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Dylan and Yasmin first appeared together as dolls in the Formal Funk line and on screen in Starrin' and Stylin'.


Starrin' & Stylin[]

In the beginning of the movie Dylan tells Yasmin and the other girls that they will all have an opportunity to dance with him at prom.

When the third period bell rings, Dylan states he would "hate to leave his girls". Yasmin angrily puts her hands on her hips and asks him "who's what?".

Live-Action Movie

In Bratz: The Movie, Yasmin and Dylan are the main pair. They first meet when Yasmin and the girls have their first day of high school. Dylan was the one who first encouraged Yasmin to sing and throughout the movie, they get to know each other and have feelings for each other by the end.

Bratz (TV Series)

In the end of Episode 6, Pet Show, whilst the Bratz are watching Jade on stage, Dylan can be seen standing with his arm around Sasha and Yasmin.

In Episode 11, Bewitched And Bothered, Dylan helps Yasmin up from the floor.

In Episode 5, Sasha's Big Interview, Yasmin defends Dylan when Sasha calls him a clown who will do something stupid to embarrass her.

In Episode 10 of Season 2, Inner Beauty Queen, Dylan appears to be nervous as he tries to ask Yasmin to prom.

Throughout Bratz (TV series), they remain friends, although Dylan does seem to take an interest in her, he has an interest in every girl he meets (besides Cloe). They have a close, platonic relationship and have a deep trust in one another.


Dylan and Yasmin were picture standing with their arms around each other in promotional images for the Formal Funk line. Artwork of them standing next to each other is also featured on the back of their boxes. The commercial for the Formal Funk Super-Stylin' Runway Disco also features a clip of the two dancing together on the stage.

In promotional images for the Wintertime Chill-Out Ski Lodge playset Dylan can been seen pulling Yasmin along on a sledge.

In promotional images for the Wild Life Safari Cruiser the two can be seen standing next to each other.


  • Both of their zodiac signs are Leo.
  • Both like skateboarding.

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