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"Later, Alligator" is the 7th episode of the Bratzillaz webseries.


The Bratzillaz have to magically create an Alligator purse in Purses and Potions, and quickly try to fix things when they go wrong.


Cloetta, Sashabella, Meygana, Jade and Yasmina attend their first class, Potions & Purses run by Mr. Lectric. They are giving their first assignment to make a handbag out of crocodile skin, but the instructions are all in French.

Sashabella refuses to do the assignment because it was involve hurting an animal. Whilst Levitor can read French and manages to task easily, the girls try and get by through guessing.

Yasmina and Meygana manage to successfully create purses of their own, but Meygana's purse (which is a crocodile bag) grows legs and comes to life and destroys the classroom. Cloetta casts a spell to clean up the classroom before they get in trouble, but she forgets to get rid of the crocodile bag and it chases Mr. Lectric out of the classroom and into the hallway when he tries to grade his students' assignments, much to Sashabella's delight.




  1. "Glam Gets Wicked (Tonight)"