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Kiana, known as Outlaw Diva by her friends, is a Bratz character that first appeared as a doll in the 1st Wild Wild West line.


Kiana might be from Austin, Texas since the commercial for the first Wild Wild West line is set there (judging by signs in the background).

Kiana was confirmed to be Black when she celebrated Black History Month with Nevra, Sasha and Felicia in 2021.[1] However many fans consider her to be Native American due to her appearance, clothing style and the importance of turquoise in her outfits.[2]



Kiana has brown skin, long black hair and light brown eyes.


Kiana is often seen wearing crop tops, mini skirts and cowboy boots. She wears gold jewelry and lots of animal print. Her outfits generally consist of a lot of brown, black and turquoise.


Kiana is a courageous and brave girl with a heart of gold who’s always looking for action and adventures, but that doesn’t mean she wants to stay solo forever. Kiana is currently looking for a woke cowboy prince who’s ready to go on adventures to the rodeo of love. P.S taking her out to a Wild West movie totally wins her over.[3]



Sasha, Felicia, and Nevra we’re confirmed to be close friends in a viral twitter and Instagram post on February 2021 for Black History Month.[1]

Kiana is good friends with Fianna, Cloe, Yasmin, Sorya, Dana, Dylan and Eitan.


Kiana has a dark brown horse.

List of Appearances


  • "Howdy! My names Kiana! My friends call me "Outlaw Diva" because my looks are so good it should be illegal!"[4]


  • Kiana is a name of Persian origin meaning "Queen".
  • MGA decided to withdraw Kiana from the Bratz line-up after competitor Mattel filed a lawsuit for trademark infringement of its Kianna doll from their Teen Trends line.[citation needed]
  • It is possible that Kiana was set to appear as part of the Bratz Babyz line as artwork featuring a character close to her in appearance was featured on the Bratz Babyz Wild Wild West fashion pack, but this remains unconfirmed.
  • Although she only appears in two lines as a doll she is often featured on the Bratz Instagram page.
  • Kiana's birthday is February 11, making her an Aquarius.[5]



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