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Breeana Devlin is a Bratz character that was introduced as a doll in Fashion Pixiez line and on screen in Bratz: Fashion Pixiez.


Breeana was born to Pixies Melvino and Dee Devlin as the younger princess of two daughters. She has an older sister, Cymbeline. Since childhood, her mother has taught her and her sister how to use magic in order for them to become better Pixies someday. One day, a blizzard came by close to Cymbeline's 8th birthday, so Dee took her daughters to take shelter until she returns to them from taking care of the blizzard, and that was the last time Breeana and Cymbeline saw their mother. Since their mother's disappearance, the Devlin sisters spend 10 years without her and remain with their father, Melvino.

9 years after the disappearance, Breeana began her freshman year at Stiles High School and befriends Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin due to her sister being friends and classmates with them.


Breeana has auburn hair, pale skin and grey or blue eyes.


Breeana is a nice, sweet, kind, and warm teenage girl. She cares deeply about her family and loves them very much, but she will get worried if something bad happens to them. She is also responsible and loyal, as she gives her father respect when she obeys his rules regarding their Pixie life. Breeana takes her mother's words "Be brave, hold onto each other, never let go." to become stronger and confident in life.



Dee is Breeana’s mother, they are extremely close, and their bond can never be broken. Dee disappeared 5 years ago (though the book and movie say 10 years), and Breeana never gives up hope that she’s still out there somewhere. Dee eventually returns and her, Cymbeline and Breeana, hug in excitement at their family finally being complete again.

Melvino is Breeana’s father, she respects him very much.

Cymbeline is Breeana’s older sister, they love each other very much and Breeana looks up to Cymbeline.

Lina refers to herself as “Auntie Lina”, meaning she could be either Dee or Melvino’s sister though it’s unknown if she is actually related to them or she was just referencing it figuratively.


Breeana is friends with Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and Dylan.

She is good friends with Alfie, her families guardian.


Breeana’s love interest is Dylan, who at first ignores her in favor of Lina. Dylan later notices how beautiful Breeana actually is, and they share a dance at the Magnolia Ball.


Breeana has a pet unicorn named Dempsey.

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  • Breeana is the second Bratz character to possess magic, after Katia.





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