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Jade's Dream is episode 16 of season 1 of Bratz: The Series.


Jade gets knocked unconscious and dreams that Burdine and the Tweevils have taken over Stilesville and the world, turning everything pink and wiping out individuality.


Jade receives hate mail after writing an article about extreme streetwear. Jade is upset and tells Cloe she should just quit the magazine. Cloe tells her if she left the magazine would shut down and Burdine would rule the world. She invites Jade to come see a psychic.

Burdine overhears Cloe and Jade's conversation and disguises herself as a psychic. When Jade comes to her for a reading, Burdine tells her she must quit the magazine or her friends will be doomed. Jade runs away as Cloe chases down the psychic to ask what happened. Burdine's face veil falls of, revealing her identity.

Cloe chases after Jade but she is hit by a trash can and knocked into a lamppost. Jade passes out and begins to dream.

In the dream....

Jade screams

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Jade wakes up from her dream and Cloe explains that Kaycee and Kirstee wrote the hate mail to Jade and Burdine pretended to be a psychic to get Jade to quit the magazine. Jade writers an article "what your dream reveals about you" for the magazine.




  1. "Bratz TV Theme."
  2. "Rollin'." (Instrumental)
  3. "We're Gonna Rock."
  4. "This Can't Be Happening."
  5. "Invincible." (Instrumental)
  6. "When We're All Together." (Instrumental)


  • When Cloe tries to wake Jade up, her right arm can be seen clipping through Jade's body.
  • The girls' hero outfits are from Live In Concert. Jade is wearing Dana's concert outfit instead of her own.