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Bratz in Franceland (also known as Paris II) is episode 21 of season 1 of the Bratz: The Series.

It was later released along with the two other Paris episodes as Bratz: Go to Paris the Movie.


When the Bratz had finally come to arrive in Paris France to investigate the poisonings, they begin their search on the poison that is used on the models. During their investigation, the girls become distracted when Sasha had run into Roxxi's former band member, Cruise, Jade becomes Jean Paul's muse. Yasmin has an intense case of writer's block, and Cloe was starting to jealous when she saw Cameron goes for super-model Nicole. But when the girls find pieces of hair samples and fingerprints as evidence, they're were from Elemina on a bottle of poisoned water; Byron congratulates the girls on a job well done.



On the plane ride Cloe is worried she will be attacked by the person poisoning the models. The girls reassure her everything will be fine. Cameron and Dylan come too. In the hotel room Byron gives the girls some gadgets, lipsticks that are secretly transmitters, makeup compacts that are secretly monitors, global positioning devices, homing devices and pens that leave invisible messages on hard surfaces that can only be read by wearing special sunglasses. Finally he gives them some special boots to wear but doesn't tell them what exactly it is the boots do.

Burdine arrives in Paris along with Royale, Kirstee and Kaycee.

Meanwhile Jean-Paul is running through rehearsals for his next show with his remaining model Nicole. Byron introduces them to the Bratz girls. Nicole is the highest paid model in France and Jean-Paul's favourite. Jean-Paul has the girls walk the runway for him and impressed by their skills. When he and Jade bond over their love of cats and Jade's unique fashion sense, Jean-Paul asks her to be his lead model in his next show and she agrees. Nicole does not think Jean-Paul should hire a beginner, but he dismisses her concern.

Jean-Paul celebrates by throwing a small gathering. At the party Nicole takes a liking to Cameron who knows of Nicole through her modelling work. Sasha talks to models Lily and Isabella to try and gather any information she can about what's been going on but nobody will tell her anything about the attacks. When Sasha confronts Cloe about her down disposition she points out that Cameron has spent every second of the party with Nicole.

Roxxi, the fifth member of the Bratz: Rock Angelz arrives at the gathering and reunites with her friends. She introduces Sasha to her Crash bandmate Cruise. Sasha is immediately smitten by Cruise. Jean-Paul confides in Jade that he is struggling to complete his collection and is thinking of quitting to become a fry cook but Jade manages to convince him to give it another try.

Kaycee walks into the party bathroom as a masked figure is seen putting something into a glass of water. Before Kaycee can confronts the masked figure she is attacked.

Jade arrives early to visit Jean-Paul. She overhears him arguing with Elemina and warning her to stay away from the models or else. At the party Burdine notices Elemina and freaks out. In a flashback Burdine recalls when she worked with the International Fashion Police. She and Elemina were sent to find stolen shipments of clothing. Burdine was distracted by a pair of pink pumps and ignored Elemina, her patrol partner being captured by the very thugs they were trying arrest.

Back at the party Burdine tries to hide but Elemina see's her. The two argue. Elemina is mad because Burdine allowed her to be captured and Burdine is made because as a result of her screw up she was kicked from the Fashion Police.

At the party Cloe watches Cameron and Nicole dancing. Yasmin distracts her by pointing out top model Esme has arrived, but it doesn't work and Cloe gets more grumpy. Nicole and Cameron go on a midnight date to a café. They bond, Cameron gives Nicole flowers, Nicole sits on Cameron's lap and the two take selfies together.

When Cloe's sees the selfie Cameron and Nicole took she is even more upset at the idea of Cameron dating someone else. Jean-Paul shows Jade his latest design but whilst she is looking at it Jean-Paul receives a call letting him know one of his models, Monique has been poisoned.

Sasha goes on a walk with Cruise during which he calls her beautiful and gives her a rose. He asks her out on a date and although Sasha says yes she thinks the relationship is moving too fast and freaks out, having a Cloe level meltdown. Realising she has a meeting with Byron the same time as her date with Cruise, Sasha cancels. Cruise is angry, throwing the roses he brought her in the trash and telling Roxxi the relationship is over.

Jean-Paul refuses to put another model at risk of poisoning and cancels his show. Jade confronts Jean-Paul, but he refuses to put anyone else in danger. He tells her his inspiration for designing has been lost and asks Jade to finish his collection for him. She agrees.

Sasha tries to call Cruise to make up for cancelling their date but he ignores all her calls. Kaycee and Kirstee show Sasha a magazine containing an article about Cruise dating famous singer, Aloncé. Sasha is distraught and cries to Cloe, Jade and Yasmin. None of the girls are having a good time and the investigation isn't going well as none of the other models will leave their rooms for fear of being poisoned.

Yasmin goes on a walk to clear her writers block and when she returns she finds a masked figure in her room planting bottles of water. The masked figure escapes out the window but Yasmin chases after them. The two fight on a rooftop and Yasmin almost falls to her death. The attacker gets away. Yasmin returns to her room just in time to stop Jade drinking the tampered water. They inspect the water, finding a red hair inside.

Byron sends the bottle to the forensics lab who confirm the water is poisoned. The hair found in the bottle as well as the finger prints on the label both belong to Elemina. Elemina is arrested and the girls celebrate having solved the crime.



  1. "Bratz TV Theme."
  2. "Who Dunnit."
  3. "Only You." (Instrumental)
  4. "The Groove." (Instrumental)
  5. "Everything." (Instrumental)


  • This is based on the Ooh-La-La product line (Jade and Yasmin is wearing Dana's outfit and dress while Sasha is wearing Kumi's dress)