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Bratz: Kidz Sleep-Over Adventure is a 2007 American computer-animated film based on the Bratz Kidz doll line manufactured by MGA entertainment. Directed by Sean McNamara and written by Robert Schlueter, it is the seventh instalment in the Bratz film series and the first film based on the Bratz Kidz brand.


You're invited to come over and spend the night of your life with your favorite Bratz as they star in their first-ever Bratz Kidz Movie! Grab your sleeping bag and flashlight and get ready to have a blast as you share a sleep-over with Bratz as you've never see them before - as little girls before they became teenagers!

When the new girl in the neighbourhood, Ginger, invites Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Meygan over to her house for a sleep-over, the girls happily accept the invitation to make a new friend. No sleep-over is complete without telling fun stories, so each girl shares a spooky tale. As the suspense grows, you'll find yourself laughing, squirming and screaming in delight. Don't miss your chance to make lasting friendships with all your favorite Bratz Kidz during this unforgettable night-time adventure!


Sasha, Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Meygan are invited to a sleep-over at their new friend Ginger's house. Ginger has never had a sleep-over before, so the girls agree to show her a good time. They read magazines, paint their nails, do each others hair, play runway and have a dance party.

Ginger's mom tells the girls it's late and they need to go to bed. They wash up and climb into their sleeping bags, but when Ginger's mom turns out the lights the girls turn on flashlights and decide to tell each other scary stories. Ginger is nervous at disobeying her mother, but the girls tell her this is what sleep-overs are about.

Sasha tells a story first. She tells the girls a story of a Carnival with a room of mirrors. Sasha is happily playing in the room of mirrors with Yasmin and Meygan. Yasmin starts to feel dizzy and Meygan takes her outside to get some fresh air. Sasha continues exploring the mirrors by herself. She finds a doppleganger mirror that doesn't always copy her actions. The mirror version of Sasha tries to grab Sasha and pull her into the mirror, but Sasha escapes.

Outside, Sasha sees her mirror doppleganger in the crowd and runs away, bumping into Yasmin and Meygan. The Doppleganger surprises her again and she runs and fals into a water raft ride. Sasha escapes the ride and rushes back to the Doppleganger mirror where her mirror self laughs and taunts her. Sasha is pulled into the mirror and her mirror self jumps outs. She tells Sasha that as she likes staring at herself so much, she can stay in the mirror forever and leaves as Sasha screams for help.

Back at the sleep-over, Ginger is scared, but the girls convince her to listen to Cloe's story.

Cloe is at a pet store looking at the puppies in the window. She begs her parents to buy her a puppy but they worry she will get bored of it once it grows up. Cloe's father, Tom, tells Cloe she can spend some babysitting Mrs Winters dog to show she's responsible enough for handle her own puppy. Cloe agrees.

Cloe arrives at 428 Raven Lane, Mrs Winters home. She hears a noise inside and is startled when Mrs Winters approaches her from behind her. She tells Cloe the noses are her parrot, and introduces Cloe to her dog, Taco, the Prince of dogs. Taco is wearing a muzzle, which Cloe decides to take off. As they're walking home Cloe begins hearing noises and realises that it's Taco that's talking. She rushes home to tell her mom, but Taco refuses to talk in her mothers presence. Once her mother leaves, Taco reveals he doesn't want to end up in a lab and so he won't talk to anyone but her.

Whilst Cloe's back is turned, Taco vanishes and is found by Tom. Cloe returns him to her bedroom, but whilst she is eating dinner he orders $55 dollars of Chinese takeaway. Cloe scrambles around her room and manages to scrape enough money together to pay for the takeaway. She takes it up to Taco, who eats the food and steals her bed. Whilst Taco is sleeping he has a nightmare about being given a bath and screams in his sleep.

The next day Cloe tells her father that Taco has flees and needs a bath. Taco has a bath and begs Cloe to take him home. She agrees. When she returns home her parents surprise her with a puppy. She is delighted until a pizza arrives at the door and Cloe realises her new puppy is the one who ordered it.

Ginger finds Cloe's story funny. Mrs Wisping comes and tells the girls to go to bed, but when she leaves Meygan sits up and tells the girls her own spooky story.

Meygan is at the carnival with her sister Tanya and her friend Cally. Meygan wants pie, but Tanya and Cally want to go on the rides. Meygan begs to go on the Rip Tide, but her sister refuses because the line is too long. They go on the Spinner Ride and a queasy guest is sick on Meygan. Her sister buys her a new shirt to wear and Meygan runs off to buy pie but a clown buys the last piece.

Meygan yells at her sister and Cally for ruining her day. They buy her ice cream but a clown accidentally knocks it out of her hand. Meygan is furious and wants to leave, but Cally and Tanya drag her into a magicians tent to watch a magic show. The magician, Senor Miracle, selects Meygan to take part in the show. He locks her inside a cabinet and when Meygan opens the door she finds the tent completely empty of people.

She goes outside, but the finds the entire carnival void of people. Meygan is thrilled and celebrates by eating as much pie as she wants and going on the Ripe Tide ride. However due to their being no ride workers, the ride keeps going round and round with Meygan unable to stop it. Eventually she manages to flee the ride and runs through the carnival, where she is scared by a clown animatronic. Meygan rushes back to the magicians tent and hides inside the magic cabinet and casts a spell to make everyone reappear. It works and Meygan rushes to Tanya's side, overjoyed to be reunited with her sister.

Back at the sleepover, Yasmin begins telling her own story. After all her friends begin wearing charm bracelets, Yasmin begs her mother, Portia, to buy her one, but she refusing, believing it to be a fashion fad. She takes Yasmin to the mall to buy her friend Dana birthday present. However Yasmin ends up buying herself a charm bracelet and uses the leftover money to buy Dana a vase. Dana ends up loving the guest, but when Yasmin attempts to show off her bracelet the next day at school she finds out that her friends now consider it to be an outdated fashion accessory. When Sasha appears wearing new jeans, Cloe and Meygan gush over the clothing item.

Yasmin realises her mother was right and feels guilty that she used Dana's birthday money on herself. She hides the bracelet in her jewellery box but it reappears in her bag the next day at school. She puts in her locker, but it reappears in her lunch box. Every time Yasmin attempts to be rid of the bracelet, it reappears on her person. She tosses it into a lake, hoping to be rid of it for good.

When Yasmin arrives home she finds the bracelet has once again returned to her wrist. Her mother reveals that Dana called, upset, because her cat had broken the vase Yasmin had got her for her birthday. Yasmin goes to Dana's house and gifts her the charm bracelet as a replacement gift. Yasmin admits the truth to Dana, who is simply happy to receive such a wonderful gift.

Ginger really wants to go to bed because she finds the stories too scary. The girls convince her to let Jade tell her story, and promises they will go to bed straight after. She agrees.

In Jade's story, she, along with Sasha, Yasmin and Cloe go to an amusement park. Whilst the rest of the girls express fear and nerves at the idea of a 'Monster Dungeon' ride, Jade declares it to not be scary at all, despite having never gone on the ride. Jade declares she is not scared of anything. The girls tell her a story about a boy who got on the ride, saw a monster and was never seen again. Jade dismisses this story as a story meant to scare children.

Inside the ride they are scared by bats, cats and monsters. Jade dismisses all these as fakes. When they ride through a dark tunnel, Cloe, Sasha and Yasmin's eyes glow and when they come out of the shadows large crocodile like monsters are sitting in their place, scaring Jade. One attempts to eat Jade, so she jumps from the cart onto a pendulum and attempts to flee the ride. The monsters chase her through the mountain, finally cornering her in a room. She realises the monsters copy her movements, and tricks them into copying a dance long enough to slip away. She heads back to the cart, where the monsters find her again. She cowers and cries, hiding behind her hands when the light brightens and Cloe, Sasha and Yasmin are suddenly back in their seats. The girls tease Jade about being scared despite her bravery earlier.

At the sleep-over, the girls congratulate Jade on her story, but Ginger is terrified. The girls ask her to tell them a story and she eventually agrees.

Ginger tells a story about girls having fun at a sleep-over which Sasha's finds dreadfully boring. With encouragement from Yasmin, Cloe and Jade, Ginger continues her story, but when she reaches the climax she is overwhelmed (implied to be terrified by the ending to her own story) and runs out the door.

The girls decide to apologize to Ginger, but find the lights in the house aren't working. They take their torches and explore the house, but find it weirdly dirty and covered in cobwebs. They go downstairs where they see scary paintings and hear weird sounds. After a door slams shut by itself the girls scream and run out the front door.

When the girls look back at the house they realize it is now an old, abandoned building with a 'no trespassing' sign hanging above the doorway. As the girls run through the neighborhood they bump into characters from their stories including Mrs Winters, Taco, Sasha's Doppleganger and the clown from Meygan's story.

They reach Yasmin's house but Mr Wisping and Ginger are standing behind the door and welcome the girls to Ginger's first sleep-over. They scream and flee to Cloe's house where they again encounter Mr Wisping and Ginger. They rush to Sasha's house, however this time when the door opens it's Mr Wisping, Mrs Wisping and Ginger that scream and even pass out. Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and Meygan have turned into monsters and, acting as if they've always been monsters, loudly chat and eat bugs as they look for somewhere to spend the night.




  1. "Ready For Anything."

  2. "We're Bratz Kidz."

  3. "Whatever You Do."

  4. "Step One."

Video Game

Main article: Bratz Kidz: Slumber Party!

Bratz: Kids Slumber Party! is a video game released based on the Bratz Kidz doll line. It is the first and only Bratz game based on the Kidz dolls.


  • This is the only film in the Bratz series where Meygan is a main character.
  • This is one of the only times we see Sasha's natural hair on-screen.
  • Yasmin's story is the only one that isn't brought back at the end.
  • Ginger's house uses the same model as Gran's house. It is unknown if Gran and Ginger are related, or if Gran no longer lives there.
  • Ginger's address is 1313 Raven Lane.
  • Ginger's parents are recoloured models of Sharidan's parents.
  • Sasha's lives on Robin Lane.
  • At 3:35 Jade and Cloe are seen reading a copy of Bratz Magazine with Cloe on the cover. This is of course, impossible since Cloe is a child and the magazine hasn't been invented yet.
  • Meygan's signature dance move is the 'Funky Fashion Monkey'. This is in reference to both her nickname and her pet monkey.
  • Elemina and Nigel's character models can be seen walking in the crowd at 22:12.
  • Cally shares a character model with Fianna and Tiffany.
  • Sharidans character model can be seen buying pie at 27:41.
  • Yasmin's mother has the same character model as Dee.
  • The movie reveals that Dana has a pet cat.
  • This movie is very notorious for traumatizing children that watched it.

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