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Lina McKnight is a Bratz character that appears as a doll in the Fashion Pixiez line, on-screen in Bratz: Fashion Pixiez, in the book Pixie Power and in the The Secret Necklace‏‎ V-Tech game.


Fashion Pixiez & Pixie Power

A long time ago Lina was banished by Melvino, King of the Pixiez for unknown reasons. As punishment, she was turned into a crow and could only return to her human form for small amounts of time.

10 years before the events of the film, Fashion Pixiez, Lina decided to get revenge on Melvino by killing his wife Dee, and their children Cymbeline and Breeana. She created a snowstorm over Stilesville to drive Dee away from her children and attacked Dee in the town square.

Dee fought back using her own magic and succeeded in weakening Lina. However, Lina's magic overpowered Dee's, most likely because she had given away her wand, and Dee was turned into a Magnolia Tree. The spell exhausted Lina's magic, so she put aside her plan to kill Melvino and his daughters and went into hiding for 10 years. During that time the King did not know Lina had anything to do with his wife's disappearance.

Whilst in hiding Lina was sort out by Cymbeline Devlin, Melvino's teenage daughter. Cymbeline had begged her father to give her wings as she didn't want to wait until she turned 18, but Melvino refused. Lina gave Cymbeline the wings she so desperately wanted but put a spell on the wigs that forced Cymbeline to do whatever Lina pleased. It was because of this spell that Lina was able to regain her strength from Cymbeline.[2]

For a while Lina remained in hiding, giving Cymbeline the task of bringing Breeana to her. During this time Lina would spy on Breeana and Cymbeline in her crow form. When Cymbeline failed to bring her Breeana, Lina enrolled at Stiles High School as a 16-year-old transfer student. She found out Breeana had a crush on Dylan so turned into her crow form, stole Dylan's backpack and lured him to Whisper Hollow where she put a spell on him that forced him to do whatever she said. She then forced Dylan to ask Breeana to meet him in the woods after class where Lina would be waiting for her.

However, Dylan failed to show up with Breeana, instead bringing Yasmin and Cloe to her (unknown to Lina, Breeana was hiding behind a nearby tree). Lina was angry, but Yasmin and Cloe had already seen the Dark Pixiez and she knew she couldn't let them go and possibly tell people what was happening. Instead, Lina put a charm on Cloe and Yasmin, similar to the charm placed on Dylan.

The next day Lina takes Cymbeline, Cloe, Yasmin and Dylan to Stilesville mall to try and find Breeana. When Sasha and Jade refuse to tell her where she is, she retreats back to Whisper Hollow. That evening she throws a party for all the pixiez and humans under her control in celebration of killing Melvino, something she planned to do after the party.

Breeana, Sasha and Jade break into the party to try and save their friends. As Yasmin and Cloe have been enchanted to bring Breeana to Lina, they grab her as soon as they see her and drag her towards Lina. Lina offers to give Breeana her own wings and Breeana seems to consider this. Lina holds out her hand for Breeana to take, but Breeana surprises Lina by throwing Pixie Dust into her face, causing her to scream out in pain.

After some time, Lina recovers from the fairy dust attack. She casts a bright red light towards the ceiling and the entire party falls into darkness. She tells the fairys to fly to the next party. As they leave the ceiling caves inwards, crushing Sasha, Jade and Breeana.

Lina sends her Dark Pixiez to the Magnolia Ball where they create a fairy circle that enchants the human guests. Lina arrives soon after and tells Melvino she gave Cymbeline wings at her request, had gotten rid of Breeana and confesses she was the one who killed Dee 10 years ago.

Melvino free's Cymbeline and the trapped humans from Lina's spell, which weakens him. Cymbeline attempts to save her father by attacking Lina. She waves her hand and sends Lina flying into the Magnolia tree which knocks her out. With Cymbeline no longer under her control Lina's powers grow weaker. She uses the last of her magic to turn Melvino into a tree.

Dee is freed from her tree form by her daughters and their friends and attacks Dee. Having been resting for 10 years she is more powerful and easily banishes the rest of the Dark Pixiez. The girls free Melvino from his tree form and after reuniting with Dee, Melvino tells Lina to lose her disguise and she turns into a crow. She asks if she will be banished again and he says yes, but instead of turning her into a bird again he turns her into a small, withered tree.

After Melvino casts a memory spell over the town the party resumes as if nothing happened. Some guests notice the Magnolia Tree (now Lina) is small and withered. The mayor inspects the tree and decides they will dispose of it and plant a new one.

The Secret Necklace
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Lina has light skin, violet eyes and long red hair. Her wings are purple.


Lina has long black and red hair, with pale skin and green eyes. Her wings are dark pink.

Other Form

Lina has the ability to transform into a black crow with yellow eyes.


Lina is shown to be a very evil, sadistic, sassy, vindictive, power-hungry and vengeful fairy who is also shown to be very alluring, manipulative, persuasive, cunning and tricky as shown with her first encounter with Dylan, using her crow form to steal his backpack with her attractive and bewitching nature and feminine wiles to first lead him to the Pixie lair and later using him to lure Breeana into her trap, knowing that she had a crush on him.



Lina is possibly the sister of Dee, making her the aunt of Breeana and Cymbeline. At one point in the movie, Fashion Pixiez she refers to herself as 'Auntie Lina'. However this may just be a nickname she gave herself.


Lina dislikes Melvino and how he rules. He refers to her as "The Dark One".


Lina manipulates Dylan and turns him into her mindless slave. Although Dylan has a crush on Lina she does not return his romantic attraction.

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  • Lina is a name of Greek origin meaning "sunlight".
  • It is possible Lina's doll form is her before her status as a Dark Pixie, showing she was once good before the time of her blizzard and exile.
  • Although Lina is an adult, she still looks like a teenager and disguises herself as a high school student. Her actual age is unknown, but if she and Dee are around the same age than she would be in her mid to late 30s at the youngest.
  • In the novelization of Fashion Pixiez, Pixie Power, Lina's surname is revealed to be McKnight.[3]





  1. In the book Pixie Power, Breeana tells Jade that her father refers to Lina as "The Dark One"
  2. It is revealed the Cymbeline asked Lina to give her wings in the book "Pixie Power".
  3. Pixie Power, Chapter 1, Page 4

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