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Bratz: Ponyz 2 is a 2008 Simulation Game developed by Neko Entertainment. It is a direct sequel to the 2007 game Bratz: Ponyz and the ninth video game released based on the Bratz dolls line.


Game Cover[]

"The Bratz Ponyz adventure continues! Meet four all-new Ponyz - then play all new mini-games and activities. Primp and party as you do their hair and makeup, create cool accessories like jewellery and stickers, help them dance and more. You can even take fashion photos of the Ponyz to trade with your friends using DS Wireless Communications. Join the fun in the world of Bratz Ponyz!"

Manufacturer's Description[]

"Designed for girls ages four and older, Bratz Ponyz 2 for the DS allows players to develop their passion for fashion by participating in the Bratz Ponyz Town beauty pageant. Players can choose from four different Bratz Ponyz, which they can dress-up with accessories collected throughout the game's fashion, beauty, music, dancing, and arts and crafts-themed adventures. Players can also guide their Bratz Ponyz through the tropical islands to meet and befriend other Bratz Ponyz characters, exchange pictures, race their friends and compete in a drawing contest using the platform’s wireless connection."


  • Customize your Ponyz and save photos
  • Explore a total of 5 islands: Main Island, Rhythm Island, Pearl Island, Glitter Island and Diamond Island
  • 16 challenging agendas to complete
  • 2 all new categories: Music and Dancing and Precious Stones
  • 2 new multiplayer modes: Drawing Contest and Grand Ponyz Race
  • Collect the items you need to make beautiful accessories for your Ponyz friends such as feathers, glitter and precious stones
  • Use the Nintendo DS Microphone and stylus to pick flowers, tap oyster shells to open them, scratch the sand to find buried treasures and blow feathers off trees
  • Save both your own pictures and those you have traded with your friends using the WiFi connection
  • Play a total of 13 mini-games

Playable Characters[]


Carmelia is a pink pony with blue and pink hair.


Adara is a white horse with red and pink hair.


Ambrosia is an white pony with orange hair. She is featured on the cover of the game.


Brynesses is a white horse with green and blue hair.

Non-playable Characters[]


A white pony with pink hair and white highlights. She is based on Cloe.


A brown pony with brown hair and blue higihlights. She is based on Jade.


A brown pony with warm brown hair and blonde highlights. She is based on Yasmin.


A black pony with black hair and white highlights. She is based on Sasha.


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