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Dylan and Sasha first appeared together as dolls in the Formal Funk line and on screen in Starrin' and Stylin'.

They have been paired together many times in books, magazine articles, promotional images and commercials.


Starrin' & Stylin[]

In the beginning of the movie Dylan tells Sasha and the other girls that they will all have an opportunity to dance with him at prom.

When the third period bell rings, Dylan states he would "hate to leave his girls". Sasha grabs his collar and yanks him back before he can leave and asks him "Your girls?” and glares at him.

Bratz (TV Series)

Throughout the Bratz (TV series) and movies, despite having different romantic interests from time to time, Sasha and Dylan are often in noticeably close range of each other, starting from the first episode. They have both shown an interest in other people and neither express jealousy when the other is dating someone. Although, based on how they have interacted with eachother in the series, they seem to have remained close.

Episode 1, Crush In A Rush

In the first scene, Sasha joins Dylan, Eitan and Cloe at the table and she sits next to Dylan. While Dylan appears to be fixing his skateboard, Sasha is seen closing in to see what he is doing. Later, while Dylan makes a suggestion to Eitan, saying that he can get his "crush into a rush", Sasha rolls her eyes and smirks at him.

When the girls are in Stilesville setting things up to promote the Safari Party, Dylan states that he is pulling out “The Heavy artillery,” that he claims to reserve for asking out seniors. Sasha smiles and says “Come on Dylan, the only senior you’ve ever gone out with is your grandmother.”

Episode 5, Sasha's Big Interview

When Dylan is about to make his audition with Aloncé, Sasha stops him. Since she lost her voice and couldn't speak, it is clear that Sasha doesn't want him to leave because she believes that her audition is at the same time which was given to him, but Dylan instead thinks that it is because she loves him. Therefore, he says, "I love you too", supposedly in a jokingly manner, but then closely approaches her and appears to make a genuine attempt to go in for a kiss. Sasha angrily pushes him away, yet he continues to interpret her interactions as love by responding with "Sure, we can fly together!" Sasha then punches Dylan in his arm and he still responds in the same manner, by saying "love hurts". It took an explanation from Jade for him to finally understand what Sasha was really trying to say to him.

Towards the end of the episode, Sasha refers to Dylan as "a good friend" while saying sorry to him, Yasmin and Jade for her behavior throughout the episode.

Episode 6, Pet Show

Towards the end of this episode, Dylan and Sasha can be seen with their arms around each other whilst watching Jade on stage. (Dylan also has his arm around Yasmin, but she does not have her arm around him)

Episode 18, New Kid In Town

Sasha is the one out of the four girls who Dylan calls to inform about how Shane is playing/cheating on all of them and the rest of the girls in the school.

Episode 23, Model Friends

Dylan appears to be the first person to know about Sasha's surprise party for the rest of the girls at the end of the episode as he invites them to the party and pretends that she has already gone to New York City.

Bratz Rock Angelz[]

In Bratz: Rock Angelz (Movie), after the Bratz Pack arrive in Paris, Dylan stands behind Cameron and appears to enjoy watching Sasha as she poses for the photos. It is confirmed in 2021, as stated later, that he actually may have liked her around this time.

In the music video for So Good, there is a racing scene that shows Dylan and Cameron vs Sasha and Cloe. The red traffic light turns out to be heart-shaped whilst Sasha and Dylan smile at each other in the middle of the race.

Live-Action Movie[]

In Bratz: The Movie, as Dylan is walking out of the store, the pack checks Dylan out and Sasha admires his appearance, saying “Look who’s walking by, sporting some bad jeans and looking FINE!”

Talking Bratz[]

In episode two of Talking Bratz, Dylan admits that he had a crush on Sasha after he was exposed making fun of her. He claims that he just has a hard time "expressing himself."


Rock Angelz: Ready To Rock!

When Jade announced that she would be working with Your Thing Magazine, after Dylan asked "Hey, what's your thing?," Sasha was the one who threw the magazine at Dylan. "Boys! They can be so clueless!" she said.

After Sasha had reminded Dylan to take photos of both guys and girls, Dylan originally responded to her saying, "Check it, Bunny Boo."

Prior to the girls making the band, as everyone was coming up with ideas for the Bratz Rock Angelz, Dylan had made unfavorable suggestions to the rest of the girls and Cameron and they all had given him a look. Before grabbing the camera and tossing it over to Dylan, Sasha had punched him playfully in the arm.

When the girls arrived to the club Pinz as a rock band for the first time, Sasha and Dylan were the ones who planned the way for them to get in prior to their arrival, using (Dylan as the paparazzi) the camera flash to throw the bouncer off.

Pet Project

In chapter 8, Dylan agrees to be the DJ for the Pet Show and Sasha worked on a totally cool playlist for him.

Bratz Annual 2006

In Sasha’s chapter “Blast on the Beach,” Sasha got the idea from Dylan while he was talking to Cameron that they could have a blastin’ beach party the following night. He suggested that they could go to the beach the next day for the “blastin’”waves. Sasha whirled her head to him and asked “What did you say?”, Dylan responded “Er, just that the surfs up tomorrow, Bunny Boo! We won’t make you ride the waves if you don’t want to!” Sasha laughed and replied “It’s what you said, blastin’ on the beach. We should have ourselves a blastin’ beach part tonight!”

Social Media[]

When asked about more content surrounding Sasha and Dylan on a August 2021 Instagram post, Bratz replied that there would be content coming soon, although did not specify what kind.[1]

On an April 2022 Instagram post, "Love is in the air, Bratz Pack! featuring Sweet Heart Meygan, when a fan asks about where Sasha and Dylan are, Bratz replied, "probs at the smoothie bar". [2]


  • Both Sasha and Dylan have always been into the hip-hop thang, love dance parties and slammin' urban style!
  • Both of their star signs are Leo[3][4]
  • Sasha and Dylan were each other's first pair in Bratz media[5]
  • Their names are both of European origin.
  • Sasha's love interest in Bratz Go to Paris: The Movie (Movie), Cruise, shares the same voice actor and appearance as Dylan and his Wild Life Safari[6] doll. Dylan can also be seen wearing this in the first episode of season 1, "Crush In a Rush."
  • Ironically, both Sasha and Dylan have bad vocal skills, despite the fact that they are the primary music lovers amongst the Bratz & Boyz.[7]
  • Their signature colors are both orange.


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