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Bratz is an american line of fashiondolls manufactured by MGA Entertainment. It's about the four original girls Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin and Jade struttin their style with a passion for fashion.

Being a Bratz is all about expression yourself and showing everyone who you are no matter what they might think or say.

It's Good to be Yourself... It's Good to be a Bratz, because Bratz are the only girls with a passion for fashion!

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The original Bratz dolls were released on May 21th 2001 and have ever since then released all kinds of dolls, Playsets and other apparels. After a hiatus they came back in a new look in 2015.
To promote the dollseries there have been several Shows of the brand such as a TV Show, Reality Show and Webshows. The current Webshow follows the girls and their adventures in the CIY Shoppe.

Network MGA Entertainment
BW Network BW MGA
Next to the official Website, Bratz has several social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep their fans updated on all the latest releases.
Isaac Larian is the CEO of MGA Entertainment the makers of Bratz, Lalaloopsy and many other brands. It's currently the biggest private Toy Company.

Media Timeline
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Over the past years MGA has released DVDs, albums, videogames but also a big number of promotional videos and TV commercials.
Ever since their release in Summer 2001, Bratz changed the doll industry and survived several lawsuits and fights against competition.
Bratz Wiki News
  • The BRATZ WIKI is currently quite empty because it's getting a big makeover. Finishing it could take a few weeks (until January).
  • Study Abroad Wave 2 featuring Cloe, Yasmin, Meygan and Kumi have been found at Target stores in the US.
  • Vee Filez is officially out and limited to only 290 dolls worldwide. She's exclusively available on VFiles Website.
  • There are several Behind-the-Scenes Videos from the Stoopid Buddy Studios and how they're making the Bratz Webseries. They can be watched on the official Bratz Youtube Channel.

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BW Fact1 Yasmin is named after Isaac Larian's (CEO of MGA Entertainment) daughter Jasmine Larian. Even today, as a grown up and married adult, she's still involved with the brand and its developement.

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