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Rock Angelz Fashion Organizer Header

Over the years Bratz have released many different fashion organizers. The following is a list of known fashion organizers.

Strut It! Fashion Organizer (2003)[]

Main Article: Strut It! Merch

World Tour Fashion Organizer (2003)[]

En Vogue (2004)[]

Main Article: En Vogue

Denim Organiser (2004)[]

Ooh La La (2004)[]

Main Article: Ooh La La Merch

Rock Angelz (2005)[]

Main Article: Rock Angelz Merch


Whether you’re using the trunk, the organizer, or the original handbag, now you can take it all with you wherever you go with the included inner sections and sleeves! And unlike other carrying cases, these organizers "up-hold" all the cool attitude and hot style that the girls with a passion for fashion are known for! Coordinates with the new Bratz Rock Angelz‘ Collection!

Pretty 'n' Punk (2005)[]

Main Article: Pretty 'n' Punk Merch

Hat Box[]

Forever Diamondz (2006)[]

Main Article: Forever Diamondz Merch

Girlfriendz (2006)[]

Main Article: Girlfriendz Merch

Rollin' Doll 'N' Luggage (2006)[]

Main Article: Passion 4 Fashion Merch

Groovin' (2007)[]

Main Article: Groovin'

The Movie (2007)[]

Main Article: The Movie Merch

Designed By (2008)[]

Main Article: Designed By Merch

Passion 4 Fashion (4th Edition) Organiser with Yasmin (2008)[]

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