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Bratz: Ponyz is the first video game based on the Bratz Ponyz toy line and the 5th Bratz game overall. A sequel was released in 2008.


Game Cover

"Compete in the Passion for Fashion' beauty pageant with 4 kickin' Bratz Ponyz with sass and style! Make your favourite pony hot to trot with groovy groomin' from hairstyling, make-up and tattoos to jewellery. Guide your pony around a magic island collecting various items and earning rewards. There are 5 beautiful islands to explore 4 cool workshops and 4 fun mini-games to complete - all in the name of beauty and fashion."

Manufacturers Description

"Appealing to female gamers of all ages but specifically targeting the expanding girls market, the game sees you arrive on the Ponyz archipelago to participate in the prestigious Ponyz Town beauty pageant, 'Passion for Fashion'. The competition takes place over a year and gives you the chance to develop your artistic talent through a series of challenges based around fashion and beauty. In addition, between each challenge you are completely free to explore the gorgeous tropical islands, meet and befriend the inhabitants, and participate in a variety of fun activities. Bratz Ponyz for Nintendo DS stimulates the player's imagination and creativity while satisfying their passion for fashion. So take a trip to the magical archipelago and have fun with the hippest horse friends a girl could ever have. Play and interact with Bonita, Celeste, Sashay and Pursia, 4 kickin' Ponyz with sass and style."


  • The Tattoo Workshop: Reproduce the tattoo pattern. First trace the contours, then colour them in.
  • Hairstyle Workshop: Rub the surface you want to wash until the soap studs turn white.
  • Jewellery Workshop: Make your necklace by stringing beads onto the thread. The correct bead to add is displayed in the little frame.
  • Make-up Workshop: Clean the Ponyz face to give it a lovely colour!

Playable Characters


A white pony with pink hair and white highlights. She is based on Cloe.


A brown pony with brown hair and blue higihlights. She is based on Jade.


A brown pony with warm brown hair and blonde highlights. She is based on Yasmin.


A black pony with black hair and white highlights. She is based on Sasha.


  • This is the first game in the Bratz franchise in which Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha do not appear.

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