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The following is a list of Flashback Fever Merchandise released in 2004 alongside the doll line of the same name.


The cosmetics were manufactured by Fira Cosmetics and sold exclusively at Claire's.

"Fira Cosmetics recently teamed up with MGA Entertainment to produce a new series of Bratz — girls’ cosmetics. It is the first licensed deal for Fira, a division of Fiske Industries.

The new cosmetics line, set to appear in department stores and speciality stores this spring, will include five color scheme options of blue, pink, copper, purple and silver, each mirroring a Bratz doll character: Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, Cloe and Fianna.

As reported, Markwins has a license to produce Bratz cosmetics for the mass and drugstore market.

Much like the edgier and straightforward attitude that the Bratz dolls are notorious for, all of the new cosmetics bear the dolls’ signature characters and the graffiti-font Bratz logo.

Merchandised as a promotional line, the various offerings will include metal compacts and a “Bratz Paper Series” with packaging akin to Stila. There will be paper-wrapped lipsticks, lip glosses and round eye shadow cases. “Paper bag” gift sets containing lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow and nail polish, will come in a sleek stiff shopping tote. Paper-covered booklets display four lip glosses and two eye shadows, with the inside inscription, “Passion for Fashion.”

Fira will also produce two metal compact collections, one for lip gloss and one for eye shadow. Each compact contains four shades of the respective Bratz girl’s color of choice. The retail displays will boast the slogan, “Ol’ School Shimmer & Fashion-Forward Glimmer.” Also coming is a 10-pack of mini lip glosses and cell phone compacts.

Fira vice president Ira Adler anticipates the introduction of its Bratz dolls cosmetics to “Brat it up” in the marketplace, referring to the fresh, real, edgier vibe of the Bratz brand. In particular, Adler emphasized this raw appeal in his explanation of the metallic products that feature a component with a special finish he describes as “high end.”

“The Bratz dolls take a different approach than Barbie, who is the cute girl,” noted Adler. “Bratz is the fashion-trendy girl.”

The Bratz cosmetics have a retail price range of $8 to $12, with items starting to ship in May. Sources project Fira’s Bratz collection could reap retail sales of $3 million to $5 million its first year."[1]




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