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The following is the script for the 2008 computer animated film, Bratz: Girlz Really Rock!. It was written by Norah Lally.


SCENE: Opening Sequence

(The scene begins with a montage of the Bratz getting ready for their appearance at an initially unknown red-carpet event. After the movie title is shown, the Bratz arrive at the event in a limousine and pose for paparazzi.)

Sasha: (voice-over) People, this rocks! I can't believe I'm here! This must be a dream. How did this happen? It's an incredible story, so that's no surprise. It was the last day of school — we couldn't wait for summer to start because my BFFs and I had all been accepted to an elite performing arts camp, Camp Starshine.

SCENE: School

(Different angles of a clock at school are shown as it ticks towards three o'clock. Meanwhile, the teacher of a class writes equations on a chalkboard.)

Teacher: What better way to spiff up a lazy summer afternoon than tackling a challenging chemistry equation?

(Multiple shots are shown of students disinterested in the class as the teacher continues to speak.)

Teacher: Or playing periodic table flashcards with a friend? No need for the time between June and September to fall into a miasma of boredom and listlessness. Come up with a summer-long project — I spent a very titillating summer myself. Or what about memorising your textbooks for the upcoming year? Or why not experiment the effects of household (inaudible) beans and summer squash?

(As the teacher continues speaking, Yasmin discretely gives a pink item of clothing to Jade for her and Sasha to see.)

Yasmin: (quietly to Jade and Sasha) My new bathing suit for camp.

(Jade gives Sasha the bikini top to look at.)

Sasha: Cute!

Jade: Just your colour, Pretty Princess.

(The teacher notices them talking, which stops the girls briefly, but the teacher continues on with the lesson.)

Teacher: You can enjoy the sunshine while taking a science class (inaudible).

Sasha: (still holding the bikini top) Hey, this is the same summer suit I bought!

Dylan: (takes the bikini from Sasha) Me too!

(Dylan holds the bikini against his chest, showing it to Eitan, who laughs along with the Bratz. The laughter leads to the teacher intervening.)

Teacher: Mr Dylan? Is there something you'd like to share with the class?

Dylan: Uh- I- Uh- Well, not really. Uh, well --

(Dylan notices the clock that shows that there are only a few seconds left before it is three o'clock, resulting in him stalling a little longer.)

Dylan: Uh- I-

(The school bell rings.)

(The scene cuts to the school doors that are pushed open as students run out. The Bratz, Dylan and Eitan begin singing 'We're Gonna Shine' as they leave the school. There are short scenes of them packing what they need for Camp Sunshine before boarding the bus together.)

SCENE: Arriving at Camp Starshine

(Eventually, they arrive at the camp, which is eerily quiet. Unknown individuals run around the Bratz, Dylan and Eitan before realing themselves as other campers and joining the Bratz group to sing 'We're Gonna Shine'. Audio feedback is heard over the speakers, grabbing the attention of everyone at the camp.)

Ms Higgins: (over a speaker) Welcome, shining stars!

(The scene transitions to the students sitting in front of Ms Higgins, who is on stage as she introduces herself and the camp program.)

Ms Higgins: I am Ms Higgins, your camp director! Now, you have come to Camp Starshine because you are among the most talented young performers in the country. (giggles to herself) As such, you'll be expected to excel in class and each of you will be competing at the end of camp in our finale showcase!

Cloe: Competing? (whispers to the Bratz) I thought we were just supposed to show off!

Yasmin: I bet we'll win! Our band is pretty hot!

Sasha: Who cares if we win or lose? We'll rock this camp either way!

Ms Higgins: And I have a surprise, my shining stars! This year, the showcase will be judged by film director David Charles! So, he will choose the most talented student from the showcase to star in and be the subject of his next feature film, people!

(All the students cheer and applaud.)

Jade: Could you imagine a movie starring us, walking out with our band?

Cloe: (exaggerated voice) Bring on the cameras! I'm totally ready for my close-up! (poses)

SCENE: Cafeteria

(The scene opens to chattering among students at the cafeteria at the camp, with the Bratz and the boys eating at a table together.)

Cloe: Oh great, bug spray — I forgot mine! (to Eitan) Can I?

Eitan: (snickers) Sure, go for it.

Cloe: (notices Eitan laughing to himself as she shakes the spray bottle) What? Is it non-organic or something?

Eitan: If sugar and water are organic, then that bug spray is one hundred percent organic.

Cloe: (gasps and places the spray bottle down) You rat!

Eitan: (laughs) Hey, that's what camp is all about! Pranks, TP-ing the cabin, short-sheeting the beds!

Sasha: (scoffs) Real mature, Eitan.

Dylan: (laughs) Right on! (fist-bumps Eitan) Just don't pull any pranks on me, bro.

Eitan: I can't make any promises — everyone's a potential victim.

Yasmin: (sarcastic tone) Ooh, I guess we'll be watching our backs.

(Students at the cafeteria are heard ooh-ing and aah-ing as Anna arrives. with Kirstee and Kaycee carrying heavy suitcases.)

Kaycee: I'm tired of carrying Anna's bags!

Kirstee: You want to be in a movie, don't you? Anna is gonna win the showcase and be the star of David Charles' next movie! And, of course, she'll want to give her two best friends -- (collides with Kaycee and falls, with her and Kaycee surrounded by Anna's belongings) -- supporting roles.

Yasmin: (sees the twins on the ground) Oh no...

(Everyone at the Bratz's table hears Yasmin and notices the commotion.)

Anna: (sighs as the twins clean up the mess) Make sure to get me a cabin far away from the latrines.

Kirstee: Anything you say, Ms Anna!

(Anna walks away as the twins continue to carry the luggage through the cafeteria as they talk.)

Kaycee: Uh, what's latrine?

Kirstee: It's French for stables. (bumps into Kaycee) Ow! (angrily) Watch where you're going, nitwit!

(The twins approach the table where the Bratz and the boys are.)

Kaycee: Augh!

Kirstee: Bratz!

Cloe: What are you doing here?

Kirstee: Getting discovered.

Kaycee: We're (trying to pronounce prodigy) prodo-gees.

Kirstee: (also trying to pronounce prodigy) Pro-gen-e.

(The Bratz and the boys look at each other, shocked and confused. Anna is seen walking past students in the cafeteria, who compliment her, and she seems bashful at the attention.)

Dylan: Ah... (rests his face on his hand as he looks at Anna with a similar adoration as the other students)

Sasha: Who died and made (gestures at Anna) her Royal Highness?

Kaycee: Like, the lord of ballet did because she's, like, the bomb!

Kirstee: She's, like, the best dancer!

Kaycee: 'Cause she's, like, gonna win the showcase!

Kirstee: She's hot!

Dylan: Yeah, she is. Excuse me. Showtime for the master stud! (leaves the table)

Cloe: Ick, Dylan.

(A bug lands on Kaycee's arm that she attempts to swat away.)

Eitan: (holds out bug spray to Kaycee) Do you want some bug spray?

Kaycee: (taking the bottle from Eitan) Hey, nifty!

Eitan: Go ahead! Keep the bottle.

Kaycee: Wow! Like, thanks a bunch!

Kirstee: I think he really likes me. (tries to take the bottle from Kaycee)

Kaycee: (while fighting with Kirstee to hold the bottle) He gave me the bottle!

(Madame Demidov enters the cafeteria. The students look at her in awe, diverting the attention of the Bratz table.)

Sasha: (to the Bratz and the boys) Yikes!

Yasmin: Uh... That lady does not look like a happy camper.

Cloe: How could she with that tight bun in her hair? (mimicking the shape of the hair bun with her hands)

(Anna collects a plate with a slice of cake, surrounded by students, including Dylan jumping to get a better view. He eventually makes his way to the front of the crowd but is stopped by Madame Demidov.)

Madame Demidov: (angrily) Anna! You have lost mind?

Anna: (shocked) Huh? (turns to face Madame Demidov) Oh! Madame Demidov!

Madame Demidov: (points at Anna's plate) Cake?

Anna: Oh- N- But --

Madame Demidov: Vegetables and meat! You need energy for afternoon's practice!

Anna: Oh... I thought we were finished for the day...

Madame Demidov: No. Today, I give you choreography — my own! You will dance to this in showcase!

Anna: (eagerly) Really? Oh! That's so- I'm so excited! Thank you.

Madame Demidov: Come now. No time for cake!

(Madame Demidov places the cake in Dylan's hands and leaves with Anna in tow.)

Sasha: Gosh! Can't the girl have some cake?

Dylan: (still enamoured by Anna and holding the plate) I'll be her dessert.

(The scene blurs to black, with only Dylan and falling rose petals visible and gentle piano music plays.)

Yasmin: Dylan?

(The scene returns to the cafeteria as Dylan hears Yasmin.)

Yasmin: Get over yourself.

SCENE: A Class in Acting

(Ms Durge claps as the scene opens at the stage of Camp Starshine, with students around her.)

Ms Durge: Actors! It is time... to prepare!

(Students are seen making various noises and gestures, which Ms Durge describes as warming up their voices and faces.)

Sasha: What is this supposed to be?

Yasmin: Acting?

Jade: Like what?

Cloe: Baboons?

Ms Durge: (talking as she moves down the line of Bratz) And, we warm up our faces!

(Ms Durge demonstrates several vocal exercises to each of the Bratz.)

Ms Durge: Let's go, ladies! Loosen up your instruments!

(Ms Durge moves across the stage animatedly, and Yasmin tries to imitate her while the Bratz are talking.)

Jade: (quietly) I didn't know I was supposed to bring my drums.

Sasha: I think she means our bodies.

Ms Durge: And, we are waves! Rolling in the ocean!

(The other students act similarly to Ms Durge, imitating the movements of waves, while the Bratz try to mirror these actions.)

Ms Durge: Commit to the space! Be the wave!

Jade: Guys, I am feeling way unwavy!

(The students and Ms Durge continue with this exercise until stopped by Ms Durge.)

Ms Durge: And freeze!

(Following Ms Durge's actions, the students cease. But, Yasmin, unable to hold it in, sneezes and bumps into all the Bratz. This results in them sliding on the ground, right before Ms Durge tapping her foot. The girls, who have not noticed Ms Durge's annoyance, begin laughing.)

Ms Durge: (irritated) This is very serious.

SCENE: A Class in Design

(In the design studio, the students, including the Bratz and Eitan, watch as their instructor talks.)

Instructor: If you choose to compete in the showcase as a costume designer, models will walk the runway, wearing your designs. I can see it! A hit film about an up-and-coming fashion designer!

Jade: Wow! How cool would that be?

Cloe: (placing a hand on Jade's shoulder) Go for it, Jade!

Jade: Uh... No! We are entering as a band!

Instructor: So, let's see who's got it! Pick some fabric and show me what you can come up with in fifteen minutes. You ready? Go!

(The students dash to obtain fabric and work with sewing machines and mannequins to create their pieces.)

Instructor: (looking at his watch) Stop! Time is up.

(The students stand in a line across the room for the instructor to critique their works.)

Instructor: (at Sasha's design) Hello! 1986 called, they want the flouncy top back! (at Cloe's design) Next time, go for a blanket, so I can curl up and go to sleep. Big yawn! (at Yasmin's design) Ah! So horrid, I'm considering having my eyes removed!

(The Instructor looks at Jade's design, bringing the top closer for him to better judge.)

Instructor: (at Jade's design) Eh, your technical skills are abysmal and yet, (walking away) I am intrigued.

Jade: Was that a compliment?

Yasmin: It might have been.

Cloe: Abysmal is bad. But intrigued is good!

SCENE: A Class in Music

(Piano music played by Mr Stradivari indicates the new scene.)

Mr Stradivari: And, here we are. Ah, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am Mr Stradivari, and this is music class. Gather around the piano, if you please. As part of this course's curriculum, we're going to study a wide range of music and composers. Covering everyone from Beethoven, Mozart and bah... The Gershwin, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Stephen Sondheim, Shaiman and Whitman, leaving out Andrew Lloyd Webber, of course. (dejectedly) Who wants to spend any time with someone who doesn't return phone calls? (returns to his usual tone) But first, we're going to begin with that most basic of fundamentals — the scales. In the key of E... (plays a note on the piano and then sings a note) Let's not be shy, pupils. (sings note again and gestures to the students) E-sharp!

(The students, including the Bratz, Kaycee and Kirstee, sing collectively before Mr Stradivari stops them.)

Mr Stradivari: Who's flat? (points to Cloe) E-sharp, impress me.

(Cloe sings a note.)

Mr Stradivari: (points to Jade) You, inspire me.

(Jade sings a note.)

Mr Stradivari: (points to Sasha) You, enthral me.

(Sasha sings a note.)

Mr Stradivari: (points to Yasmin) You, transcend me!

(Yasmin sings a note.)

Mr Stradivari: That was refreshing. Particularly stimulating. Something to lift our spirits. Really on point. Well done. (gestures at Kaycee and Kirstee) Please?

(Kaycee and Kirstee sing a note, off-key.)

Mr Stradivari: Oh my. That was excruciatingly extraordinary. Come, come. I have a very important role in mind for you two special ladies.

Kirstee: We, like, rock!

Kaycee: Yay, us!

(The twins bump hips to celebrate, as they usually do.)

Mr Stradivari: I'd like to offer you the opportunity to be my... page-turners.

(The twins look at each other excitedly before walking to Mr Stradivari to help with the sheet music.)

Kaycee: (laughs) We're his favourites! (spins)

(Mr Stradivari begins to play a song, occasionally signalling to the twins to change the page.)

Mr Stradivari: Now, as we were, in the key of C, pianissimo.

(The students sing the note, although it seems the Bratz are unsure of what Mr Stradivari has asked for.)

Yasmin: (to the Bratz, confusedly) Pia-what?

Mr Stradivari: Some promise, but in my class, I seek distinction — musical perspicacity.

Yasmin: We'll do better, Mr Stradivari.

Sasha: We promise.

Mr Stradivari: I look forward to this promise with great ardour.

SCENE: A Class in Dance

(The Bratz enter a new location that is adorned with framed pictures of dancers, with many of those related to ballet. The girls prepare themselves outside the room, where Anna and a few other dancers are inside.)

Jade: Are we ready to bust a move?

Yasmin: Oh yeah!

Sasha: This is gonna be fun!

(They enter the studio and are met with disdainful looks from the other students who are practising, including Anna. Dylan is also seen hanging with two other students.)

Cloe: Dylan?

Sasha: He has got to be kidding!

Cloe: Will he stop at nothing?

(The Bratz laugh before they are abruptly stopped by Madame Demidov's cane hitting the floor, shocking the girls.)

Madame Demidov: (angrily) How dare you insult me?

Jade: Insult?

Madame Demidov: Silence! This is classroom of dance, not circus!

Sasha: Then what's a clown (pointing to Dylan) doing here?

(The Bratz are heard laughing at Sasha's joke but, again, are interrupted by the sound of Madame Demidov's cane.)

Madame Demidov: Tardiness and talk in class, not tolerated! What is this? (gestures to the Bratz and their casual outfits) Only formal dance attire allowed! Go change! Immediately!

(The Bratz leave with pained looks as the students laugh at them. They look back and notice Dylan returning to practise with a student, and Anna waving with a smirk before doing the same.)

(The next part of the scene shows Madame Demidov setting up a gramophone record player.)

Madame Demidov: Better. Now...

(Madame Demidov claps her hands and guides the students by hitting her cane against the floor to be in time with the song.)

Madame Demidov: And one, and two, and three, and four.

(While students follow the instructions, Sasha performs the song in contemporary dance, which upsets Madame Demidov.)

Madame Demidov: Not breakdance class — this is serious ballet. Anna, show them. From top!

(Anna begins to dance as Madame Demidov instructs her.)

Madame Demidov: And one, two, three. One, two, three. Arabesque, two, three. Back, two, three. Tour jeté soutenu.

(Anna continues to dance, now without Madame Demidov's input. As she finishes the last steps, Madame Demidov slams her cane against the floor again.)

Madame Demidov: Insufficient extension! You will stay after class and practise!

(Madame Demidov's feedback results in Anna looking surprised before becoming upset and looking at the floor. The students continue dancing. Most of the students look in pain as they perform under Madame Demidov's discretion.)

Madame Demidov: Bend and point toes! Strong arms! Leg like sword!

(The session continues, with the Bratz struggling to enjoy and practise under Madame Demidov's guidance.)

(The scene ends with Madame Demidov's cane repeatedly striking the floor.)

SCENE: The Cabins

(The scene opens with Sasha laying on her stomach in her bed, looking distressed. The rest of the Bratz sit close by.)

Sasha: Oh, my poor feet...

Yasmin: Wow, I can't wait to go back to Stiles where I can relax.

Cloe: I've never struggled like this before and I don't like it. This is like boot camp! Prison! And everybody hates us! They think we're a joke. We're total outcasts!

Sasha: (now laying on her back) I thought we were stars at performing arts! I thought this would be fun!

Jade: That's right. This was your idea, wasn't it, Bunny Boo?

Sasha: I am so sorry. You can all throw me in the lake.

(The scene cuts to Sasha being held over the lake.)

Sasha: Help! No! Please! Don't!

(The scene now shows that Yasmin and Jade are holding Sasha upside down while Cloe watches and laughs. Shortly after, Cloe joins in to help throw Sasha into the lake.)

Yasmin: One... Two...

Sasha: No!

(Cloe, Jade and Yasmin release Sasha, making her fall into the lake. Then, the girls start running off.)

Sasha: (annoyed) Oh!

(As Sasha catches up with them, the other Bratz are laughing.)

Sasha: You are in serious trouble!

Jade: Sorry, Bunny Boo! But it wouldn't be right to go to bed without having some real camp fun!

Yasmin: Hey, I have an idea.

(Yasmin waves her hand for the girls to follow. The next part of the scene shows them walking up the stairs of another cabin.)

Yasmin: How about pranking the king of pranks?

(Once they have made it to the window of EItan and Dylan's room, Yasmin opens the window and releases a snake. The girls laugh and run off as soon as they hear Dylan screaming.)

Dylan: Ah! Snake! Snake! Ah! Get him off me! Get it off me! Ah! Not cool! Not cool! Sn-sn-snake! Sn-snake!

(The Bratz rush away from the boys' cabin while Ms Higgins is seen looking concerned and unaware of the Bratz as Dylan continues yelling. They sit outside the window of a different room, laughing and out of sight from Ms Higgins.)

Jade: Oh my gosh! I thought I would wet my pants — I laughed so hard! Did you hear Dylan's scream?

Sasha: I'm positive everyone heard Dylan scream!

Cloe: You sure that wasn't a poisonous snake?

Yasmin: For the hundredth time, no! I'm not some kind of fiend.

(The window opens rapidly and the light turns on as Anna emerges, irritated by the noise.)

Anna: (annoyed) Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep!

Sasha: Sorry! We didn't realise anyone was asleep!

Anna: Nighttime? Dark? Put it together!

Yasmin: Gosh, we didn't mean to wake you up.

Cloe: Yeah, sorry. We were just messing around.

Anna: Yeah. Everyone's noticed you guys are really good at that.

Sasha: Isn't it a little early to be going to bed? I mean, it's summer!

Anna: Yes. I guess it is a bit early for a bunch of slackers that have plenty of time to sleep in all day. (slams her window to close)

(The Bratz begin to make their way back to their cabins.)

Cloe: What an attitude!

Yasmin: Somebody needs a gentle bedtime story.

Jade: Somebody needs to take her chill pill.

Sasha: I hope we never run into her again. What a stress case.

(Yasmin suddenly stops the others from walking.)

Yasmin: Hey guys, wait a minute. We came to camp to have fun. Is that a crime?

Jade: I'm starting to get the idea that it might be around here.

Yasmin: Look. If we stick together and do our best, we're gonna be fine.

Cloe: You're right, Yas.

Jade: Yeah. Who cares about what a couple of fanatics think about us?

Sasha: A couple? You mean the entire camp?

Cloe: And let's just take the classes we have fun in.

Jade: Yeah! Blow off the rest — nothing's required. It's camp!

Yasmin: What do you say we all go down to the lakefront tomorrow after class for a little much-needed R&R?

Jade: I am so in! (places her hand in the centre)

Cloe: Me too! (joins in with Jade)

Sasha: (joins in, along with Yasmin) We're gonna show this camp how camp is done!

(They continue to make their way back to the cabins. Anna is seen, still frustrated, crossing her arms. She then lies down and sleeps.)

SCENE: Summertime Fun

(The Bratz prepare to perform 'Summertime Fun' by testing a few notes on their individual instruments. Once they begin playing the song, it gets the attention of multiple students who join in the fun, including Dylan and Eitan, who sing along with the girls. Throughout, the boys also participate in a water balloon fight started by Eitan.)

(Anna notices the commotion from Madame Demidov's studio as she shakes her head to the song.)

Madame Demidov: (to herself) I see it all now. When Anna win showcase, I will become co-star in film. I will upstage Anna. David Charles will want to make film all about me — the world's greatest choreographer!

(Madame Demidov approaches Anna, who is still dancing to the Bratz performing their song. She taps her cane and then hastily closes the curtains, preventing Anna from watching any further.)

Madame Demidov: Fools and their summer fun.

(After closing the curtains, Anna stands across the room from Madame Demidov, running through another session of rehearsing for the showcase.)

Madame Demidov: And one, and two, and three, and four. From top. And one, two, three. One, two, three. Arabesque, two, three. Back, two, three. Tour jeté soutenu. Insufficient extension! You will stay and practise!

(Anna, upset at needing to continue to practise, follows Madame Demidov's guidance.)

Madame Demidov: From corner, grande jeté! Bend and point toes! (hits her cane against the floor)

(The scene continues to Madame Demidov outside her studio and nearly colliding with students who are running and playing across the campground. Madame Demidov begins to sing 'I Deserve It' as she watches students hang out and mess around and envisions her future if Anna wins the showcase on her behalf.)

(After, Anna walks alone through the campground, still in her ballet outfit and distracted by her thoughts. She is suddenly hit by a water balloon as Eitan failed to hit Dylan with it.)

Dylan: (to Eitan) Ha, Eitan! (laughs) Totally missed! (laughs)

(Dylan climbs over the rock he was hiding behind from Eitan and sees Anna glaring at him.)

Dylan: Wow...

(Anna starts crying.)

Dylan: Hey, what's wrong?

Anna: (angrily) What's wrong? Look at me! How could I rehearse like this?

Dylan: It's only water. It'll dry — just give it some time!

Anna: (now more upset than angry) Time? (facepalms) (stuttering and sobbing) I only have twenty minutes to eat dinner before I have to get back to the studio again!

(Anna, who is separated from Dylan by a river, begins walking. Dylan follows suit while talking to her.)

Dylan: Twenty minutes? That's nuts. You can't rehearse all day and all night.

Anna: (still in tears) Oh yeah? Try all your life! (cries)

Dylan: W-why don't you stop then?

Anna: I love it! I've always wanted to be a dancer and now I have a shot at making my dream come true! And if I blow it... I-I-I can't blow it! (falls to her knees, leading to Dylan also sitting on a log while talking to her)

Dylan: Can't you be a dancer and have a life?

Anna: No! Too much competition! I've got to be the best! Got to be!

Dylan: But you already are!

(The two stand up and begin walking again as they speak.)

Dylan: I've seen you dance — you're amazing! No one can do pirouettes like you. You're better than Baryshnikov!

(Dylan mentioning the renowned dancer surprises Anna pleasantly.)

Anna: You really are interested in ballet.

Dylan: I'll tell you what. You come on down to the lake with us — help me whip Eitan's butt?

Anna: Oh! I couldn't...

Dylan: I'm afraid you don't have a choice. (places his hand out to her) These are the firm rules of water balloon combat.

Anna: Oh, Madame Demidov wouldn't approve.

Dylan: Come on! Madame La-tight-bun isn't around!

(Anna laughs and makes her way across the river, with the help of Dylan. As Dylan begins to walk ahead, Anna looks back towards the studio before running after Dylan.)

(The scene continues as a water balloon hits a rock, with the Bratz and Eitan laughing and playing. Cloe is the first to acknowledge Anna's presence, who is walking hand-in-hand with Dylan.)

Cloe: Hi, Anna.

Yasmin: (crosses her arms) Aren't you afraid to be seen slumming with the slackers?

Sasha: Should we get the Tweevils so they can hold your water balloon for you?

Anna: Nope! (shows that she's holding a water balloon) I think I can handle this all by myself.

(Eitan tries to hit the Bratz with another water balloon before running off. Anna starts aiming her balloon and lands a hit on Eitan.)

Dylan: Incoming!

(Dylan misses Yasmin with his water balloon. She returns the shot but hits Anna instead. The group continue to mess around with one another until it becomes dark. By nighttime, they are all seated around a campfire, roasting marshmallows.)

Sasha: (to Anna) You have really good aim! I think you should give up dancing and go for the major leagues!

Jade: Yeah, must be so hard to be so good at everything. (takes her marshmallow off the fire, blowing it to cool)

Anna: I'm not good at everything — not good at making friends...

(The Bratz look at one another, confused by the remark.)

Cloe: Don't be silly! I mean, you just made us, didn't you?

Anna: Really?

Yasmin: Of course, we're your friends!

(The Bratz reinforce Yasmin's comment by agreeing excitedly. The moment is interrupted by Kaycee and Kirstee, surprising everyone.)

Kirstee: Anna! Did you save us a seat?

Kaycee: Have some bug spray on me! They're really biting tonight!

(Anna leans forward, ducking as soon as Kaycee sprays. The mist instead hits Kirstee's eyes.)

Kirstee: Ow! (runs off) I can't see!

(Kaycee runs after Kirstee, hearing the sound of bugs following.)

Kaycee: Oh! Oh! Flush your eyes out with water!

(Once the twins have left, Eitan clears his throat and turns a flashlight on. Holding the light to his face, he begins to retell a story in a quieter voice.)

Eitan: Okay. Everyone here has heard the legend of the lake monster, right?

(Everyone in the group shakes their head.)

Eitan: On this very spot, a hundred years ago, the very first campers at Camp Starshine awoke in their cabins at night to a terrifying sound. (makes a noise similar to a snake)

(Anna, scared, leans into Dylan and he smirks as he wraps his arms around her. As Eitan continues to narrate, a low sound is heard as the scene is positioned behind the group. Shortly, it is revealed that Madame Demidov is hidden while watching the situation unfold and slowly makes her way to the group.)

Eitan: The campers cowered in their beds, afraid to come down to the lakefront. But the sound just kept coming! (makes the same noise as earlier, resulting in Jade and Yasmin becoming more scared) Until! Finally, one brave girl camper came down to the lake to investigate and all alone, she waded into the water.

Jade: No! Don't wade in...

Eitan: But all she heard in her last terrifying moments was a single sound! (mimics the noise from before)

(The group gasps as they notice Madame Demidov behind Eitan. Eitan, who has not noticed, swiftly turns around and screams once he sees her.)

Madame Demidov: Anna! What are you doing? I wait for you in dance studio.

Anna: (taking her hands off of Dylan immediately) I'm sorry, Madam! I must've lost track of time — I was just hanging out, you know, having fun and --

Madame Demidov: (grabs Anna's arm) What is this?

Anna: It's just water...

Madame Demidov: Please. To shower and meet me at studio in clean clothes! Now, it is necessary to practise twice as late!

(Madame Demidov begins to walk away, followed by Anna. Dylan, about to protest, is met with Madame Demidov's glare, leading Dylan to silently cross his arms before recognising that he may be at fault for Anna missing her rehearsal.)

(The scene ends with the group watching as Anna and Madame Demidov leave.)

SCENE: New Talents

(The scene begins with night turning into day and continues to the students, including Anna, dancing in Madame Demidov's class.)

Madame Demidov: Class, you dance like rhinoceros!

(Madame Demidov looks to Sasha, signalling her to mirror the dance presented by the other students.

Anna: That was awesome, Sasha!

Sasha: Thanks, Anna! (high-fives Anna)

Madame Demidov: (irritated) Sasha! (hits her cane down on the floor) Talking during class? You will sit out remainder of our session!

Sasha: (surprised) What?

Anna: But, Madam! I was just complimenting her and --

Madame Demidov: Silence! Not another word. Sasha, sit.

(Sasha sits down on a chair, isolated from the class and looking frustrated. Madame Demidov continues with her lesson.)

Madame Demidov: Repeat, Anna! Must see please — lightness in limbs! Not dead branches!

(Anna continues to dance, looking to Dylan for encouragement. Dylan gives her the thumbs-up.)

(The scene transitions to the stage, where Ms Durge's class is. Cloe recites lines from 'Romeo & Juliet' to a class with the aid of Eitan, who is dressed like a director.)

Cloe: (in character) Come, gentle knight! Come loving, black-browed knight! (breaks character) Uh... Line!

Eitan: (quietly) Give me my?

Cloe: (in character) Give me my Romeo!

Eitan: And... scene!

(The class cheers at Cloe's performance. She bows and high-fives Eitan before being approached by Ms Durge.)

Ms Durge: You could do better learning your lines, Cloe. But I must say that was brilliant! Oh... You remind me of young me!

Cloe: (unsure tone) Uh... Really?

Ms Durge: What I mean to say is, I think you have a shot at winning that movie role.

Cloe: (surprised) Me?

Ms Durge: You have a gift!

Cloe: But, I'm not entering the final showcase as an actress. I'm doing a number with my band!

Ms Durge: (dramatically) Oh! Big mistake! Trust me! You have an aura of success! You mustn't disrespect your muse. Opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime! (grabs Cloe's shoulders, who looks uncomfortable) You have no choice — it's your destiny! It is your duty to go for it. (releases Cloe) Reach for the stars, Cloe! You can be what I should have been. (gasps) A star!

Cloe: Well... I'll think about it, but I can't let my friends down.

(Ms Durge sighs before leaving Cloe by herself on stage.)

(The scene moves to Mr Stradivari's studio, where Yasmin plays the piano to herself. Once she finishes, Mr Stradivari applauds her.)

Yasmin: Oh, Mr Stradivari! I didn't hear you come in.

Mr Stradivari: What a magnificent piece. Did you compose it?

Yasmin: Yeah, it's just something I'm playing around with.

(Yasmin hands the sheet music to him before looking concerned as he processes the composition while pacing the room. When he stops in his tracks, Yasmin becomes more concerned.)

Mr Stradivari: It's really quite exceptional. I'd love to help you cultivate it for its debut in the Camp Starshine showcase.

Yasmin: (eagerly) Me? Play my song in the showcase? Really?

(Mr Stradivari nods. However, a realisation dawns on Yasmin, disrupting her excitement.)

Yasmin: Oh... (moving away from the piano) But my band has already practised another song.

Mr Stradivari: Terrible shame. With your talent, I wouldn't be surprised if you were chosen in the showcase. But not as a band — I'm talking about entering individually. (returns the sheet music to Yasmin) You owe it to yourself. Real friends would understand that.

Yasmin: Do you really think so?

Mr Stradivari: Surely.

(Yasmin goes back to playing the piano and the scene transforms to a fashion studio, where Jade is pinning a dress to a mannequin, accompanied by Jules.)

Jules: (giggles to herself as she looks at sketches) Wow! I love your designs, Jade. They're so original!

Jade: (while still pinning an outfit) Thank you — fashion has always been my favourite subject.

Jules: I can't wait to see your clothes on the showcase runway!

Jade: That's so nice of you! But I won't be showing my designs. I'm playing with my band in the showcase.

Jules: Oh! Wow... (looking at more sketches) Your band must be awesome for you to choose it over your design talent.

Jade: Yeah! The band is awesome. (quietly) I guess...

Jules: So, that's gonna be your career — th-the band?

Jade: Oh no! You know, it's just for fun!

Jules: I mean, wh-who cares about just for fun when you have the opportunity of a lifetime! (shows Jade one of the sketches)

(Jade looks at the sketch, imagining herself as the model receiving roses on the runway.)

Jade: Gosh... I never thought of it that way.

Jules: (chuckles) Well, maybe it's time you did.

(Jules leaves Jade to her thoughts.)

SCENE: Band Practice

('Everything We Do' plays as the new scene opens, following the wries within an amp that is attached to the guitar played by Cloe. The Bratz practise for their band performance while Anna rehearses for the showcase. After, Anna places her ear against the wall to listen to the Bratz playing and eventually goes to their room. The Bratz then notice Anna and realise they may have disturbed her session.)

Cloe: Hi.

Jade: Sorry!

Yasmin: Oh, I hope we didn't bother you.

Anna: (walks towards the Bratz) Not at all! The music sounds great! In fact, (dances while talking) it makes me wish my rehearsal music wasn't so dull so I could really move.

Sasha: If you're gonna dance to our music, (places down her guitar) you're gonna have to switch your style up a little. Check it!

(Sasha demonstrates a few dance moves as Anna copies, eventually dancing in sync. The rest of the Bratz watch on. The two dancing high-five.)

Sasha: Not bad for a classical ballerina.

Anna: Your choreography is amazing! Too bad no one will get to see it in the showcase.

Sasha: Yeah? Well, (picks up her guitar) we were planning to just play a song as a band so...

Cloe: Bunny Boo, if you wanna enter as a dancer --

Sasha: No, no, Angel — we are definitely entering as a band! It's just... (looks to the floor before continuing) I've been getting really into these dance classes and --

Cloe: I just meant you could do both.

Jade: It's not allowed — entering twice!

(The Bratz and Anna look at each other, suspicious of Jade.)

Jade: I checked...

(Again, the Bratz and Anna look at each other, still unsure of how Jade obtained the information.)

Jade: Only because Jules was so insistent that I should enter my fashions!

Cloe: So, (places her guitar down and approaches Jade) Kool Kat, be honest — is that what you'd rather do?

Yasmin: Oh guys, I have to 'fess up. I would kind of like to showcase a solo piece I'm composing -- i-if that's cool with all of you? (speaking faster) I mean, if you think about it, we can play in the band any old time.

Cloe: (dramatically) Compete individually? With only three weeks left of camp? I mean, I thought we were all in this together. But now I'm out here in the wilderness, all alone! (sobs in an exaggerated manner) What are you thinking? I've never felt so abandoned(walks towards the door) trashed by the very friends I thought were true. (stops before the door) Then I defy you stars! (slams the door behind her)

(As Cloe leaves, the Bratz and Anna look at each other, confused. Cloe returns shortly after, smiling as if nothing was wrong.)

Cloe: Gotcha!

(Cloe begins to laugh, and the rest of the girls join in.)

Cloe: See, that's called acting, (walks towards the group) which is why I want to enter the showcase as an actress. But I didn't want to let my friends down so I didn't say anything. But my teacher says I'm the best in the class.

Anna: But wait, I didn't mean to encourage you guys to break up the band.

Cloe: We're not breaking up.

Sasha: No way.

Jade: Not a chance!

Yasmin: We can go back to the band after camp's over.

Cloe: And we totally will.

Sasha: (walks to the centre of group) But until then, looks like we're gonna be up against each other in this little showcase showdown.

Yasmin: Are we ready for some friendly competition?

Cloe: (dramatically) I'm ready to star in a movie about a struggling yet, ultimately, triumphant actress!

Yasmin: (exaggerated tone) I'd much prefer a musical about a talented singer-songwriter.

Sasha: (while dancing) Too bad David Charles' movie's going to be about a funky fresh dance star.

Jade: When he sees my stylin' outfits, Mr Charles is gonna want to bring the life of a young designer to the screen!

(The girls laugh at their over-the-top proposals of what winning the showcase will mean to them. The Bratz then put their hands together in the middle, celebrating their newfound friendly competition. Anna watches, looking concerned about what this may entail.)

SCENE: Picnic Date

(Transition to the new scene is presented by Anna and Dylan laying down a picnic blanket.)

Anna: Do you know I haven't been on a picnic since I was five? This is great! It's such a beautiful day. (spins)

Dylan: (adjusts the blanket) Yeah. We should go swimming at the lake after.

Cloe: (holding a script) Not for me. I've got to get another run-through in before dinner.

Yasmin: (reading over sheet music) Oh, how's your monologue coming along?

Cloe: (grunts) I can't even remember my stupid lines!

Anna: You should have a friend learn them with you, Cloe — it's easier that way.

(Cloe glances at the other Bratz who could offer her help. However, the rest of the Bratz busy themselves with their own tasks.)

Cloe: No. (dejectedly) I've got to tackle this on my own.

Yasmin: (looking through the basket) Where are the sandwiches, Kool Kat?

Jade: I thought I was supposed to bring drinks. (gestures to the cooler beside her)

Dylan: What? No! (grabs a can) I brought drinks.

Jade: Good. (takes a can out of the cooler) 'Cause this probably isn't enough for everybody. (drinks from the can)

Dylan: (while facepalming) Sasha. Please tell me you brought the dessert.

Sasha: (while stretching) I'm sorry — I couldn't deal! Who needs dessert anyway? Madame Demidov says it slows you down.

Cloe: You forgot? (annoyed) That's so inconsiderate!

Jade: What did you bring, Angel?

Cloe: Uh, (bats eyelashes) my charming personality!

Yasmin: This picnic is lame. At least I (takes out snacks from the basket) contributed.

Dylan: (points at snacks) Those are from the vending machine! What kind of picnic food is that?

Yasmin: (laughs) What? (drops the snacks on the floor) Did you expect me to cook? Do you know how much pressure I'm under? My composition still needs a lot of work!

Cloe: (gasps) I've got a coaching session with Ms Durge in twenty minutes anyway! And I only have half my monologue memorised.

Sasha: (continuing to stretch) I've got to learn how to do a perfect pas de chat before class or Madame La-Tight-Bun will whack me with that cane of hers.

Dylan: You better just pray she doesn't take out that bun. I think it's holding up her face! (laughs with Anna)

Anna: Woah! That's a really scary thought, Dylan — thanks for the image!

Dylan: So. Do any of you artistes still want to hang out? (picks up a packet) I've got some marshmallows.

Anna: (picks up sticks) And I've got some sticks!

(The Bratz start walking off as they excuse themselves.)

Yasmin: Maybe we should just raincheck it.

Sasha: Yeah.

Cloe: I'll pass.

Jade: Some other time.

Dylan: Oh well, looks like it's just you and me.

Anna: I don't have a problem with that.

(The two stare at each other before the scene cuts to the river later in the day. Anna nearly slips before Dylan catches her.)

Dylan: Woah, careful. Hey, I thought you were supposed to be the one with balance.

Anna: I feel a lot more balanced since I met you.

(Dylan laughs.)

Anna: You are a whole other story though.

Dylan: (surprised) What?

Anna: You could use a little direction. (mimics Madame Demidov's accent) A little more discipline. Take your relevé and --

Dylan: Hey, hey! Are you saying I'm not (exaggerated tone while doing a pose) passionate about ballet?

Anna: (laughs) Come on, let's just be serious for one minute.

Dylan: (returns to standing normally) I am serious... (turns to Anna, smiling) about you.

(The scene focuses on the sunset, as the two hold hands, that gradually becomes night. The pair row across a lake, with Dylan rowing and dueting with Anna to 'Something So Right.' Eventually, the two make it back to the docks of the camp and walk back to their cabins.)

Dylan: (points to the sky) Look — there's Mars.

Anna: (glances at the sky) How can you tell?

Dylan: Stars twinkle, planets are steady.

Anna: I thought it was the other way around.

Dylan: No way — look at all the twinkling stars.

(The pair gazes at the stars briefly before continuing to talk.)

Dylan: They can't all be planets.

Anna: Wow... It's magical.

(They arrive at the cabins. Anna begins to blow on her hands, in hopes to warm them up. Dylan places her hand to his face, before holding hands with her.)

Anna: I feel like I'm in a different place.

Dylan: Yeah, the mountains.

Anna: (shakes head) No. I feel like I'm in a different world when I'm with you... Good night. (lets go of his hands and heads towards the cabins) See you in class.

Dylan: Sure thing.

(Anna, who has been walking backwards to the cabins, almost trips on the steps before composing herself and returning to her room.)

Dylan: Wouldn't miss it for the world...

(Once Anna is inside the building, Dylan begins to make his way to his room. But, he yells when he notices someone in the distance — it is Madame Demidov, who had been walking her dog and may have overheard their conversation.)

Madame Demidov: (walking towards Dylan) I hope you had enjoyable evening.

(Dylan exhales a sigh of relief once he recognises her. Madame Demidov's dog continues to bark.)

Madame Demidov: (picks up her dog) You must not care much for Anna — you only care for fun, games and Anna loses dream.

Dylan: Huh?

Madame Demidov: Ever since you start conversing (?) with Anna, Anna's dancing suffers!

Dylan: But she's been practising so hard!

Madame Demidov: If you keep taking her away from practice, she will not stand chance in showcase.

Dylan: (quietly) No way... (returns to normal tone) But this film role means everything to her!

Madame Demidov: Why not give her day off? Showcase is day after tomorrow. Tomorrow, I take whole day off to coach Anna — class cancelled for you and everyone else. Maybe she have chance to catch up if I help her.

Dylan: Well, I promised we'd go sailing but --

Madame Demidov: You do Anna favour — (stern tone and leans closely to Dylan) don't distract her tomorrow. I explain everything to her and you see her next day, at showcase.

Dylan: For Anna... I'll do it.

Madame Demidov: Wise choice.

(Madame Demidov's dog barks at Dylan once more before being pulled by her to leave Dylan.)

SCENE: Anna's Conflict

(The scene begins with the twins asleep and unknowingly lying on a mattress, floating on the lake. Kirstee is the first to wake up.)

Kirstee: (notices ducks and visibly concerned) What? Where? How?

(As Kirstee realises their situation, she screams loudly. The scene moves outside Madame Demidov's studio, where Anna watches Sasha, who is inside the studio and practising with a few other students. Sasha gasps and stops dancing once she sees Anna.)

Sasha: Hey! What are you doing, girl? Stealing my moves?

Anna: No, Sasha! I just thought we could dance together before class — (walks up to Sasha) you know, like we did before?

Sasha: Oh well, sorry. I'm just really trying to concentrate, you know.

Anna: Sure.

(Madame Demidov enters the studio and walks up to Anna and Sasha.)

Madame Demidov: Sasha, good to see so much dedication! Good work, Sasha.

(Anna walks off to begin her own practice, whereas Sasha beams in response to Madame Demidov's praise.)

Madame Demidov: But, you have come long way — great potential.

(Sasha leaves the class as Madame Demidov approaches Anna.)

Madame Demidov: Anna. I have put aside afternoon just for you — a special practice session.

Anna: (forced tone) Oh, thank you, Madame Demidov. But... I already promised my friend, Dylan, I'd go sailing.

Madame Demidov: I don't think so — I saw him hiking with different girls.

Anna: Dylan wouldn't do that.

Madame Demidov: I know this Dylan type — seen before. Get one girl then on to the next. Ugh, boys — not to trust. He doesn't even show up for class.

(Anna, who had been looking towards the floor, glances up to notice that Dylan is, in fact, absent. Madame Demidov strikes her cane against the floor, interrupting Anna's thoughts.)

Madame Demidov: Anna, are you ready to get back to work?

Anna: (hesitant tone) Yes, Madame...

(The scene now focuses on Anna and Sasha, dancing alongside one another as Madame Demidov watches.)

Madame Demidov: Grand jeté!

(Following Madame Demidov's instructions, Sasha leaps across the room.)

(The scene moves from Madame Demidov's eyes to her leaving a building, bumping into a few students and angrily moving them out of her way.)

(Meanwhile, Anna continues to practise within the studio before falling to her knees. She starts to sing 'Is My Dream Worth The Price' and reflecting on her dreams of a ballet career, contrasted with her time at the camp, including hanging out with the Bratz group, especially with Dylan.)

SCENE: Preparing for the Showcase

(Later, Anna is seen sitting on a rock and looking out across the lake. She walks to the docks before shortly after, running away and crying. Jade hears Anna's crying as she is leaving a building and holding a basket. Jade looks on, worried.)

(The scene continues to Madame Demidov, who approaches Sasha inside the dance studio.)

Madame Demidov: Sasha. I was not sure about you at first, but you have come long way. Great potential — could be great dancer!

Sasha: (excited) Really? Thanks! That means a lot to me coming from you.

Madame Demidov: Finally. Grateful people — the kind I want to perform my piece in showcase.

Sasha: Anna's going to do a great job with your number!

Madame Demidov: No. Not to be. Anna won't dance, she has her own choreography she wants to use — not mine. Very disappointing for me of her.

(Sasha gasps, realising that Madame Demidov is considering her to take over for Madame Demidov's choreography.)

Madame Demidov: But maybe you do Madame a great favour! (pauses) You perform for me instead, since Anna not.

Sasha: (more excited) I perform your choreography?

(Madame Demidov subtly nods.)

Sasha: That would be awesome! Uh- I mean, if Anna's not using it.

Madame Demidov: Means so much to Madame Demidov, Sasha.

Sasha: Sure! I know the steps. I think...

Madame Demidov: I help you. Let's start with first sequence.

(The two notice Anna, who walks past the window of the studio.)

Madame Demidov: Uh, continue practice. I come back.

(Madame Demidov leaves the studio and meets Anna.)

Anna: Madame, you were right about Dylan.

Madame Demidov: Yes, Anna — you should listen to Madame. You maybe think Madame is silly, old woman but Madame smarter than you think. Now, excuse me. I am very busy rehearsing my showcase piece. (looks towards the studio)

Anna: But, how can you be rehearsing it without me?

Madame Demidov: Oh, I have new dancer performing piece now.

Anna: (shocked) But- I've been practising that routine for weeks! And the showcase is tomorrow!

Madame Demidov: I am sorry, Anna. You lack talent and passion I expect in student. I gave up everythingeverything — for dance!

Anna: (still shocked) But, that's not my fault! I --

Madame Demidov: (scoffs) Why I waste time on you, I never know. Luckily, just in time, Sasha will perform my dance. She has focused on being best, unlike you! (points cane at Anna)

Anna: I don't believe you! Sasha would never take my routine — she's my friend!

Madame Demidov: It is not your choreography — mine! See for yourself! (points to the studio)

(Anna slowly leans her head into the studio and sees Sasha dancing. Before she can anything, Madame Demidov raises her cane, blocking Anna.)

Madame Demidov: Goodbye, Anna.

(Madame Demidov begins to close the doors of her studio but stops.)

Madame Demidov: (scoffs) Maybe work on your tan instead of dancing.

(Madame Demidov shuts the doors closed, leaving Anna distraught.)

(The scene changes to the stage, where Cloe runs through her lines for 'Romeo & Juliet.')

Cloe: (in character) Come, gentle knight! Come loving, black-browed knight! Give me my Romeo! (out of character, gasps) Oh my gosh! I got it!

(The scene shifts to Yasmin, inside of Mr Stradivari's studio, who is singing for the showcase.)

Yasmin: I did it!

(The scene transitions to the design studio, where Jade is working on a piece.)

Jade: I finished it!

(The scene continues to Madame Demidov's studio as Sasha finishes another routine.)

Sasha: I nailed it!

(Cloe walks towards a mirror and starts singing 'It's All About Me,' and each of the Bratz continues the song. The scene features them visualising the aftermath of winning the showcase and the success of their careers.)

SCENE: Changing Goals

(The scene opens to two buckets placed on a roof of a building— another prank organised by Eitan. He, who is holding a camera, and Dylan are hidden behind a rock.)

Dylan: (quietly) I didn't see the girls — they're all freaking out over that showcase this afternoon.

Eitan: (quietly) Hey, I think it's showtime. Shh...

(The two crouch lower to remain hidden and watch as the doors of the building open. The twins walk out, victims to Eitan's water bucket prank, and squeal.)

Kirstee: Hey!

Kaycee: Like, what's the big idea?

(The boys laugh to themselves before sprinting away to not be caught. As they are running, Dylan brushes past Cloe.)

Cloe: Hey! Watch it! You almost damaged my instrument.

(The boys stop in their tracks.)

Eitan: What?

Dylan: Would you like two fine gentlemen to escort you to dinner? (gestures to a building with a sign that says 'Camp Starshine')

Cloe: Uh... Sure. But, I need to look over my monologue. So, uh... (walks between the boys) Don't talk to me.

(Dylan and Eitan continue to walk towards the building with Cloe, followed by the rest of the Bratz.)

Sasha: (stands) Uh oh, it's my (scoffs) competition.

(Sasha's remark causes the group to stop, with Cloe and Yasmin looking confused at one another.)

Dylan: What's wrong? Are we going to dinner or not?

Cloe: Uh, I'm so nervous — I don't think I can eat.

Yasmin: Know what? I.... forgot my music back at the cabin.

Sasha: Yeah, uh... I need to, um... check the laundry to see if my performance tights are dry.

Jade: I need to... change my shoes! These give me blisters.

Dylan: (annoyed) Hold up!

Bratz: What?

Dylan: What has happened to you?

Eitan: (worried tone) I think we've lost our girls to the limelight.

Dylan: You used to be inseparable — you used to be BFFs! Remember?

Eitan: Yeah. I'm bummed your band isn't gonna play today. All this other stuff seems like not worth all the grief.

Sasha: (upset) Are you serious? The chance to star in David Charles film?

Cloe: Fame and fortune — a whole movie about me?

Jade: Or me?

Yasmin: Or me?

Dylan: Well, I don't like it. What happened to kicking it at summer camp? All you guys do anymore is practice. Madame La-Tight-Bun spent all of yesterday coaching Anna.

Sasha: No, she didn't — she spent the afternoon coaching me.

Dylan: What? That's not true.

Sasha: How would you know? You weren't at class.

Dylan: 'Cause Madame La-Tight-Bun told me classes were cancelled so she could spend the day with Anna.

Sasha: What? You're all mixed up. Anna isn't even using Madame's choreography — she snubbed her own teacher.

Dylan: That never happened! Who told you that?

Sasha: (looks away) Madame.

Dylan: Something smells...

Jade: Well, I saw Anna crying yesterday.

Dylan: Did you talk to her?

Jade: Well...

(Dylan begins running off.)

Yasmin: Dylan! Wait!

(The group follows him as he knocks on a door.)

Dylan: Anna, are you in there?

(The twins appear, joining the group outside of Anna's room.)

Kaycee: Why are you talking to a door, weirdo?

Dylan: I'm waiting for Anna to come out.

Kirstee: It's gonna be a long wait.

Kaycee: Yeah, like, Anna left — hello?

Dylan: What? Left for where? When?

Kirstee: A little while ago. Said she was catching the next bus home.

(Sasha, Jade and Dylan look stunned as they hear the news.)

Dylan: What? No! Why would she do that?

Kaycee: Uh, something about everyone turning their backs on her — (points at Dylan) you, Madame Demidov.

Kirstee: Oh yeah, and don't forget Sasha totally stealing her routine for the showcase.

(Sasha gasps.)

Kaycee: (chuckles) That too! Meow!

Dylan: Oh no!

(The Bratz and the boys dash off to the bus stop. A bus is leaving as the group arrives.)

Cloe: Come back!

Sasha: We're sorry!

Dylan: Anna, stop!

Yasmin: Get her back!

Jade: Anna, wait!

Eitan: Hey, stop!

(The group stops running, trying to catch their breath.)

Sasha: Oh no, now Anna's gonna think I'm a total backstabber.

Yasmin: (places a hand on Sasha's shoulder) It's not your fault, Sasha — Madame Demidov lied to you, Anna and Dylan.

(Jade joins and places a hand on Sasha's other shoulder, providing support.)

Sasha: Anna's gonna think I'm the worst friend in the world!

Dylan: (turns to face Sasha) Well, aren't you? You told her how important it was to have fun and enjoy camp! Then, you totally changed! Now you're only out for yourselves!

(The Bratz look ashamed for not noticing how they had been acting recently.)

Dylan: And I've lost the only girl I've ever loved. (shakes his head)

(Anna steps out from behind the bus stand, revealing she had overheard the conversation.)

Anna: No, you haven't — it's the next bus.

(The groups run towards her to catch up.)

Dylan: Anna!

Cloe: Anna!

Sasha: We thought you left!

Yasmin: Thank goodness!

Sasha: Madame La-Tight-Buns lied and told me you refused to do her choreography!

Dylan: And she told me to give you a day off to rehearse!

Anna: I know, I heard. (looking away) I don't know why she did it — maybe she wanted an excuse to use Sasha instead.

Sasha: But, that's crazy! You're the best!

(A horn is heard as it comes closer. A limousine passes by the group, with music blasting from inside.)

Jade: Oh my gosh! (pointing at limousine) That must be David Charles!

Yasmin: Guys! The showcase starts in five minutes! We'll never make it!

Sasha: (to Anna) You can't leave now! You've got to come back and perform the piece!

Anna: But I can't! It's her choreography and she won't let me use it. It's too late for me. But you guys have to compete! I'll come back with you — at least I can see my friends shine.

(The group nods and starts quickly making their way back to the camp.)

SCENE: The Showcase

(The scene starts with the twins spraying bug spray on themselves. Kirstee snatches the bottle from Kaycee.)

Kirstee: Give me that! (sprays on herself)

Kaycee: Now who's gonna put us in the movie?

Kirstee: Guess we'll just have to enter ourselves.

Kaycee: Doing what?

Kirstee: I know! Remember our third-grade talent show?

Kaycee: Good idea!

(Kaycee swats at another bug and the scene changes. The next part of the scene shows the limousine arriving at Camp Starshine. A bodyguard attends to a door for the passengers to get out.)

Assistant 1: That's affirmative — the eagle has landed.

Assistant 2: Yes, he needs a large low-fat soy mochaccino pronto.

(Behind the assistants, David Charles steps out of the car, placing on sunglasses.)

(Then, the scene continues to the backstage of the showcase, where the Bratz are waiting as Ms Higgins is addressing the audience.)

Yasmin: I thought this would be so exciting, so how come I feel so awful?

Sasha: It's just butterflies!

Jade: Yeah, stage fright...

(David Charles and his assistants arrive at the showcase while the twins are dragging a suitcase of props necessary to their performance. After, the audience applauds before the twins begin. Their presentation involves balancing plates while doing tricks with a wand. The audience, including David Charles, watches.)

Kirstee: Hello! Yo! Move it!

Kaycee: All right! Look out! Good!

Kirstee: Change it up and here we go! Ready?

Twins: And change!

(Kirstee throws the plate into the air using her stick and it lands on Kaycee's stick, resting on her nose.)

Kaycee: (while balancing the plate and sitting) Bring it on home, sister! All right — spin that plate! Spin it like a DJ!

Twins: (continuing to balance their individual plates on their noses) Oh yeah! Ooh! Good! And... (standing up) who's your daddy? Bring it in for the big finish! All right!

David Charles: (stands up and claps) Incredible! True talent! I must work with them.

Cloe: Gosh, who knew?

Sasha: (gasps) Where'd they learn to do that?

(On stage, Ms Higgins gestures for the twins to clear the stage for the next performance. The twins glare in response. The curtains fall, allowing for Ms Higgins to continue.)

Ms Higgins: Thank you! A glowing performance! Oh, so inspired! Now, next on the program, we have Madame Demidov's much-anticipated dance number performed by Sasha!

(The audience claps, including Dylan and Anna.)

Ms Higgins: Uhm... Sasha?

(Sasha, who was peeking, hides behind the curtains and Cloe approaches her.)

Cloe: What's wrong?

Sasha: I can't do this.

Cloe: What do you mean? You'll do great!

Sasha: I know, but it's not right! Anna's the best — she deserves to win.

Jade: You're right — my heart's not in this anymore. What happened to us?

Cloe: Dylan was so right — we turned into monsters. I can't believe we let this stupid competition tear us apart!

Yasmin: I don't care about winning at all! What would be fun about it without friends to share it with? I guess what I'm trying to say is... I'm sorry.

(As Yasmin apologises, Ms Higgins rushes backstage.)

Ms Higgins: Sasha! You're on, dear! Time to shine.

Sasha: No, Ms HIggins — I'm sorry, I can't go on.

Cloe: (rests a hand on Sasha' shoulder) Me neither.

Jade: Me neither.

Yasmin: Cancel me out too.

Ms Higgins: (upset) Well. I never!

(Ms HIggins returns to the main stage.)

Ms Higgins: I-It seems Madame Demidov's choreography will not be performed tonight after all.

Madame Demidov: (stands from her seat) What? This is an outrage!

(Anna and Dylan rush backstage to meet the Bratz and Eitan.)

Anna: (speaking fast) What's going on? Why aren't you performing?

Sasha: We all realise there is something that all of us are much better at.

(The scene transitions to the main stage in front of a chattering audience. Ms Higgins stands behind a podium as she prepares to close the show.)

Ms Higgins: And with that final act --

Dylan: (quietly to Ms Higgins) Psst.

(Dylan whispers something inaudible to Ms Higgins.)

Ms Higgins: (as Dylan whispers) Oh, I-I see. Well, very unusual. A-All right.

(Dylan passes her a note, glances at the audience and returns to backstage.)

Ms Higgins: Uhm, I've just been informed that we have a last-minute surprise entrant in tonight's showcase competition!

(The curtains are lifted and reveal Cloe, sitting on a stool, ready to deliver a monologue.)

Cloe: Aristotle once wrote, "Without friendship, man would not choose to live, even though he had all other things."

(David Charles and his assistants are seen to return to their seats. As Cloe continues with her piece, they listen attentively, with one assistant writing notes.)

Cloe: Sometimes, when we pursue an individual goal, we lose sight of the things that really matter — things like friendship. (stands up) What is the point of being a shining star if you have no one to enjoy your light? And so, I am proud to present my friend, Anna!

(The audience applauds. Cloe takes the stool and gets off stage while a silhouette of Anna is projected against the curtains. Anna performs her dance as Madame Demidov watches, smiling.)

(Then, the curtains rise and show the Bratz, with their band instruments, and Anna. The shift in song shocks Madame Demidov as the Bratz begin to perform 'Friends Are Everything.' Meanwhile, Dylan joins Anna dancing, acting as a partner to complement her routine. The performance ends with Dylan lifting Anna in the air and the audience cheers.)

SCENE: Becoming Stars

(The final scene starts with Anna grabbing her luggage and walking towards the Bratz and Dylan at the bus stand.)

Anna: This has been the best summer of my life and it's all because of you guys. (more sincere tone) And you, Dylan, of course.

(The pair hug tightly before holding hands and smiling at each other.)

Sasha: We're totally gonna keep in touch!

Yasmin: You have to come visit us in Stilesville, Anna!

Anna: I'm planning on it.

Cloe: Yeah! I mean, it's um... uh... Line!

(The scene shows that the situation is part of David Charles' film, with his team of assistants, cameraman and other related staff.)

David Charles: And cut. Okay, let's take it again. Water lady! My stars are thirsty.

(The water lady, Madame Demidov, carries a tray with a water bottle to the cast.)

Madame Demidov: (mutters to herself) Ugh, ungrateful little -- Should be star. This is travesty!

(The scene cuts to plates that are balanced by the twins. But, they lose their balance and the plates crash around them.)

Kaycee: Excuse you!

Kirstee: (to Kaycee) Hey! (to PA) Hey, PA! We need new plates — chop, chop!

(The scene returns to the opening sequence, where the Bratz were attending an initially unknown red-carpet event — revealing that the event was related to the premiere of David Charles' film that they would star in.)

Sasha: (voice-over) So, after all that work and practice, we discovered that we were really good at a lot of different things.

(As the Bratz continue posing for the crowd, Anna emerges from a limousine. She joins the girls as they walk the red carpet.)

Sasha: (voice-over) But, what we're best at is being best friends. By helping Anna win the contest, we all ended up winners and we felt like stars!

(The movie ends as the girls continue to pose for paparazzi, standing with one another.)