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Bratz: Starrin' & Stylin is a 2004 Canadian-American animated film based on the Bratz fashion doll line manufactured by MGA entertainment. Directed by Nick Rijgersberg and written by Meg Martin and Norah Pierson, it is the first film in the Bratz film series.


All Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade can think about is the prom… until they get a last-minute homework assignment on self-expression. How will they get ready for the funky formal AND turn in a kickin’ cool project? Leave it to The Girls with a Passion for Fashion to “express themselves” with a scorchin’ home video about their superstylin’ prom prep… even as a secret gossip columnist begins to attack the pack in the school paper! But with a lil’ hard work and some far-out flash ‘n’ dash, the girls just might create a high-fashion hit—and save the prom!


Cloe picks Yasmin, Jade and Sasha up for school in her brand new car. Although the car is rusty and old, the girls compliment Cloe on her new ride and are happy they no longer have to take the bus to school.

At a traffic light stop they bump into Cade who is making his way to school on his motorbike. He compliments Cloe on her new car.

At school Mr. Del Rio teaches a class on self expression. He sets them a project: choose an artistic medium and express yourself. The class is excited about the project until they find out it is due the day after prom and is worth one quarter of their grade. The girls want to focus on prom, but Mr. Del Rio refuses to give them an extension.

Outside the locker the girls bump into Dylan and Cameron. Cloe complains to Cameron about the project. Dylan playfully flirts with the girls about dancing with them all at prom and Jade hits him with her locker door.

Jade wants to find a way to get out of the assignment, while Yasmin suggests they make a video project. Since they don't have a video camera, Dylan suggests they borrow one from Koby. They rush off to the AV room, Dylan and Cameron following close behind.

As Koby searches for a camera the bell rings for third period. Dylan playfully flirts with Jade before heading to class. Koby finds their camera and tells the girls about all the video projects he's produced, including Glee Club Reloaded and Mr Mellman's Corner. The girls find this boring and quickly leave before he can tell them about his documentary on cardboard recycling.

In the cafeteria Yasmin reads the school newspaper, Stiles Shout Out, which is currently running a story about the countdown to prom. Sasha reads the newspaper headlines out to the girls, but they find the content to be boring stories about after school clubs and parking lots.

Jade gets the camera working and they head out to the football field to begin filming their project. Jade interviews Cloe, who tells the camera she loves school (but thinks she gets way too much homework), art, shopping, fashion and her friends. She feels the school needs more mirrors in the bathroom and a bottled water vending machine in the cafeteria and hints that she may run for student body president in order to make these things a reality.

Cloe goes to the gym to interview Sasha, who is head of the prom planning committee. She explains that the prom theme is Formal Funk. Eitan is setting up for the DJ, Nevra is setting up the refreshment table, Meygan is putting up balloons and Dana is setting up the backdrop for the photo area.

Next, Sasha interviews Yasmin. Yasmin reveals that she recently moved to Stilesville. When she prints off a piece of writing, she quickly hides it from Sasha and tells her it is for her creative writing class.

The next day the girls head to the beach and look through magazines to try and find an outfit for prom. Yasmin is the only one who has already picked out her dress. When Jade shows the girls an outfit she likes, they tell her she can't pull it off and to chose something else. Cameron and Dylan join them on the beach. Cloe asks the boys what they think of her prom dress design. Dylan jokingly tells her he doesn't have a handbag to match, whilst Cameron tells her it'll look great.

Whilst driving home from the beach Cloe swerves to avoiding hitting a skunk and crashes her new car into a tree. Although they're all okay, Cloe's car is busted and won't run anymore. Sasha calls Cameron to come save them. Meanwhile, Jade picks up the skunk, mistaking it for a cat. When Cloe realises the truth she tells Jade just before the skunk blasts her with a horrible smell. She throws it to Cloe, who blasts her too, followed by Yasmin.

Cameron and Dylan show up at the crash site. Cameron inspects the car and tells Cloe he will be able to fix it before prom night and gives them a ride home. After school the next day the girls plan to head to the mall to get their prom dresses. Outside school, Meygan and Eitan ask the girls if they're read the Daily Doings column in the Stiles Shout Out. An anonymous writer has published a story about Sasha having a breakdown over prom committee pressure, further angering Sasha.

Cloe confronts Cameron and Dylan about sharing their private conversation at the beach, believing it was them. Dylan tells them to relax and leaves with Cameron.

The girls head to the Uptown Fashion Mall to find their prom dresses. They have fun trying on different dresses, until Jade steps out in an outfit that other girls don't like. When the girls tell her it looks like a Halloween costume, Jade begins to worry she is losing her fashion sense.

To distract her, Yasmin begins Jade's video interview. She introduces herself and talks about her love for fashion. Afterwards, Yasmin comforts Jade and they head to the food court to get smoothies and then to Cloe's House for a sleepover. Jade reals an article about herself in Stiles Shout Out that calls Jade out for being unfashionable, upsetting Jade.

Cameron comes to the house and explains to Cloe that he and Dylan didn't have anything to do with the story about Sasha in the school newspaper. Cloe tells Cameron she knows it wasn't him, since he wasn't there at the mall with Jade and couldn't have known about her fashion troubles to write that days article. She apologises to Cameron. The girls then pin Cameron down and give him a makeover.

The next day an article of Cameron in a face mask is posted in the Stiles Shout Out. Whilst the students find this hilarious, Cameron is furious and tells Cloe he's not going to the prom.

In the library the girls try and figure out how the school newspaper got the pictures of Cameron when there was only the five of them there. Cloe realises Yasmin is the only one who hasn't been effected by the articles in the newspaper, she was also with them when Jade was upset about losing her fashion sense and Sasha was stressing about prom. Yasmin gives in and admits she is the Daily Doings Mystery Writer. Sasha, Jade and Cloe are furious. They storm out the library and later refuse to let Yasmin sit with them on the bus ride home.

Yasmin sends a message to Jade and phones Sasha, but they both ignore her. She walks to Cloe's house but it too nervous to knock on the door and returns home.

Cloe, Jade and Sasha head to the Stylin' Salon 'N' Spa to relax. The girls are upset, because although Yasmin did a bad thing, they miss her and don't want to attend prom without her. Yasmin comes to the spa and shows the girls a new article she wrote where she confesses to being the anonymous writer. She apologises to the girls, explaining she just wanted people to read her column. They forgive her. She confesses the truth to Cameron who accepts her apology.

On prom night the girls head to Cloe's and get ready for the big event. Cameron arrives in Cloe's car, which he has not only fixed, but given a makeover. She hugs Cameron who apologises to her for accusing her of printing those pictures of him in the school newspaper. Dylan, Koby, Meygan and Dana arrive at Cloe's house in a stretch limo. Whilst Cameron goes in the limo to prom, the four girls bundle into Cloe's car.

At school, Sasha is devastated to learn nothing has gone to plan. The photographer had quit to be a painter, the DJ they booked has the flu and the caterers are stuck in traffic. Yasmin takes charge and starts fixing things. She puts Koby and Cloe in charge of photos, she and Dylan go on a food run, Jade puts up the disco ball and makes some balloons and Sasha takes charge of the music.

Everyone pulls together and the prom is a success. Dylan wins prom king and Jade wins prom Queen and Cloe and Cameron slow dance together. Mr Del Rio loves the girls video and gives them all A+'s.



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  1. "Summertime Girl."
  2. "Clothes Make the Girl."
  3. "Girls Rule the World."
  4. "After All."
  5. "It's Our Time In The Sun."
  6. "Groovy You!"
  7. "Like To Party."
  8. "We Will Win."
  9. "Sunnylife."
  10. "The End of Emo."
  11. "Party Up."
  12. "I Stop By Your House."
  13. "These Girls."
  14. "Here & Now."
  15. "It's Alright To Dance."
  16. "Funn Club's Party."



  • Most of the voice cast is not included in the credits, nor is it available anywhere online.
  • This is the first and only Bratz ovmie Koby, Nevra and Cade appear in.

Mistakes & Errors

  • At 29:14, Cloe has no earrings on and Sasha has nothing in her hair. At 29:16 the camera cuts to Jade and quickly back to Cloe and Sasha. Cloe now has hoop earrings and Sasha has a star in her hair.
  • At 58:16, Koby walks to stand next to Dylan. The camera pans slightly to the right so show that he is also somehow, standing next to Meygan too.
  • At 1:46, Jade enters Cloe's car with a blue coat - When Cloe backs up, Jade doesn't have it anymore,


Starrin' & Stylin' - Sequel Hint.png

When the girls get off the bus at the mall a banner can be seen that reads B2: Coming Soon with a silhouette of the girls on it. Though this is seen as a possible hint to a Starrin' & Stylin' 2, it was ultimately never made. It is unknown if the film ever went into production or not.


The movie was adapted into a book, Keepin' It Real released in 2005. It was written by Charles O'Connor, although in universe it is written by Yasmin.

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Movie Screencaps

DVD Special Features

  • Bloopers
  • The Haunted Elm (Deleted Scene)
  • Karaoke:
    • A karaoke game featuring six songs for the player to sing along to. Each song has the option to sing along with or without words, the songs are; 'Summertime Girl', 'Girls Rule The World', 'Clothes Make The Girl', 'After All', 'It's Our Time In The Sun' and 'Groovy You'.
  • Summertime Girl (Music Video)
  • Girls Nite Out! TV Spot
    • TV Spot 'Girls Night Out' which is an advertisement a line of Bratz clothing
  • Love Horoscope
  • Fashion Mall
    • This is a dressing up game. Each of the girls is shown together with a choice of three tops, three skirts/jeans and three choices of shoes which the player can mix and match.
  • Trivia Game
    • A series of questions based on the movie

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