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Lights, Camera, Star! is a Lil' Bratz Book released in 2005.


The Lil' Bratz girls are psyched to enter their school's annual talent contest, but Talia can't figure out what her talent is. With some help from her best buds, Talia comes up with an act, but will she find the courage to go through with it?



Talia joins Nazalia at lunch time. She is busy designing some outfits for herself and Ailani for wear in the upcoming talent show where they plan to perform a dance number. Zada and Ailani join them and Zada proudly announces she has been made MC of the talent show. Whilst her friends are happy, Talia is a little upset, feeling as if she doesn't have a talent she can perform. The girls tell her they will help her find her talent.

Talia is too nervous to perform a speech or dance and she can't play an instrument. They discover Talia has a talent for singing, but she is too nervous to perform. They decide to go shopping and pick out a new outfit to boost her confidence. They head to Fashion Frendz-y and pick out a sparkly silver dress for Talia.

Talia performs at the talent show and wins first place.

Where to read[]

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