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Double Trouble is the 3rd episode of the Bratzillaz webseries.


The Bratzillaz meet the Toola Twins and prepare to head off to their first class, Purses and Potions.


The Toola Twins appear in the mirror room and taunt Cloetta, Sashabella, Jade, Meygana and Yasmina before vanishing.

The bell rings signalling their first class of the day, Purses & Potions. As the girls head for their first class, Yasmina drops her phone and Levitor returns it to her. He reveals he works for the school paper and asks Yasmina if he can interview her for an article.

Yasmina realizes she can predict what people are going to say before she says and learns she must have the power to see the future. At the same time, Meygana discovers her ability to fly.

After encouragement from Sahabella and Jade, Yasmina looks into the future to see what their school year will be like. She see's them having fun and throwing a fashion show and tells them it's going to be the best year ever.



  1. "Glam Gets Wicked (Tonight)."