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Club Mambo is a dance club located in Stilesville, California featured in the Bratz TV episode Trading Faces and the book of the same name.


The walls are red, purple and green. One side of the room has a seating area and the other a round dome like stage.


Trading Faces[]

Fianna, Sasha, Kaycee, Kirstee and "Deliliah" enter themselves into the Club Mambo dance contest, hosted and judged by Byron Powell. Fianna wins, with Sasha coming second and Delilah third.

Club Mambo Dance Contest[]

Every year the clubs holds a dance contest. The winner gets a gold trophy.

Round 1:[]
  • Sasha performs to a instrumental version of "It's a Girl Thing".
  • Delilah performs to ???
  • Fianna performs to ???
  • Kirstee & Kaycee perform to ???
Club Mambo Dance Contest Trophy

1st place trophy

Kaycee & Kirstee lost the first round.

Round 2:[]
  • Delilah performs to...

It is unknown what song Fianna and Sasha performed to since it was never shown on screen.

Fianna won the dance contest, with presumably Sasha placing second and Delilah third. Her prize was a gold trophy.



  • The club interior design is also used for Scapes and Pinz.