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Cameron, know as The Blaze to his friends, is a Bratz Boyz character that first appeared as a doll in the debut Boyz line and on screen in Bratz: Starrin' and Stylin'.


Cameron was born in Stilesville, California. He attends Stiles high and sometimes writes articles for Bratz Magazine.



Cameron has a light skin-tone (sometimes he has slightly tanner skin), blond hair and (according to Cloe) dreamy blue eyes.


Cameron is a daredevil with a sense of style, one thing all the girls notice about him, is that he’s hot! That’s how he got his nickname The Blaze, Cameron is the adventurous type of guy wanting to go everywhere and anywhere with his skateboard and pal Dylan by his side. Similar to Cade and Dylan, he is quite the sporty type and loves playing sports (football, soccer, golf, skateboarding, surfing and motocross)



Cameron’s closest friend is Dylan, who he’s known for forever. They enjoy traveling together and checking out the hottest shops in town, and though sometimes Dylan can embarrass him, not even a girl can get in the way of their friendship.

Cameron is great friends with Eitan, Cade, Koby, Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, Dana, Meygan, Fianna, Nevra, and Roxxi too.



Main Article: Cameron and Cloe

Cameron and Cloe have had an interest in each other since the Bratz began. Although they've both dated other people over the years they always find their way back to one another. They were confirmed to be dating in a 2015 when Cameron referred to Cloe as his girlfriend in his 'Hello My Name Is' bio.


Nicole and Cameron

In Bratz: Go To Paris Cameron befriends Nicole, France's highest paid super model. Cameron knows of Nicole, having seen her on television and on magazines for many years and is shocked she would take an interest in him. They two begin dating but the relationship ends when Nicole tries to murder Cloe out of jealousy.


Cameron dates Meredith in Bratz: The Movie.


  • Nickname: Blaze
  • Fave Color: Fire Engine Red
  • Wants To Be: Car Designer
  • Fave Food: Mexican.... I like it Spicy! [1]
  • Fave Sport: Football [2]


  • Cameron has an interest in sports, auto mechanics, and motorcycles
  • Cameron is the most popular Bratz boy, having appeared in the most films and doll lines.
  • Cameron is named after the son of MGA Entertainment president, Isaac Larian.
  • His house is shown in the two Bratz episodes, Truth Or Dare and Bewitched, Bothered, and Burdined.
  • Acording the Secret Date (Electronic Game), he dislikes lizards and being in the rain.
  • His cat Nigel shares the same name as his archenemy



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