skate: Cloe has challenge Cameron to a virtual skateboarding match.
  • Ballonatics: After finding out the Duane as kidnapped snappy, the Bratz Babyz need Blingz to pay his random. This time they take over the balloon making kiosk! How many balloon animals can you make?
  • Hop and Seek: Snappy wants to get out and play. Nita is looking for Snappy, so hide well!
  • Fountain of Youths: Still on the lookout for Blingz, the Bratz Babyz can raid the fountain for coins.
  • Castle Mazenstein: Help the Bratz Babyz escape 'Stay All Day and Play Land'. Be the first to make it to the Ball Pit secret exit!
  • Karaoke Time: Nora is ready for the Karaoke Competition. Can she make it to the end?
  • Wash a Pooch: The Bratz Babyz are making Blingz with a dog washing service. Can they keep it under control?
  • Sweet Necklace Treat: Cloe's making candy necklaces to earn some Blingz!
  • ExScream Makeover: Nora needs a makeover before going on stage - and Jillian is the perfect model to copy!
  • Top Trumps: Play the Top Trumps card game with the Bratz Babyz!

Microsoft Windows

  • Playing Dress-Up: The Babyz need to dress up to fool Miss Calabash, help them pick costumes to wear!
  • Runaways Stroller: Nora's on a stroller that's out of control! Help steer the stroller around obstacles by moving the mouse.
  • Free Money: Help the babies catch enough money to buy back Snappy.
  • Skater, Queen: Help Cloe prove she's the best skater in the whole mall!

Playable Characters

Non-playable Characters


  • Bratz: Babyz the game refers to currency as 'Blingz' whereas the movie calls them 'dollars'.
  • This is the only game in the Bratz franchise in which Nita and Nora are playable characters.
  • This is the only game in the Bratz Franchise in which you can play as the Bratz Petz characters.
  • This is the only game aside from Bratz: Super Babyz based on the Bratz Baby characters.


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