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Bratz is a dance game developed by DC Studios for Game Boy Advance, Playstation and Windows released December 12th, 2002. It is the first digital game in the Bratz franchise.


Game Cover

Everyone's favourite girls with a 'passion for fashion' are back in their very own, totally-hot dress-up 'n' dance video game. Just pick your favourite Bratz girl and get ready to go!

Manufacturers Description

Likely the hippest toys in the world, Bratz dolls secured a place in toy history by winning the coveted People's Choice for Toy of the Year Award at the 2002 Toy Fair in New York. Now they’ve inspired a video game that has all of the attitude you’d expect from the Bratz franchise. Join Yasmin, Meygan, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha for a wild ride through hip-hop and anime culture, complete with puzzle solving, action, and straight-up fun. Cool graphics and high fashion mark, all-ages-appropriate gaming experience.


Strut your stuff and flaunt your style in single and multiplayer dancing competitions; dress up and dance as Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, Jade and Meygan; dance to win a solo spot in a funky fashion music video, using moves like the shopping spree, the bed-head and the go-go glide; challenge other players by having them copy your dance moves.


Playable Characters


"Setting the coolest trends 24/7 may seem like a huge responsibility, but for Cloe it's another day! With a fashion passion that includes animals prints and shimmering and sparkling fabric, the Bratz refer to Cloe as 'Angel', because no matter what she wears she always looks divine!"


"Quick in mind with an even quicker wit, Jade's fashion passions matches her outlook on life; way extreme and totally far-out! With a sizzlin' flair that all those around her crave, Jade always seems to be one step ahead in everything she does! Known to the Bratz as 'Kool Kat' because of her love of the feline persuasion, she's the coolest friend you could ever want!"


"Creative, confident and content, Meygan's sizzlin personality can only be matched by her funky fashion retro-chic look! With a style that harkens back to a more dramatic day, she's still up-to-the minute and fashion forward all the way! The Bratz call her the 'Funky Fashion Monkey' because even when she's hangin' she still looks good!"


"A little bit of ol' school attitude, a little bit of the new funk, when Sasha struts her style you just can't help to turn your head in awe! Taking cutting-edge streetwear to a whole new level, Sasha's fashion passion of beanies and jeans recalls the heyday of hip-hop with all the contempo cool of R&B soul!"


"A girl with equal parts style and substance, Yasmin's fashion passion is totally retro-cool Bohemian-style and includes the hottest threads in earth-tones and exotic textures ever seen! Known by the Bratz as 'Pretty Princess' she takes the coolest 'common' looks and transforms them into sheer royal perfection with the greatest of ease!"


  • This is the first digital media released featuring the Bratz girls
  • This is the only Bratz game where Meygan is a playable character
  • In Cloe's character description it states the character has a love for animal prints. Despite this the character is rarely seen wearing animal prints in any of the doll lines, movies, books or games.

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