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Fashion Pixiez Sticker Scene was a Bratz sticker book released in 2007 as part of the Fashion Pixiez collection.


There's something strange going on in Stilesville! Help the Bratz figure out what's going, then create your own Fashion Pixie adventure with over 100 stickers and 6 awesome scenes.

Cover Art[]



  • Scene One: "The Bratz are getting ready for the Magnolia Ball. Breeana has joined them. She tells them a secret... Help the Bratz create totally awesome new outfits to wear to the Ball. Check out the mannequins and use them to mix 'n' match designs, just like the girls do! Can you guess Breeana's secret?"
  • Scene Two:
  • Scene Three:
  • Scene Four:
  • Scene Five:
  • Scene Six: "Awesome! With Breeana's help, the Bratz save the - and the bad fairies fail to ruin the ball! Help the girls redecorate the scene before anyone realises what happened. Can you make look even more fabulous than before?"

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