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Camping is episode 13, season 1 of Bratz: The Series.


The Bratz become reluctant overnight campers on a reluctant camping trip in the woods after they've got lost on their way to the Wildtime Wilderness Spa. But the Tweevils were hoping to get some embarrassing photos of the girls with no makeup on, follow behind.


Bratz magazine is planning to do a spread on the Wildtime Wilderness Spa, a unique, organic spa that doesn't allow it's guests to have radios, phones, computers or televisions. Kaycee and Kirstee find out about the spread and decide to follow the Bratz to their spa visit to take embarrassing pictures of them.

Cloe packs dozens of suitcases and the girls have to make her leave them behind. They head to Wild State Park hike up a very steep mountain and Cloe breaks the heel of her boot and they get chased by flies. They stop to rest only to realise Cloe didn't bring food or water and they have nothing to eat or drink.

Kaycee and Kirstee want to know where the Bratz have gone so they go to Cameron's House to interrogate him and Dylan. They tell them there's a vicious bear lose in Wild State Park attacking campers. Alarmed, Cameron and Dylan jump aboard Cameron's motorcycle and drive to find the girls while the twins follow close behind.

Whilst Yasmin plays with a snake and Cloe freaks out about drinking non-bottled water, Sasha and Jade both sneak off; Sasha to listen to music and Jade to watch the news. They find out from news presenter Chet Longley that a wild bear has been attacking people in Wild State Park. They tell the others the news and whilst Cloe freaks out about the bear, Yasmin lectures Sasha and Jade for bringing electronics to the spa. Jade insists that it was the season finale of Extreme Fashion Makeovers and she couldn't miss it.

Unable to get down the mountain before dark they set up camp and go fishing, but Cloe chucks the fish back into the lake. When they hear a noise Sasha takes a Fire-Tongued Dog Snake that Yasmin found and throws it into the woods as it is the natural enemy of bears.

Cameron and Dylan hike up the mountain but get lost and decide to set up camp for the night, while Kaycee and Kirstee who followed them but didn't bring a tent decide to nap under a tree. When a storm breaks out they are forced to continue hiking in the dark.

Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin hide in their tent after finding bear footsteps by the fire. Cameron and Dylan hide in a cave from the bear whilst Kaycee and Kirstee follow them and take pictures. Whilst asleep Kirstee attempts to use the bear as a blanket and screams. The four run out the cave and away from the bear up to the top of the mountain to the Bratz tent.

They flee the tent as the bear attacks and begins sniffing through their supplies. Cloe, realising the bear can smell her honey and oatmeal face mask, runs back and digs the jar out of her bag and uses the scent to lead the bear away from the group.

Safe and sound the girls next issues it titled "Roughing it in style...not!".




  1. "Bratz TV Theme."
  2. "Blue Sky."
  3. "When We're All Together." (Instrumental)


  • This clothes are based on the outfits featured in the Campfire line.

Mistakes & Errors

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  • When Kaycee is first hiking up the mountain she has a backpack, but in the next scene she's in she doesn't have it anymore. It's never explained where it went.