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Bratzillaz (also known as House of Witches) is a 10 episode webseries uploaded on the official Bratzillaz Youtube Channel in 2012 based on the Bratzillaz doll line released by MGA entertainment.


Yasmina Clairvoya receives a mysterious invitation to join a academy for witches.




No Title Original Release Date US Viewers (Millions)
1 "Welcome to Bratzillaz Academy!" August 15, 2012 1.88
The Bratzillaz first arrive at the Bratzillaz Academy, meet Headmistress Magika, and are given capes that give them their own special powers.
2 "Furry Frenzy" September 11, 2012 0.96
The Bratzillaz meet Levitor and are each given their own pet.
3 "Double Trouble" September 25, 2012 1.01
The Bratzillaz meet the Toola Twins and prepare to head off to their first class, Purses and Potions.
4 "Pur-Fecting Boy Chat" October 9, 2012 0.61
The Bratzillaz help prepare Sashabella Paws for her first video chat with her crush, Igneus, as she is very nervous.
5 "The Rrr-runway" October 24, 2012 0.76
The Bratzillaz pets star in their very own fashion show after they feel left out of seeing the Bratzillaz have one.
6 "In the Big Screen" November 7, 2012 0.42
The Bratzillaz sneak into see Jade J'Adore's favorite movie, but ruin it for her and make it up by sending her into the movie.
7 "Later, Alligator" November 20, 2012 0.36
The Bratzillaz have to magically create an Alligator purse in Purses and Potions, and quickly try to fix things when they go wrong.
8 "Headlines and Deadlines" December 11, 2012 0.62
The Bratzillaz try to figure out how the Toola Twins always seem to beat Levitor in submitting breaking news into the school paper.
9 "Midnight Beach" January 4, 2013 1.25
The Bratzillaz are given help from Vampelina and Fianna Fins to find Cloetta Spelletta's pet, Barkthalameow, when they lose him at the Midnight Beach.
10 "Fashion Bites" N/A N/A
The Bratzillaz have a competition at Gloomingdale's to see who can find the best purchase.



  • The voice cast is unknown as it is not credited anywhere online.
  • The episodes “Welcome To Bratzillaz Academy!”, “Furry Frenzy”, “Double Trouble”, “In The Big Screen”, and “Midnight Beach” were released on the Bratz Babyz Save Christmas and Bratz Go To Paris: The Movie DVDs in 2013.
  • The last episodes was never officially released, but is available to watch on YouTube.