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Bratz: Glitz 'n' Glamour is an computer-animated interactive movie based on the popular Bratz doll franchise. It is the 2nd interactive movie released based on the Bratz characters.


You must use your keen sense of style and great decision skills to help the Bratz strut their stuff. Put on a concert, throw the party of the year, or make a music video. With multiple storylines and four new awesome songs.


Sasha, Jade, Cloe and Yasmin go shopping together. They set themselves a challenge to see who can buy the best outfit in a hour. When the meet up they end up wearing the same outfit in different colours.

In the Bratz office the girls look at their collection of red-carpet clothes and dream about wearing them in Paris. Although they can't go to Paris, they decided to throw a concert so they have an excuse to wear the outfits. Jade agrees to plan the concert and the after party.

They rent an old loft in desperate need of a makeover. The party company sends Jade the wrong decorations. Jade freaks out but the girls help her redesign the party with the new decorations. They successful redecorate the loft.




  1. "Let's Get to It."
  2. "My Attitude."
  3. "Doin' It Right."
  4. "One Day."


  • In the movie the Bratz girls dream about going to Paris. They would later visit Paris in Bratz: Go to Paris.
  • In the film Jade and Cloe's personalities are switched. Jade has freak outs and loves party planning and Cloe is the girl who wants to work in fashion. In past films its always been the other way around.
  • Like Starrin' & Stylin' and Livin' It Up with the Bratz, this film's voice cast is uncredited and the cast for the Bratz girls were composed of unknown actors for both Starrin' & Stylin' and Glitz n' Glamour.

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