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Kaycee, known as one half of the Tweevils by the Bratz, is a character that first appeared on screen in Bratz: Rock Angelz.


Kaycee lives in Stilesville and attends Stilesville High School. Sometime before the films began she had three botched nose jobs. This resulted in her having to wear a bandage on her nose to stop it getting infected. She works as an intern at Your Thing magazine alongside her sister Kirstee. Kaycee's favorite color is pink and she and her sister have a general dislike towards anyone who doesn't fit their idea of fashion, which includes the Bratz.


Kaycee resembles her twin sister, but can easily be recognized by a white bandage across her nose (which is heavily hinted by the fact that she had more than three nose jobs).


Kaycee is often clueless as she lets herself get pushed around by her sister Kirstee, which hints that she might be too afraid to stick up for herself.

Out of the two girls, Kaycee is sometimes seen as the nicer twin.

Kaycee is also unfortunately often the less intelligent of the two, often failing at simple tasks, falling over, injuring herself and not knowing important information.



Kaycee has an identical twin sister named Kirstee. In the episode Kidnapped Kaycee revealed that her father is a podiatrist and their mother is the vice president of the 'Women Against Change' association. According to Kirstee, their father refuses to pay income tax.



Kaycee shows an interest in Eitan in the episode, Crush in a Rush and fought over his affection with her sister. She quickly lost interest once she realized Eitan liked Yasmin.


Kaycee shows an interest in Cameron after being rejected by Eitan and tries to unsuccessfully impress him with her ability to blow milkshake out her nose.[1]

Voice Actors

  • Lacey Chabert in Rock Angelz, Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz, Bratz: Go to Paris, Bratz (Season One).
  • Kelly Sheridan in Bratz (Season Two).

List of Appearances

  • Bratz Rock Angelz
  • Bratz Rock Angelz (Video Game)
  • Bratz Season One
  • Bratz Season Two
  • Bratz Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz
  • Good Luck Charms
  • Spring Break Safari
  • Talking Bratz, Episode 3
  • Total Fashion Makeover


  • In Bratz Rock Angelz several clips play showing how objects fly towards Kaycee's nose. One of the clips shows her cheerleading and playing tennis, suggesting she may on the cheerleading squad and the tennis team.
  • Kaycee has never been produced as a doll despite demand from fans. There are many fan made dolls of Kaycee and her sister Kirstee.
  • Her catchphrase is "my nose!"
  • Despite Kaycee's apparent outward hate towards the Bratz she often attends and is seen enjoying Rock Angelz music and admits in Kidnapped to sometimes reading Bratz magazine.
  • Kaycee reveals in the Bratz: Rock Angelz video game that her middle name is Agnes.
  • She reveals in the episode Slumber Party that she’s afraid of heights.
  • In Kindapped, Kaycee reveals that she failed her Drivers Education class and doesn't know how to drive.
  • She gets $60 allowance a week from her parents.[2]

Media Appearances



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