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Bratz: Genie Magic a 2006 American computer-animated film based on the Bratz fashion doll line manufactured by MGA Entertainment. Directed by Mucci Fassett and written by Peggy Nicoll, it is the third installment in the Bratz film series.


The girls with a passion 4 fashion, Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin, think it's their lucky day when they make friends with a teenged genie named Katia. She has magical powers, and best of all, she can grant wishes! But things get wild and crazy when a secret is revealed about the genie girl that thrust the Bratz into a world of intrigue and adventure.


The movie opens with Katia, a teenage genie, escaping from her home aboard a government vessel using her magic carpet. Kon, the leader of the Earth Safety Association (ESA), the organization which has been hosting Katia lashes out in anger at his assistant Zell as he needs Katia for 'Project G'. He puts Zell in charge of bringing Katia home.

Meanwhile, The Bratz Rock Angelz (minus Roxxi) are performing at Pinz when Jade spots Matt Rock, a famous movie star watching their show. The two wink at each other and flirt whilst Jade dances on stage.

Katia arrives at the club and bumps into Dylan, who attempts to flirt with her. After the concert, Matt asks Jade out on a date and she agrees. Katia believes she is being stalked by ESA guards and hides backstage where she bumps into Sasha who compliments her shoes. Katia is chased by the club bouncer because she never paid for a ticket but manages to escape through a drain pipe using her magic.

After closing the ESA agents arrive at the club looking for Katia and get into a fight with the club staff.

Back in Stilesville, Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade watch 'The Homekilling Queen' a horror movie (featuring Matt Rock) together in the Bratz Magazine office. The movie is interrupted by an emergency weather forecast announcing that their will be a series of extreme weather events in the coming days, including extreme heat, deep snow, heavy rain and strong wind. Yasmin worries about the stray animals stuck outside in the pouring rain.

Whilst Cloe is stressing out about failing her geography test, Sasha announces that 'B-Hit Radio', a local radio station is auditioning teen DJ's for a part-time job. The girls support their friend in applying for the radio show.

Aboard the ESA boat, Sebastian, Katia's father, asks Kon and Zell if they have any news about his daughters whereabouts, but they have yet to find her. Sebastian tells Zell and Kon that if Katia doesn't return to her Genie bottle at least once every three days, every wish she ever granted will be undone. This shocks Zell and Kon who immediately send out more agents to find Katia.

At school the next day Katia tells the Bratz girls she is a new student who has been home schooled for most of her life. ESA agents break into the school and attempt to capture Katia. The Bratz Girlz help her escape by creating diversions to slow down the agents. Katia tells the girls her father is strict and doesn't let her leave the house. They had an argument about giving her more freedom and Katia ended up sneaking out to explore the world and make friends. She reveals that her father works on classified projects in a government organization called the 'Earth Safety Association' (ESA) and that US agents were searching for her so she wouldn't reveal classified information.

In a flashback, Sebastian's demands Katia wash her face after she tries on makeup. Upset, Katia announces her intention to run away and flees from her father.

Back in present day, Katia begs the girls to hide her from her father whilst she experiences two days of being a real teenager. The girls agree and invite Katia to a sleepover at Cloe's house. Katia is enjoying dancing with her new friends and learning modern slang when she hears a noise and hides in fear, believing it to be ESA agents coming to capture her, however it turns out to simply be Bryce and Dylan who have come to crash the sleepover. Cloe, who is scared out of her mind yells at the boy and wishes they would croak. A moment later, both Dylan and Bryce turn into frogs.

The girls laugh, believing Katia has pulled a trick on them using mirrors. Katia then reveals that she is a Genie and if someone makes a wish around her she must grant it. Her father, Sebastian was once a Genie too but his bottle broke long ago and every wish he ever granted was undone. Out of guilt, he began working for ESA as a scientist to try and improve the world.

Although the girls are excited to get a wish, Katia informs them she can only grant one wish per person until she is twenty-one years old. Yasmin believes the girls are playing a trick on her. She tells the two frogs if they are really Dylan and Bryce they should wish their were human again, which they do. After seeing their friends are back to normal, the girls realise Katia is telling the truth and begin to plan what their three wishes will be. Jade wants to wish that Matt Rock will be her new boyfriend, Sasha wants to be B-Hit's new DJ, Yasmin wants to build a deluxe pet shelter for homeless animals and Cloe wants to get an A on her geography final.

Because Cloe wished Dylan and Bryce would choke, the girls only have three wishes between them. They agree to share their wishes, but begin to argue on who gets their wish. Whilst the girls discuss, Bryce asks Katia out on a date. She agrees. Cloe takes Katia to the smoothie bar where he teaches her how to skateboard. Katia overhears a girl wish she had a mohawk and a guy wish he had a nickel every time his girlfriend asked him if he was fat. She is forced to grant these wishes.

The Bratz girls take Katia shopping, but as they're trying on clothes Katia gets a headache and almost faints. She recovers quickly and goes to the smoothie bar to meet Bryce for her date. Bryce tells her about his dream to be a graphic novelist and how his Dad is supportive of his dream. Katia wishes her father was more supportive of her own dreams. Katia runs away from the date after seeing a ESA agent lurking in the mall. She hides inside a Magic Genie fortune teller ride until they are gone.

Later, as the girls argue over their wishes they see Katia being chased by an ESA car and run after her. They try and save her, but Katia tells them she is going to go home to straighten things out with her father and will be back by the morning.

Back at the ESA, Kon tells Zell he wants her to wish for lightning storms over France. Although she doesn't want to, she feels she has no choice and seeks out Katia. Meanwhile, Sebastian is reunited with his daughter, and whilst happy to see her, is upset at her choice of clothing and makeup. Katia's father warned her that people don't really like her, they only want to use her for her powers, upsetting Katia who believed the Bratz girls were really her friends.

Zell confronts a crying Katia and assures her that the work she's doing for ESA is good for the world. She tells her that she and Kon are working with France to harvest clean and harmless energy from lightning, and makes a wish that France will have ongoing electrical storms. Katia is forced to grant the wish. Soon after Zell receives a call from the President of France who agrees to pay Kon in return for stopping the storm.

Back at the Bratz office the girls worry about Katia when Jade receives a call from Matt Rock, who asks her out on a date. As Jade struggles with what to wear, the girls argue. Cloe shouts at the girls, then apologises and makes a wish that she had never said it, using up another wish.

Jade goes on her date with Matt Rock who openly flirts with the waitress and only talks about himself. Jade tries to stay optimistic. At the Bratz Magazine office, Sasha learns she has made the top 10 possible finalists for the B-Hit part-time DJ job and Cloe asks her to give up her wish, but Yasmin interjects and instead decides she's going to help Cloe cram for her test.

Back in her genie bottle, Katia rants to her cat, Exlee about her father keeping her prisoner. When Katia teleports away she finds her bottle in a locked chest and gets angry. Kon orders Zell to find and dispose of Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha so they don't tell anyone about Katia's power. Katia overhears and rushes to her father, but he refuses to help, believing that Kon would never do such a thing.

Katia escapes on a magic carpet back to Stilesville. As Yasmin helps Cloe revise for her geography exam they are attacked by ESA clones. Katia finds Bryce who calls Sasha to alert her of the danger she is in. Sasha, who is in the middle of her audition, leaves early to keep her friends safe. They find Jade but are unable to get a hold of Cloe or Yasmin. As the girls wade through the storm Sasha wishes she had an umbrella, accidentally using her wish and leaving the girls with one wish between the four of them.

The girls arrive at Cloe's home to find it trashed and a figure lurking in the dark. The girls attack the dark figure who turns out to by Byron Powell, a reality TV producer and a undercover agent who knows about Katia's situation. He shows Katia and her friends a classified file he has on Zell and Kon who aren't really part of the Environmental Safety Association. Kon is actually the found of the ESA, the 'Evil Scientists Association', an organization that uses science for evil purposes. Their list of crimes include cloning violent criminals (the ESA agents), developing lethal toxins and using Katia to creative havoc by disrupting weather patterns. Byron reveals that Kon's plan is to destroy each country with bad weather until the governments of each nation pays him to stop.

Byron tells the girls to keep Katia safe whilst he rescue Cloe and Yasmin from the ESA. However, Katia refuses to sit and do nothing whilst her father is in danger and the girls agree to help her rescue him, Cloe and Yasmin.

Zell gives Cloe and Yasmin a truth serum and they begin confessing their secrets to one another. Fearing Sebastian will try and stop them, Zell sets a trap to freeze Sebastian the next time he goes into his study, but her plan fails when Sebastian decides to escape the facility and find Katia himself. Katia produces 4 magic carpets, and the four of them climb aboard and fly to the ESA headquarters. He arrives in Stilesville and searches for Katia at the smoothie bar.

Cloe confesses she has a crush on her geeky next door neighbour, Melvin and Yasmin tells Cloe that her orange sweater makes her look like a goldfish. Zell interrogates Cloe and Yasmin to find out what they know. Kon then decides to give them a mind sweep to erase all their memories and turn them into mindless slaves. Zell reveals that all the ESA agents are actually people who had their minds swept.

Katia, Bryce, Sasha and Jade arrive at the ESA headquarters and save Cloe and Yasmin from being mind swept. They are caught by Kon when trying to escape. Kon threatens to smash Katia's genie bottle if the girls don't let him leave without being arrested. Katia demands to know where her father is, but Kon refuses to tell her. The Bratz decide to use their final wish to wish Katia's father was back in his study, however when he enters his room he triggers the trap Zell had set and begins to freeze to death.

Katia gets her bottle back from Kon and smashes it. Doing so undoes every wish she has ever granted, including the wish Yasmin made to teleport Sebastian into his study. Magicless, Katia fears her friends will no longer like her, but the assure her they love her just as much now as they did before.

Kon attempts to escape Zell knocks him out and takes the money for herself. The Bratz girls track Zell down and steal back the suitcase containing the money and fly away on Katia's magic carpet. Zell attempts to chase after the Bratz but ends up crashing the helicopter. She survives and manages to escape capture.

Katia is reunited with her father who promises she can have a normal life. Kon is arrested and the blackmail money is returned to the countries Kon took it from. In the end, the Bratz girls wishes come true. Byron donates money towards Yasmin's pet shelter, Cloe get's an A in her geography test, Sasha gets the DJ internship and Jade dumps Matt after finding out he waxes his legs, something she doesn't find attractive.

The Rock Angelz (minus Roxxi) throw a concert to celebrate Katia being safe.




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  1. "Me & My Girls."
  2. "Make You Wanna Dance."
  3. "Never Gonna Give Up."
  4. "The Way We Shine."
  5. "When We're All Together."
  6. "Only You."
  7. "The Real You."
  8. "Livin' It Up."
  9. "Life's A Wild Ride."
  10. "All Together."
  11. "Makin' It Happen."
  12. "Rollin'."
  13. "Invincible."
  14. "Bratz TV Theme (Remix)."

Bonus Tracks[]

  1. "I Won't Stop."
  2. "Never Back Down."
  3. "Everything."
  4. "They Don't Understand Me."


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Genie Magic is a line of Bratz dolls released in 2006 based on the movie of the same name.


Main article: Bratz: Desert Jewelz

Bratz: Desert Jewelz, also known as Bratz Genie Magic 2: Desert Jewelz, is a feature-length animated movie released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment on January 7th, 2011. It is a sequel to Bratz: Genie Magic, which was released in 2006.


  • The animation is slightly different from the rest of the series. This movie introduces a more lively and darker style, with the characters having a wider variety of facial expressions and more exaggerated movements.
  • This is the first time we see the Bratz in their Class outfits in CGI.
    • Jade is wearing Kumi's Class outfit despite not being produced in the line.
  • This is the first time the Rock Angelz have performed without Roxxi.
  • This is the first movie Eitan dosen't appear in.
  • This is the first time in the Bratz media franchise to feature a parent of a Bratz character.
  • Dylan reveals in the movie that his star sign is a Leo meaning he was born in either July or August.
  • Nigel Forrester, Cloe's love interest from Bratz: Rock Angelz can be seen presenting the weather around 8 minutes in.
  • When Kon is talking about the list of countries that have agreed to his demands, Zell points out that France is the only one who hasn't. Later we see that Katia has a poster of Paris, France in her bedroom.
  • Katia turns Bryce and Dylan into frogs because Cloe wished for it. Yasmin has a pet frog.
  • The rules for wishing are as follows: you may not wish for enormous wealth, eternal life, something harmful or more wishes. Despite this, Kon wishes for things like floods and lightning storms, which can be harmful.
  • When Jade is trying on clothes for her date at around 31 minutes in, she holds up a short pink halter dress. Sasha is seen wearing this dress in the movie Bratz go to Paris.
  • Exlee, Katia's cat teleports away when Katia is ranting to her, suggesting that Exlee is also magical.
  • At around 36:45 minutes, a poster can be seen on Katia's wall that reads 'I'm Dee, I'm here' below a picture of a mountain. Dee is a character who later appears in Bratz: Fashion Pixiez.
  • Although Eitan normally works at the smoothie bar, in Genie Magic, Bryce is the only one ever seen working there.
  • Burdine makes an appearance at around 39:50 but has no lines.
  • Byron Powell tells the girls that the Evil Scientist Association are known for creating evil toxins. Evil toxins are used in the movie Bratz: Go to Paris by the movies villain, suggesting they have been a part of the ESA.
  • Katia's magic carpet can go up to 100km per hour.
  • Cloe mentions she has a crush on her 'geeky' next door neighbor, Melvin Grouper. This would make Melvin Cloe's third love interest so far in the Bratz series, the first being Cameron and the second being Nigel.

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