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Chachi is a media exclusive character that appears in Pet Show and The Kittynapper. He is voiced by Charlie Adler.

He made two non-canon appearances, as a character in Yasmin's story in the episode Cinderella and as the mayor of Stilesville in Jade's Dream, however both of these appearances are fictional within the Bratz universe (one being a story, the other a dream).


Chachi is the owner of Gourmet Pet Food International, a pet food company based in Stilesville, where he presumably lives. Every year he enters his precious dog, Joanie, into Stilesville Annual Pet Show and every year he has lost to Royale and Burdine (who wins by bribing the judges). At the previous years show Joanie bit a hole in Burdine's skirt as she was accepting her reward on his command.

He branched out his business to launch a new line of designer pet accessories, including silverware and furniture for pets. Although his products were "styling" and admired by people like Jade, hardly anyone brought them.

Pet Show & The Kittynapper[]

Chachi gifts Bratz Magazine a silver platter and matching dinner chair for a photoshoot featuring Mica. He tells Jade he is planning to enter Joanie into the Pet Show again this year and she decides to enter Mica so she can give the prize money to Yasmin's pet charity. Chachi, who's designer pet accessories line is failing commercially, plans to win the show so he can promote his products.

Although Joanie is well trained, Chachi is afraid to lose. He hires a kidnapper to steal people's pets, including Royale and Mica. He has them locked in cages at his pet food factory.

When Jade phones him to warn him about the pet knapping's Chachi lies and tells Jade that Joanie has been kidnapped too. Jade and Burdine go to his office to ask him to identify a scrab of fabric from a pet blanket that was on top of Royale's cage when it he was stolen. He tells them he doesn't know who made the blanket, but Jade finds the same blanket in Chachi's office.

Chachi finds Burdine and Jade in his factory, having found and freed their pets. He confesses he kidnapped the pets to snuff out Joanie's competition and tells Burdine and Jade that he will be turning them into dog food. As his assailant attacks Jade he turns his attention to Cameron, who is trying to save Burdine and Royale, and hits him over the head with a pipe. Cameron kicks Chachi away, but falls down a ladder when Chachi opens a trapdoor beneath his feet.

When Chachi realises his assailant is knocked out he attempts to flee, but Burdine lowers a trail of brown sludge onto his head which causes him to stumble and fall into a vat of boiling dog food.

Although it's never stated if he survived or not, he never resurfaces and considering the dog food was boiling hot he most likely died.

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Jade's Dream[]
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Chachi has dark grey short hair, a grey beard and moustache, deep brown eyes and rosy cheeks.


Chachi's default outfit is a blue pinstriped three piece suit with a red tie and black shoes.


Chachi is stuck up and somewhat pretentious, possibly from being raised in an upper class household.[1] He is willing to do anything to succeed, even if it means hurting others.



At first Chachi seems to like Jade as she his is main contact with Bratz Magazine, however he starts to dislike her once she finds out she's planning to enter her cat, Mica, into the pet show. When he finds Jade in his factory he tries to turn her into dog food.

Burdine & Royale[]

Chachi dislikes Burdine and her dog Royale for beating him in the Stilesville Pet Show 3 years in a row. When Chachi finds Burdine in his factory he tries to turn her into dog food.


Chachi dislikes Cameron, who doesn't think highly of Chachi's designer pet accessories. He calls him a "brute" for eating with a plastic fork.


Chachi adores his pet dog Joanie and spoils them with treats, training, designer accessories and bedding.

List of Appearances[]


  • He shares a character model with Jean-Paul.
  • Chachi never meets Cloe as she leaves the office before he arrives and isn't in any subsequent scenes with him. He also never interacts with Yasmin or Sasha.



  1. Assumed by his dress, posture and the way he looks down on Cameron for using a plastic fork