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Episode One of Alwayz Bratz debuted on TikTok September 15th 2023.

It was later uploaded to the Bratz YouTube channel, 20th October.


Today is the day, Bratz Pack! 💕 📹 The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Check out Alwayz Bratz, our new animated series consisting of 13 two-minute episodes, premiering TODAY! 💕 Launching exclusively on TikTok and posted weekly, you won’t wanna miss this scorchin’ new show as we continue to follow the story of our fave girls with a Passion for Fashion 👄📺 #bratz


Cloe, Jade and Yasmin discuss their new place and how it's been 8 years since they graduated from high school. Sasha arrives and excitedly asks the girls if they're ready to go get blow outs at the salon. Cloe has a date with Cameron that night and can't go. They decided to take Cameron with them to the blow out and then join Cloe on her date.

On their date Cloe suggests the girls each find their own dates by joining Meet Sweet, a dating app. She offers to make them each a profile, but they don't seem pleased with the idea.




Dolls, playsets and fashion packs featured in this episode include:


  • Sasha mentions when Cloe and Jade almost died in Paris, this is a reference to Go To Paris.