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"In the Big Screen" is the 6th episode of the Bratzillaz webseries.


The Bratzillaz sneak into see Jade J'Adore's favorite movie, but ruin it for her and make it up by sending her into the movie.


Cloetta, Yasmina, Sashabella and Meygana sneak Jade into the school cinema to watch her favorite film, Moonlight and Spy. Whilst watching the movie, the four of the girls decide that the characters need a makeover and use magic to change their outfits.

One of the actresses in the films quits due to the changing outfits and Jade is upset she won't get to see her favorite scene. Meygana uses magic to put Jade inside the film so she can finish the scene.

Jade saves the hero, but before the credits role Headmistresses Magika arrives and gives the girls detention for sneaking into the cinema




  1. "Glam Gets Wicked (Tonight)"


  • Before starting the scene with Jade and Brad, one of the directors comes on screen with the clapperboard, stating the scene is 666th of the movie and the 13th take they filmed. Both 666 and 13 have been considered unlucky numbers in several cultures.