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K9 Radio is a radio station based in Stilesville.

It is the main setting of Kirstee & Cloe's story in "It's Not About Me" Week and the book of the same name.


K9 is a radio station who's studio is located in Stilesville. They host a teen hotline, where viewers can call in and ask for advice.


"It's Not About Me" Week[]

Cloe volunteers to work K9's teen hotline for "It's Not About Me" Week, a week where students at Stilesville take special care to help others. Kirstee also joins the hotline, although she doesn't seemed thrilled at the idea as she tells Cloe "I can't believe I had to like do this lameo job with you".

The first caller is upset because her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. Whilst Cloe tells the girl to move onto someone better, Kirstee advices the girl to tell everyone her best friend has underarm zits and spray paint "boil butt" over her car.

The second caller is upset because he "messed up" (presumably crashed) his fathers car and knew he would be really upset. Kirstee tells him to ditch the car and blame the damage on a car thief.

The third caller has a problem with their teacher. Kirstee tells the caller to call their teacher ferret face.

Other calls include a girl upset her cat has died and a man upset at people calling him a loser. Kirstee tells the girl to get a new cat and calls the guy a loser until Cloe drags her away from the mic.

Kaycee later calls into the show for advice on a pushy driving instructor.

When Kaycee crashes Sasha's Car the accident and K9 radio are featured in the local newspaper.