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Fianna, known as Fragrance by her friends, is a Bratz character that first appeared as a doll in the 2nd edition of the Stylin' Salon and Spa playset and on screen in the Bratz episode Trading Faces.

Fianna is one of the most produced Bratz characters outside of the core four along with Phoebe, Roxxi, Meygan and Dana.



Fianna has had green, blue, brown and hazel eyes, but she is mostly produced with hazel. Her hair colour varies from dark brown to platinum blonde, but is usually somewhat of a light brown/dark blonde colour. She has tanned skinned.


Fianna loves her shoulders so she wears a lot of loose tops, tube tops and shoulder less dresses that show off her best features. She loves hairbands, chucky earrings and ankle boots. She wears a lot of lace, frilly clothing, silk and sheer material.


Fianna is called Fragrance by her friends because of her love for sweet smells, trying new perfumes and a graceful, and ladylike personality. Fianna is also a dancer; she enjoys ballet, samba (both in which she strongly excels) and contemporary. She also has a passion for acting, as well, meaning she has a talent for the arts.



Fianna has one cousin also named, Fianna.


She seems to be close to Meygan. She is good friends with Sasha, Roxxi, Phoebe, Jade, Cloe, Dana, Nevra, Yasmin, Dylan, Koby, Eitan and Cameron.



Fianna dated Koby in the Bratz: Rock Angelz video game. It is unknown if they are still together or if they broke up.


Fianna was seen linking arms and holding hands with Cameron in Flashback Fever box art and promotional images.

Voices Actors

  • Jessica DiCicco in Bratz the Series (Season One) and Bratz: Rock Angelz (Video Game).


  • Nickname: Fragrance
  • Favorite Color: Gold
  • Lucky Number: 4
  • Favorite Music: Punk
  • Favorite Food: French Toast
  • Favorite Smoothie: Pineapple
  • Best Body Part: Shoulders [1]

Quotes by and about Fianna

  • "Hi! My name is Fianna, my friends call my 'Fragrance' cause I'm as sweet as I smell!" [2]
  • "Hi there, I'm Fianna. I love trying out new perfumes, so my friends call me Fragrance!"[3]
  • "Frangance is the name all my friends call me because I'm as sweet as I smell!" [4]
  • "Retro and chic, even on a safari, Fianna's laid back street style suits every occasion, she loves French toast and her favorite colour is gold!" [5]
  • "Cool and chic with a lace trimming, Fianna looks sophisticated, glamorous and stylish. Nicknamed 'Fragrance' - she's just as sweet as she smells, and always ahead of the trends!"[6]
  • "Giving an urban twist to classic coo, Fianna gets away with the funkiest, punkiest outfits."[7]
  • "Classic, simple and uncomplicated, Fianna likes to drink pineapple smoothies whilst looking for ways to customise her wardrobe."[8]


  • Fianna is a girl's name of Scottish and Irish origin meaning "fair or white".
  • Fianna's character model was also used for Tiffany and Cally.
  • Fianna can speak Spanish as seen when she performed the song "Que Tal?" on the Forever Diamondz soundtrack.
  • Since Fianna's birthday is June 12, this makes her a Gemini.
  • Fianna is described as a graceful and ladylike person; she is of Brazillian heritage. She is a dancer who enjoys in ballet, samba and contemporary.




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