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Burdine Maxwell, known as the Raining Queen of Fashion by herself, is the founder, president and editor-in-chief of Your Thing, the rival of Bratz Magazine. She was first introduced in Bratz: Rock Angelz.


Burdine is from Stilesville, California. She attended Stiles high and seems to have been a victim of bullying in her teens, having been voted worse dressed in her year.[1]

In her twenties Burdine joined Fashion Police as an agent. She was partnered up with Elemina and the two went on many missions together. However Burdine's love for fashion eventually got in the way of her job when her distraction by a pair of pink pumps led to Elemina being beat up and captured by the people they were trying to capture. Elemina was eventually saved by another Fashion Police agent, but Burdine was fired from the agency. She has always resented Elemina for this.

Sometime after leaving the Fashion Police Burdine started a magazine called, Your Thing, all about fashion. The magazine was a booming success and Burdine was invited to attend different concerts and runway shows all over the world. Her magazine was liked by many people, including Jade, who Burdine hired as an intern in Rock Angelz.


Burdine has one view of the world and everything that doesn't fit into her narrow mind view is negative. She doesn't have any friends because of this, her one friend being her dog. She dislikes anyone who doesn't bow down to her and even those who do she treats badly.


Burdine has shiny, blonde hair and always wears a diamond encrusted, silver tiara. Her lips, forever set in a frown, are always coated in pink lipstick. Her nose is a pointy shape and sticks out when you view the side of her face. Her eyes are always covered with bright blue eye shadow and framed with mascara. She fails to leave home without her pink blazer and matching skirt, though it seems she doesn't wear a shirt underneath. She wears hot pink stiletto pumps to finish off her look.

According to Kaycee and Kirstee, Burdine has had Botox in her face.



Burdine has an identical twin sister named Burnice and a niece named Prudence. Whether Prudence is the daughter of Burnice or another of Burdine's siblings is never revealed.


Burdine's best friend and the only living thing she seems to generally care for her is her pet chihuahua, Royale.

She appears to have been good friends with Elemina before she almost got her killed.



Despite being much younger than her, Burdine attempted to flirt with Nigel at the end of Bratz: Rock Angelz after seeing him outside a bar.


She was seen dancing with Sebastian at the end of Bratz: Genie Magic.


In the episode, Crush In A Rush, Burdine tries online dating and matches with a man she is unaware is Dylan, who in turn does not know he is talking to Burdine. When they meet up, each is shocked to find out they were lied to. They agree to part ways without mentioning it to anyone else.

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  • In the Bratz episode, Slumber Party, the Tweevils reveal that she’s called Burdine because she eats baby birds. Yasmin doesn't believe this, and whether or not this is true is unknown.
  • Burdine's coffee order is "small low-fat, decaf, cappuccino with extra foam".
  • It's revealed in Crush In A Rush that she's 31-years-old
  • It is unknown why Burdine ever decided to hire Jade in the first place when she doesn't believe her to be fashionable at all.
  • Burdine appears to be a Vegan. She never eats meat and always has soy milk in her beverages. This would make her the second Vegan character, the first being Nevra.
  • On Burdine's desk she has a picture of a white dog with brown hair. It is unknown if this is Royale before she was dyed, or another dog of Burdine's that may have passed on.
  • In Skeleton In The Closet, it's revealed that she drinks 28 glasses of water a day.
  • Although never confirmed, fans generally believe Burdine Maxwell to be a parody of Barbie Millicent Roberts.
  • Burdine makes an appearance in the movie Bratz: Genie Magic at 39:50 but has no lines.

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