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Rock 'n Princess was a DVD compilation of 5 episodes from Bratz: The Series.

It was released in Region October 15, 2007.[1]


Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha are back with more thrilling adventures!! Join the Bratz on a fun filled ride as they explore new careers,engage in a gruelling "Survivor" like contest and investigate a mysterious cat burgular.


Bewitched and Bothered[]

Using a new hypnosis took, Burdine hypnotizes Sasha and jade, directing them to sabotage the Bratz on the night they are to receive the " Teen Choice Award" - Season ?, Episode ?


The Bratz and the Tweevils journey to the Wilderness Hotel and engage in a "Survivor" like contest, hosted by Byron. - Season ?, Episode ?

To Catch A Thief[]

While at the Spa, the Bratz try to discover the identity of a mysterious cat-burglar who's been stealing jewels from the hotel's guests. - Season ?, Episode ?


Yasmin writes a story based on "Cinderella" Yasmin herself is features as "Amberella" and the Tweevils are her evil step sisters. - Season ?, Episode ?

Totally Recall[]

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Special Features[]

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Cover Art[]

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