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Bratz Super Babyz is a 2007 American computer-animated film based on the Bratz Babyz fashion doll line manufactured by MGA entertainment. Directed by Mucci Fassett and and written by John Doolittle, it is the ninth instalment in the Bratz film series and the second film based on the Bratz Babyz brand. It stars Britt McKillip reprising her roles as Cloe from previous films, along with new additions such as Britt Irvin as Jade, Dorla Bell as Sasha and Maryke Hendriske as Yasmin.


In the temporary care of Gran while their parents are away, Baby Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, and Jade are enjoying the freedom they have, especially since Gran doesn't see well enough to keep track of them all the time! Trouble finds them at Adventure Universe, the amusement park where their favorite superheroes (the Super Buds) hang out. There, the Babyz encounter a troop of hostile "Tubers" (potatoes) from another planet. Somehow the aliens' magical "matter exchanger" ends up at Gran's house and the little girls are turned into "Super Buds" themselves.


Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin are staying at their babysitter, Gran's house. They watch a TV commercial about meeting the 'Super Buds' a fictional superhero team made up of Johnny Speedometer, Expando-Kid (or Mr Stretchtastic depending on what version you're watching), Explodo Girl, and Smartessa. The girls are excited as they will be going to meet them in the morning and refuse to go to bed. They reluctantly go to sleep anyway, but once Granny leaves they turn the lights back on. Their pets, Jade's Cat, Yasmin's Frog, Sasha's Bunny and Cloe's Pig come out to play.

The next day they go to the Adventure Universe theme park and argue about which order to go on the rides. Yasmin wanders off and bumps into the Super Buds. Cloe, Jade and Sasha meet up with Yasmin and takes pictures with the Super Buds. They go on the Rocking Rocket ride and Cloe screams the whole time.

This entire time the girls have been unknowingly watched by a group of space aliens. Yasmin wanders off into a toy store where she meets a strange looking baby named Tuber who is accused of shoplifting a toy "Zultra-Zapper" ray gun. The shop keeper returns the ray gun the shelf, but when Gran, Sasha, Jade and Cloe come in looking for Yasmin, Tuber steals the gun back.

Tuber returns to his ship, revealing himself to be an alien who has altered his psychical being to look like a human baby. He tells his crew mates, Yam, Spud and Tater Tot that he did this so he could check out the planet and make sure it was true that babies were royalty that everyone doted on. When Tuber shows the aliens videos of Chloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin being cared for by Gran, they demand he turn them into babies too. He attempts to use the Zultra-Zapper-like device, which is actually a Matter Exchanger on the aliens, but realizes quickly that he picked up an actual toy Zultra-Zapper in the shop by accident.

Gran and the Babyz have bought the real Matter Exchanger by mistake and bring it home. Later that night, the girls wish they could be superheroes before falling asleep. Granny mistakes the Matter Exchanger for a TV remote and points it at the TV. When she presses the button sparks fly from the gun, up the TV antenna, through the ceiling to the girls bedroom.

The next day whilst eating breakfast, Jade discovers her skin is super sticky, Sasha discovers she is super smart, Yasmin has super speed and Cloe has the ability to shatter objects with her voice. All babies also have the ability to fly. Meanwhile the aliens return to the toy store and interrogate the manager, but he has no idea where the Matter Exchanger is. They look into the CCTV footage and find out Gran brought the Matter Exchanger for the girls.

The girls fly around and play pranks on Gran while her back is turned. They wait for her to fall asleep and then sneak out of the house and fly across Stilesville. Whilst flying Yasmin saves a cat stuck in a tree, Sasha solves a mathematical equation baffling scientists, Jade ties up a teenager bullying some kids and Cloe saves a picnicking family from being attacked by a bear. Finally they team up and save a school bus from falling off a cliff.

The aliens find out the babies have super powers after seeing a news segment about them saving the school children. After a long night of rescues the girls are extra tired and want to do nothing but sleep. When Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin learn that a baby is stuck on a malfunctioning ride at the theme park they realize they need to help him. They bump into the Super Buds and ask them why they're not saving the day, not realizing they are just actors and not real heroes. Not wanting to tell the Bratz that the Super Buds aren't real, the actors make excuses and leave.

The girls take matters into their own hands and stop the ride, but the kid turns out to be Tuber who kidnaps Yasmin. At the same time, Spud and Tater Tot trap and take Sasha. They manage to save Yasmin but Sasha is captured. After the Babyz realize that they bought a Matter Exchanger rather than a Zultra-Zapper toy, Gran at her house (confusing the device for a TV remote for the second time) unwittingly depowers the Bratz and turns Tuber, Tater Tot, Yam and Spud into human babies and the aliens trap Sasha and the remaining Bratz in their ship to eventually banish them to their home planet via countdown.

The aliens then sneak into Gran's house and because she is half blind, Gran mistakes them for the girls and begins to take care of them. The girls escape and come up with a plan to get rid of the fake babies. They sneak back into the house and attack the fake babies with milk, baby food, baby powder and diapers. With help from their petz, they are able to drive the aliens out of the house. But the aliens manage to get a hold off the Matter Exchanger and threaten to mutate the Bratz unless they leave them alone.

The girls reluctantly agree to leave, but come up with a new plan. While the aliens nap, the Bratz go to their Gran and ask for mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries, and potatoes au gratin. Gran agrees, and eventually the Bratz sneak out and Gran awakens the aliens for dinner instead. When the aliens see Gran peel, cut up, wash and stab the potatoes they panic and run into the living room. Gran comes to find them, so they use the Matter Exchanger to change themselves into 'something hard to find'. It turns them into rats, who Gran proceeds to chase outside with a broom.

The girls enjoy their potato-themed dinner and the aliens become trapped in a cage by the store manager they'd interrogated earlier in the film.




  1. "Look At Us Now."
  2. "It's Up To Me And You."
  3. "Feel The Power."
  4. "We Can Win."

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A video game adaptation based on the film was released in 2008 for the Nintendo Wii and PC.


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A line of dolls based on the movie was released in 2007.


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