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Chapter Two is the 2nd Episode of the Witchy Princesses Adventure webseries.


The Bratzillaz seek to find a book about the Witchy Princesses, only to find it is missing pages.


Sashabella and her friends burst into Headmistresses office and tells her about the birds and the Princesses. Headmistress Magika confesses she knows, as those birds have sat there for over a 100 years waiting for their princesses to return.

She explains that Angelica Sound, Seirnna Calmer and Carolina Past were some of the academy's first students. They were very talented and excelled in everything they did. Another student grew jealous and using magic, made the Princesses disappear.

The student was expelled and nobody ever saw the Princesses again. Not long after a book appeared in the school library about the girls.

Sashabella goes to the library and searches in the attic for the book. Unable to see in the dark, she calls for her friend Vampelina, who has night vision and asks for her help.

Vampelina finds the book but when they open it they find that not only is the book in a foreign language, but some of the pages are missing.