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Bratz (also known as Bratz: The Series or Bratz TV) is a computer animated television series based on a line of toy dolls of the same name. It is produced by Mike Young Productions, MGA Entertainment, and Lionsgate Television, and premiered on 4Kids TV. The show aired from September 10, 2005 to October 14, 2006. In 2008, the show was renewed for season 2. The show is about four female adolescents who run their own teen magazine.


Set in the fictional city of Stilesville, the show revolves around four adolescents (Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin) running their own teen magazine, titled "Bratz", while juggling school life at Stiles High School. Their rival magazine is "Your Thing", owned and run by the proud and demanding self-proclaimed "Reigning Queen of Fashion" Burdine Maxwell, and her mean identical twin interns Kirstee and Kaycee, known infamously as "the Tweevils". Accompanied by their friends Dylan, Cameron, and Ethan, the girls' adventures are exploited throughout the series, both in and outside of Stylesville.


Season One[]
Season Two[]
  • Britt McKillip as Cloe
  • Maryke Hendrikse as Yasmin
  • Britt Irvin as Jade
  • Dorla Bell as Sasha
  • Ashleigh Ball - Kirstee
  • Kelly Sheridan - Kaycee
  • Trevor Devall - Eitan
  • Tegan Moss - Jillian
  • Tabitha St. Germain - Portia, Weird Wilma, Yoko
  • Kelly Sheridan - Attorney, Dagmar
  • Kathleen Barr - Ms. Porterhouse
  • Jason Michas - Wingo
  • Jan Rabson - Principal Affleck
  • Ian James Corlett - Cameron, Mr. Crimpet, Bradley
  • Ellie Harvie - Bernice and Burdine
  • Charlie Adler - Mayor Chachi
  • Brian Drummond - Billy Bob Nitro, Poppy Crankwell
  • Brent Miller - Evan
  • Ashleigh Ball - Prudence
  • Alistair Abell - Byron, Liam
  • Adrian Holmes - Dylan


  • Kevin McDonald as Scott
  • April Winchell as Gertrude
  • Brent Miller as Evan
  • Carrie Finlay as Background Female Characters
  • Cainan Wiebe as Ashton
  • Elisabetta Spinelli as Cleo

Season One[]

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List of Episodes
# Episode name Directed by Written by Original airdate
1 Crush In A Rush Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll September 10, 2005
The girls try to balance writing a dating article while planning a magazine safari party. Dylan gives Eitan advice on how to ask out his crush. Meanwhile, Yasmin struggles to write a poem for her English class.
2 Not So Hot For Teacher Mucci Fassett Peter A. Knight September 17, 2005
The Bratz sign up for a fashion course and the new teacher is Burdine Maxwell. Burdine is determined to give the Bratz a lot of work so they are unable to continue the magazine.
3 Kidnapped Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll September 24, 2005
Yasmin has arranged an interview with the popular, London Milton. However, just before this interview, Yasmin and London Milton are kidnapped, and to make matters worse, so are Kirstee and Kaycee.
4 Slumber Party Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll October 1, 2005
After Cameron cancels Cloe's study date, the girls decide to throw a slumber party. Burdine finds out about the Bratz slumber party and orders the Tweevils to steal ideas for the magazine.
5 Sasha's Big Interview Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll October 8, 2005
Sasha is excited about her upcoming interview with singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and record producer Aloncé. Unfortunately, for Sasha, the Tweevils have secured her press pass and she cannot interview Aloncé. And to make things worse, she loses her voice.
6 Pet Show Mucci Fassett Glenn Eichler October 15, 2005
Jade and Burdine Maxwell enter their pets into the International Pet Show. Jade and Burdine Maxwell soon realize that a mean, vicious petnapper, Chachi, is kidnapping dogs and cats throughout Stilesville so that his mutt will win the contest.
7 Manicuring Candidate Mucci Fassett Peter A. Knight October 22, 2005
The Tweevils and Dylan run for office against Cloe. Dylan and Cloe have a falling out and Cloe wants to leave the race.
8 "It's Not About Me" Week Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll November 5, 2005
Class president Cloe has organized "It's Not About Me" week to encourage students to think about others; Cloe has to host the Teen Hotline with Kirstee. Sasha must teach Kaycee at the worst driver in school how to drive, Yasmin coaches Dylan on self-defence, and Jade gives a makeover. Dylan also hides from a bully.
9 Trading Faces Mucci Fassett Cliff Macgillivray & Kelly Ward November 12, 2005
To find out what women really want (or more specifically, what Fianna wants), Dylan enters a women's dance contest in drag. Dylan disguises as a girl to go in. Sasha becomes jealous when her friends start paying attention to Fianna.
10 Truth Or Dare Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll November 19, 2005
Following the episode "Slumber Party", the Bratz engage in a game of Truth or Dare. The Tweevils return to the party, and give everybody unbelievable dares. Sasha must teach Kirstee how to dance. Cloe and Kaycee must go on an adventure together. Yasmin must talk Cameron into letting her ride his motorcycle. And lastly, Jade has to get a picture of Burdine without her makeup.
11 Bewitched, Bothered, and Burdined Mucci Fassett Jennifer Klein & Michael Stokes November 26, 2005
Using a new hypnosis tool, Burdine hypnotizes Sasha and Jade, directing them to sabotage the Bratz on the night they are to receive the "Tween Voice Award".
12 Skeletons In The Closet Mucci Fassett Glenn Eichler December 3, 2005
After the Tweevils fail to get information on the Bratz from their slumber party, they are punished with chores. However, the duo find mysterious bones inside Burdine's closet. The Bratz and the Tweevils suspect that Burdine may have killed off her last intern.
13 Camping Mucci Fassett Jennifer Klein December 10, 2005
The Bratz become reluctant overnight campers when they get lost on their way to the Wilderness Spa. The Tweevils, hoping to get some embarrassing pictures of the girls without make-up, follow behind.
14 Survivor Mucci Fassett Glenn Eichler January 28, 2006
The Bratz and the Tweevils journey to the Wilderness Hotel and engage in a Survivor like contest, hosted by Byron Powell.
15 To Catch A Thief Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll February 4, 2006
At the Wilderness Spa, the Bratz try to discover the identity of a mysterious cat-burglar who's been stealing jewels from the hotel's guests.
16 Jade's Dream Mucci Fassett Ellen Levy-Sarnoff March 18, 2006
Jade gets knocked unconscious and dreams that Burdine and the Tweevils have taken over Stilesville and the world, turning everything pink and wiping out individuality.
17 Cinderella Mucci Fassett Katherine Butler March 11, 2006
Yasmin writes a story based on 'Cinderella'. Yasmin herself is featured as 'Amberella'. Burdine is featured as her stepmother and the Tweevils are her evil wicked stepsisters.
18 Totally Recall Mucci Fassett Glenn Eichler March 25, 2006
While stuck in an elevator, Burdine and Jade reflect on their eventful past!
19 New Kid In Town Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll September 16, 2006
Shane is the new guy in school and he is so stylin' that the Bratz are fighting over him!
20 Bratz in Playland Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll September 23, 2006
Byron confesses to the girls that he is an undercover spy, investigating a case involving poisoned super-models in Paris. The girls go through training and begin to argue over who Byron will select to go on the mission.
21 Bratz in Franceland Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll September 30, 2006
The Bratz arrive in France to investigate the poisonings. During the mission, the girls become distracted when Sasha falls for Roxxi's former band mate Cruise, Jade becomes Jean Paul's muse, Yasmin has an intense case of writer's block, and Cloe becomes jealous when Cameron falls for super-model Nicole. Later, the girls find hair samples and fingerprints that belong to Elemina on a bottle of poisoned water; Byron congratulates the girls on a job well done.
22 Bratz in Ragland Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll October 7, 2006
The girls suspect that Elemina has been framed, and that someone else is behind the poisonings. Jade and Cloe become victims, while Sasha and Yasmin struggle to keep their cover during Jean Paul's fashion show. Too weak to fight, Cloe and Jade enlist the help of their friends to save them and uncover the antidote before time runs out.
23 Model Friends Mucci Fassett Peggy Nicoll October 14, 2006
The Bratz are planning a birthday party for Yasmin. However, Sasha decides to leave the Bratz to pursue a modeling career but can't quite leave the past behind.

Season Two[]

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# Episode name Original airdate
1 "Extremely Made-Over" February 4, 2008
The Bratz think they've hired the perfect office assistant until they discover the shy girl, Prudence, is an undercover agent for Burdine, sent to steal the Bratz' latest interview! Then the Bratz want her to get out of their sight forever.
2 "The Cloe Life" February 5, 2008
Portia, an interviewer, goes to Stiles High and picks Cloe to interview and she is doing an interview which she call the "Cloe life". Portia decides to supposedly recommend Cloe for her own show, but when Portia is rude to Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha they try to warn Cloe about her.
3 "The Bratz 500" February 6, 2008
Byron asks the Bratz if they would help him with another mission to figure out who is stealing jewelry that is in the rally 500 race. So Byron told the girls that Liam, top teen racer, could be in trouble, then Jade says yes for all of them immediately. Then the Bratz find out that they have to go undercover as a racing team one will be driving and the other three will be the pit crew.
4 "A Little Diss, A Little Dat" February 7, 2008
Sasha, Cloe, and Yasmin had to rush of to do a few interviews for last minute and later they were grabbing a smoothie before they went back to the office and they were talking about how it was a horrible day they are so glad that Jade was not there (because they did not want her to feel as bad as they did). But Jade overheard the wrong part of the conversation. And Kirstee and Kaycee can't do anything right so Burdine fired them and Kirstee, Kaycee, were the new Bratz in town and Jade became friends. Also Burdine is given a taste of her own medicine when she is bossed around by her drill sergeant-like temp named Dagmar.
5 "A Sporting Chance" February 8, 2008
The Bratz girls search for a missing synchronized swimming team's mascot, which is a Billy Goat.
6 "Transparently Yours" February 11, 2008
Byron trust the girls to keep an eye on a case that contains an invisibility formula which is perfume for spies. Jade and Sasha spray it on themselves and turns into invisible and when it wears off they are locked in a room apartment with Burdine's sister, Burnice, Kirstee and Kaycee.
7 "Miss Fortune" February 12, 2008
The Bratz were having a really bad day, but when Cloe wishes that they could have good luck and a wind carries Sasha's ticket and they chase after them and there they meet a strange lady who gave them a necklace and the necklace gives them good luck. But when Kirstee and Kaycee hear about the necklace they steal it from the Bratz. And that is when they find out who ever loses the necklace will have terrible luck.
8 "Bratz Fail" February 13, 2008
The Bratz just came back from a mission and they missed their finals so their gym teacher, who is working for Burdine, gave them all F's. So, the Bratz take this matter to the principal who gives them a make-up exam, but the gym teacher will stop at nothing to make the Bratz fail.
9 "Bratz Vs. Brats" February 14, 2008
A fashion designer named Jules is going to let a magazine have one of his adds in there magazine. The Bratz is one of the magazine and so is Your Thing magazine. But when Jules nanny had to leave his kids had know where to go so the Bratz took them in, but Ashton and Ashley they are serious brats. Then Burdine sends Kirstee and Kaycee to try to bring Jules' kids to them so they could try to win them over.
10 "Inner Beauty Queen" February 15, 2008
Yasmin is elected prom queen and is stressing to find a date to the dance.
11 "Alien Encounters" February 18, 2008
Sasha wants to make a big difference in the world she gets the chance when Stiles High is infiltrated by aliens. But it turns out the only way Sasha can make a difference is by letting the Tweevils save the planet. She soon learns that doing good is more important than getting the credit for doing good!
12 "Rescue Askew" February 19, 2008
Byron is taken prisoner and he calls the Bratz for help. But they discover that he's also called a teenage boy agent they've never heard of. When both the Bratz and the boy insist that they're Byron's A team, rivalry gets in the way of a successful rescue. They must put aside their differences for the common good, and in doing so, learn that everyone has something valuable to come.
13 "Bye Bye Burdine" February 20, 2008
Burdine is wrongly detained at a Luxenstein prison when her tiara is mistaken for the stolen crown jewels. In her absence, the Tweevils take over Your Thing Magazine. They fill the magazine with ridiculous and not-so-flattering tales of unlikely adventures they imagine Burdine to be having, and the magazine's circulation skyrockets. The Bratz, worried that their magazine will be buried decide to compete — but the Tweevils get their comeuppance when Burdine returns!
14 "Great Melting Pot" February 21, 2008
The Bratz struggle to cook up a classic French meal for famed costume designer Jean-Paul and his friend the Viscount. But as Jean Paul nears Stilesville, he announces that they want a classic American meal. With only an hour to go, the Bratz spring into action, and eventually come up with the perfect American meal and it is quite multi-ethnic!
15 "The Chronicles Of Karma" February 22, 2008
A discussion about karma leads Sasha, Cloe and Jade to try and do good deeds in hopes that good things will happen to them in return. They fail, because their motives are selfish. Meanwhile, when Yasmin selflessly rescues the Tweevils from a life of petty shoplifting and inadvertently ends up sentenced to community service, she and the Tweevils help an unfortunate soul — and are rewarded more handsomely than she could have imagine.
16 "The Life Of Byron" February 25, 2008
When Byron invites the Bratz to London for an awards bash, they quickly find it's a trap - Byron's been kidnapped by another Byron. A villain has had plastic surgery to look just like him and now it's up to the Bratz to figure out which one is bad, which one is good!
17 "Much Ado About Practically Nothing" February 26, 2008
A mysterious bow found laying on Jade's desk causes trouble left and right.


Despite being defended by fans, Bratz earned negative reviews from critics. Common Sense Media gave the show a 1-star rating, saying that the show might be a bad influence on kids. Saying "Bratz are the modern-day Barbie dolls whose vampy appearance has upset many parents seeking healthy role models for their daughters."


The first season had very good ratings, however, the second season had low ratings, which led to the show's cancellation in 2008. The TV series was shown in the United Kingdom where it was popular with young girls and had a peak of 51,000 viewers.