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Bratz Babyz: The Movie a 2006 American animated film based on the Bratz Babyz doll line manufactured by MGA Entertainment. Directed by Davis Doi and written by John Doolittle, it is the fourth installment in the Bratz film series and the first film based on the Bratz characters as infants. It introduces Ashleigh Ball as Sasha, Alexandra Carter as Jade, Maryke Hendrikse as Yasmin, Chantal Strand as Nita & Nora, and Ian James Corlett as Cameron.


After their friend Nita and Nora's pet puppy is kidnapped by the local mall bully, Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin try and earn enough money to buy him back.


Nita impatiently waits for her twin sister Nora to get ready for day care. Nora is clumsy and slow, putting her shirt on backwards, then spilling her milk on Nita. Whilst Nora's back is turned Nita's pet dog Snappy climbs inside her bag and she doesn't notice. When the girls arrive at the day-care centre located in 'Simons Mall' Nora finds Snappy in her bag. As the kids in the day chase around their teacher, Miss Calabash, Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin sit quietly color. Nita finds out Nora brought Snappy to the mall and chases her around, calling her names. Yasmin breaks them up but Snappy runs away to avoid being taken to see Miss Calabash. She rushes out the door of the day-care centre and gets lost in Simons Mall.

The girls dress their pets up as themselves and escape the day-care in search of Snappy. Their friends, Cameron and Harvey follow. They search the entire mall but Snappy seems to always sneak past them, no matter how close they get to capturing her. Eventually they stop at a fast-food restaurant to get some lunch. It is there they find Duane, the local bully has taken Snappy for himself. He offers to sell the puppy back to Nita and Nora for $50 US dollars.

Nita throws a tantrum but Yasmin tells her to knock it off. They want to enter Nora into the mall’s karaoke contest, but Nora is too nervous to sing in front of people. Instead they try and find money by checking all the coin slots of the mall telephone booths and taking money out of the wishing fountain. Gordon Murph, the malls security guard, finds the girls and returns them to the day-care.

The girls escape a second time and go to TV store where they find Cameron playing a virtual reality skateboarding game. Cloe bets Cameron $50 that she can beat Cameron at racing. Cloe wins, but Cameron doesn't have enough money to pay her. The girls try and steal Snappy back from Duane but are unsuccessful.

The girls and Cameron start a pet cleaning business where they clean customers pets in the wishing fountain for $5 each. It goes wrong when a customers pet rat escapes and frightens the dogs who proceed to trash the fountain. Gordon once again takes the girls back to the day-care.

They escape to Kidgits, a toy shop and make money by busking, selling balloon animals to children and doing mime tricks. However, all of this is unsuccessful as the balloon animals either popped or deflated and the root beers used in the mime tricks exploded.

Meanwhile, Duane goes to a food court and takes a bowl of nachos from two little girls, eating the nachos, making the girls leave in disgust. Nita attempts to steal the bag from Duane once he put it down, only for him to look. They fight over the bag, tearing it up and letting Snappy out. Snappy runs away and accidentally starts a food fight. The girls decided to enter the karaoke contest, but first they need to give Nora a makeover. They sneak into a clothing shop where Nita and Nora's older sister Jillian is trying on clothes. They try and copy her clothing and makeup choices but it doesn't go well. They manage to snag Snappy back from Duane but she runs away after seeing Nita's makeup and crashes into a water fountain. Snappy realizes her owner is back too late when Duane appears and steals Snappy back.

Again, Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin, Nita, Nora and Harvey are taken back to the day-care. When the other students pick on Miss Calabash and steal her sunglasses Nita jumps to her defense and gets her glasses back. As a reward, Miss Calabash helps them find clothes for the karaoke contest. Nora goes on stage to sing but gets stage fright. Nita, feeling it’s her own fault for constantly putting her down, jumps on stage with her to perform 'All Together'. Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin soon join as background singers. Nita and Nora win the karaoke contest and receive a first place trophy and a $50 prize.

Duane tries to not only take the prize money but pressure the girls into entering a pie eating contest to win more money for him. Nora has enough and stands up for herself. The girls, Cameron and Harvey block Duane’s path, refusing to let him leave the mall until he returns Snappy. During the confrontation, Snappy pees on Duane out of fear and he drops her in disgust, allowing her to run to Nita. Soon, more Babyz arrive and surround him in a circle. Duane becomes scared and begs to be let out. Once he is let out, he away crying.

Miss Calabash mistakes Jade for peeing, but Jade says it was Snappy, who jumps out of Nita’s hands and lick Miss Calabash’s face. Soon, the Babyz, Cameron, Harvey, Miss Calabash, Gordon and the audience dance.



  1. "Bratz Babyz."
  2. "Catch Me If You Can."
  3. "We Can Do It."
  4. "Ready Or Not".
  5. "All Together."


Video Game[]

Main article: Bratz Babyz (Video Game)

A video game based on the movie was released in 2005 for Windows PC and the Gameboy Advance.


  • This is the last Bratz movie done in 2D animation.
  • Ashleigh Ball who voices Cloe would later go on to voice Sasha in Bratz: Fashion Pixiez and Kirstee in season 2 of the TV series.
  • Brian Dummond, who plays Gordon the security guard would later go on to voice Charlat, the antagonist of Bratz: Desert Jewelz.
  • Britt McKillip who voices Nita and Nora also voices Cloe in season 2 of the Bratz TV series and several of the movies.
  • Although the age of the characters isn't clear, Cloe mentions that chasing the teacher around is 'so a two-year-old thing' suggesting they're probably around 3-years-old.
  • Despite being main characters in the movie, Nita and Nora are not featured in the movie's cover alongside the core four.
  • In the beginning of the movie, it is made clear that dogs aren't allowed at daycare, so the girls have to turn Scrappy into the teacher. However, pigs, rabbits, cats and frogs are apparently allowed at day-care, for some reason.
  • At 11:44 Sasha calls Nita, Gwen. It is unclear whether Nita is somehow a nickname for Gwen, Nita was originally called Gwen or the voice actor messed up.
  • At 17:17 a movie poster can be seen for 'Look Who's Barking 2', a reference to the 1990 film 'Look Who's Talking Too'.
  • This is the first appearances of the mothers of the main Bratz.
  • In the movie Cameron reveals that his allowance is 25 cents a week.
  • This is the first time a food fight has happened in a Bratz movie. The second time is in Bratz: The Movie.
  • At 59:43 when Cloe is having one of her classic freaks out, she states she is scared she will have to wash another animal. In Bratz: Pampered Petz, Cloe gives baths to animals she and Yasmin are trying to rehome.

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