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CoooolTV is a stop-motion animated Bratz TV series that premiered mid-2003 on the NTV network. It was the first series chronologically released under the Bratz brand.

Not many details about the series are known online and possible archival or reupload of episodes are unknown. Recaps of episodes of Japanese language sites exist, but the validity of them hasn't been confirmed.[1]


No plot description is available at this moment.


The show aired every Thursday night capping at a duration of 6 minutes on NTV, starting at 9:54pm and ending at approximately 10:00pm. Reruns would follow up every Friday night at 2:03am-2:09am.



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  • The first 6 images are wallpapers found on the Bratz website in 2003, used as promotional images for both CoooolTV and the soundtrack Show Me What You Got.[2]
  • The last two images were taken at an official shoot in Jidaiya and are speculated to be behind-the-scenes photos of two possible episodes.


  • This is the only series where Dana appears as a main character.
  • Early forums and promotional material indicate that the dolls used for filming had ball-jointed arms and a wider range of articulation then regular Bratz.


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