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Bratz: Girlz Really Rock is the fifth album released by the Bratz doll franchise. It features songs from the movie Bratz: Girlz Really Rock and the video game of the same name.

Track List

  1. "Friends Are Everything."
  2. "Summertime Fun."
  3. "Something So Right."
  4. "We're Gonna Shine."
  5. "It's All About Me."
  6. "I Deserve It."
  7. "Is My Dream Worth The Price."
  8. "Everything We Do."
  9. "Friends Are Everything." (Instrumental)
  10. "Summertime Fun." (Instrumental)
  11. "Something So Right." (Instrumental)
  12. "We're Gonna Shine." (Instrumental)
  13. "It's All About Me." (Instrumental)
  14. "I Deserve It." (Instrumental)
  15. "Is My Dream Worth The Price." (Instrumental)
  16. "Everything We Do." (Instrumental)