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Kirstee, known as one half of the Tweevils by the Bratz, is a character that first appeared on screen in Bratz: Rock Angelz.


Kirstee lives in Stilesville and attends Stilesville High School. She works as an intern at Your Thing magazine alongside her sister Kaycee. Kirstee's favorite color is pink and she and her twin sister have a general dislike towards anyone who doesn't fit their idea of fashion, which includes the Bratz.


Kirstee has short blonde hair that she always tied up with a crown hairband and blue eyes. She never wears her hair down and always wears something pink.


Kirstee is aggressive and mean to all those around her, even her own sister. She is smarter than her sister Kirstee, but often makes fun of her sister's intelligence and calls her names.



Kirstee has an identical twin sister named Kaycee. In the episode Kidnapped Kirstee revealed that her father is a podiatrist and their mother is the vice president of the 'Women Against Change' association. According to Kirstee, her father refuses to pay income tax.


Kirstee briefly dated Nigel in the movie Bratz: Rock Angelz. He called her beautiful, referred to her as his 'pretty princess' and invited her to his parents house for dinner. Although Nigel was dating Cloe at the same time, Kirstee didn’t seemed bothered by this. The two broke up when Nigel failed to save Kirstee from falling off a balcony.

In Crush in a Rush Kirstee describes her ideal man as "handsome, tall, athletic and likes to buy me things".


Kirstee shows an interest in Eitan in the episode, Crush in a Rush and fought over his affection with her sister. She quickly lost interest once she realised Eitan liked Yasmin.


After being rejected by Eitan Kirstee turned her attention to Cameron, who quickly rejected her.

Voice Actors

  • Kaley Cuoco in Rock Angelz, Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz, Bratz: Go to Paris, Bratz (Season One).
  • Ashleigh Ball in Bratz (Season Two).


  • Kirstee suffers from travel sickness as seen in Bratz: Rock Angelz.
  • In Kindapped, Kirstee reveals that she failed her Drivers Education class and doesn't know how to drive.
  • She gets $60 allowance a week from her parents.[1]




  1. Revealed in Kidnapped