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Corinithia Unicornia is an unreleased Bratzillaz character who would've made her first appearance in the 2nd edition of the Bratzillaz line.

The line and her appearance was cancelled for unknown reasons.


According to the Bratzillaz (2nd Edition) sizzle reel, Corinithia was supposed to be a new student at Bratzillaz Academy. She was never released as a doll, nor does she appear on any merchandise or in any media.

There's a possibility she may have been recycled into Siernna Calmer as the two have a very similar screening.



Corinithia has golden yellow eyes, tanned skin and long purple hair with bangs. She has a golden unicorn horn protruding from her forehead.


Corinithia wears grey and purple smoked out eyeshadow paired with a glossy plum lip and chestnut blush cheeks.


In her only appearance Corinithia wears a sheer off the shoulder mini dress with a corset like bust and gold accents. Her accessories include tights black ankle boots and lots of cold jewellery.


  • Name: Corinithia Unicornia
  • Power: Turns you into an animal
  • Major: Animal Studies


  • Her unicorn horn is not attached to the doll, but a headband placed on top of her head.


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