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Chapter Five is the 5th and final episode of the Witchy Princesses Adventure webseries.


The Bratzillaz repair the book to discover what happened to the Witchy Princesses.


Cloetta reads the Witchy Princesses book out loud. Once there were three Princesses who used their magic for good at Bratzillaz Academy. But one day their classmate, Tona Toola grew jealous of their powers and their success.

She found a spell in the Advanced Transformations textbook and gathered the ingredients. Under the guise of friendship, she invited Carolina, Siernna and Angelica to Cafe Zap for lunch.

When the girls arrived at the cafe Tona gave them cups of tea. Once the girls had drunk the tea, Tona cast a spell that turned the girls into a book, the very same book Cloetta was now reading.

After the girls were missing for several weeks, Headmistresses Magika questioned Tona refused to reveal where they had gone. But Cloetta learns from the book that a bolt of lightning would free the Princesses.

The girls go down to Midnight Beach and meet up with their friend Fianna who casts a storm to help set the Princesses free. Lightning hits the book and three Princesses, Carolina, Siernna and Angelica burst free from the pages.

The birds happily returned to their owners and the girls celebrated by going to Cafe Zap.