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The following is 14 songs featured in the 2004 animated movie Bratz: Starrin' and Stylin'. The soundtrack was never released as an album.

Track List[]

In order of which they are heard in the movie.

  1. "Summertime Girl."
  2. "Like To Party."
  3. "We Will Win."
  4. "Sunny Life."
  5. "These Girls."
  6. "Groovy You!"
  7. "The End of Emo."
  8. "Clothes Make the Girl."
  9. "Party Up."
  10. "I Stop By Your House."
  11. "Here & Now."
  12. "It's Our Time In The Sun."
  13. "Girls Rule the World."
  14. "It's Alright To Dance."
  15. "Funn Club's Party."
  16. "After All."