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Lina McKnight, known as Black Fairy by her friends, is a character that appears in Bratz: Fashion Pixiez.


Many years ago Lina decided to murder Dee, the Queen of the Pixiez. However Dee fought back and the resulting magic combination resulted in her turning into a tree. Lina was banished by The King. She hid in secret for many years, concocting a new plan.

Eventually she returned, almost 15+ years later, unaged. She befriended Princess Cymbeline, The King's daughter. She gave her wings and used magic to turn her into a slave. She planned to do the same to Breeana, Cymbeline's sister and keep both as her slaves until Melvino agreed to make her Queen.

When Lina reveals her plan, she and Melvino fight and he turns into a tree. Luckily, Sasha, Jade, Close, Yasmin and Breeana manage to save both Dee and Melvino and turn them back human. Lina's plan fails and she herself is turned into a tree.


Due to Lina's status as a dark pixie, she takes on a darker and more gothic appearance with grey skin, waist-length dark black hair with red streaks and bewitching green eyes.


Lina is shown to be a very evil, sadistic, sassy, vindictive, power-hungry and vengeful fairy who is also shown to be very alluring, manipulative, persuasive, cunning and tricky as shown with her first encounter with Dylan, using her crow form to steal his backpack with her attractive and bewitching nature and feminine wiles to first lead him to the Pixie lair and later using him to lure Breeana into her trap, knowing from her time in the school that she had a crush on him.



Lina is possibly the sister of Dee, making her the aunt of Breeana and Cymbeline. At one point in the movie, Fashion Pixiez she refers to herself as 'Auntie Lina'. However this may just be a nickname she gave herself.


Lina manipulates Dylan, who has a crush on her and turns him into her mindless slave. It seems Lina does not return his romantic attraction, which is good considering Lina is 15+ years older than him and he is 16.


  • It is possible Lina's doll form is her before her status as a Dark Pixie, showing she was once good before the time of her blizzard and exile.
  • Although Lina is an adult, she still looks like a teenager and disguises herself as a high school student. Her actual age is unknown, but if she and Dee are around the same age than she would be in her mid to late 30s at the youngest.
  • Lina is a name of Greek origin meaning "sunlight".
  • Lina, like the other dolls in the Fashion Pixiez collection was redesigned to be more child friendly after walmart declared their original designs to be too scary for children. Lina's original doll was much darker, with long blonde streaked hair and dark eyes.
  • In the novelisation of Fashion Pixiez, Pixie Power, Lina's surname is revealed to be McKnight.[1]
  • At the end of Pixie Power, Stilesville mayor announces her plans to dig up the now withered Magnolia Tree and plant a new one. Assuming she doesn't replant the old tree, this confirms Lina's death.[2]




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