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Episode One, Season One of Talking Bratz debuted on TikTok on the 1st July 2021.


Proud 2 introduce episode 1 of talking Bratz - a talk show serving all the most scorchin' tea with your host, Felicia!


Felicia hosts a daytime talk show called Talking Bratz. Her first guest is Cloe, who talks about her podcast, Sparkle and Smoothies that she co-hosts with Eitan. She clarifies that they don't put fashion in the smoothies.

Yasmin appears for the horoscope segment and begins talking about Cancer season when the candle she is working with explodes. The camera cuts back to Felicia, who tells the audience they'll be back with another guest after the break.




Felicia: Welcome to talking Bratz, I'm Felicia! We've got a hot one today with some serious drama...and a secret guest! But first, Cloe, come on out!

(Cloe walks on stage)

Felicia: Tell us Angel, what's the latest?

Cloe: I have a new podcast, "Sparkle and Smoothies". My co-host Eitan and I sip smoothies while we talk about all the latest looks.

Felicia: Leave it to you to blend fashion and smoothies

Cloe: Just to be clear, I don't put the fashion in the smoothies

Felicia: Of course you don't boo! Next up, I need a zodiac check. Talk to me Yasmin!

(Yasmin appears behind a screen)

Yasmin: It's Cancer time, be charismatic, passionate and manipulative. Oh, not that last one. Just like our favourite cancer, Ariana Grande, you water signs are...

(Yasmin's candle engulfs in flames)

Yasmin: Super hot!

Felicia: That was super hot alright! Our next guest is also hot, but a hottie who has hurt some feeling! We'll be back after the break to get the inside scoop on Stilesvilles anti-style stud!



  • First on-screen appearance of Felicia.
  • Eitan is mentioned but does not appear.
  • Cloe's eye color changes from brown to blue halfway through the episode.
    • MGA stated in a comment on the video of the episode with their Bratz TikTok account that she is wearing color contacts from her line of color contacts she opened up. It is not sure if this is true or a joke.
Cloe's eyes comment