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Livin' Bratz 2005 Header

Livin' Bratz was a line of Bratz homeware released in 2005. The first line was released in 2004.

It reuses artwork from Sporty Flair, Fabulous, Flashback Fever, Funk Out!, Rockin' Chic and Wild Life Safari.

Packaging was designed by Beyond Tomatoes.

Armchair and Ottoman[]

Beauty Bright Bedside Lamp[]

Beauty Sleep Bed Board[]

Blazin' Bright Deco Lights[]

Blazin' Hot Alarm Clock[]

Chillin' Door Pillow[]

Comfy Cool Backrest Pillow[]

Comfy Cozy Canopy[]

Cool Space Rockin' Hot Alarm Clock[]

Deluxe Room Makeover Set[]

Far-Out Fashion Pillows[]

Fashion Frames[]

Fashion Showcase[]

Foot Rest[]

Funky Folding Chair[]

Hanging Out Swing Chair[]

Inflatable Chair and Foot Rest[]

Inflatable Couch[]

Inflatable Lounge[]

Inflatable Luscious Lips Lounge[]

Keepin' It Cozy Pillow[]

Kickin' Back Chair[]

Lip-Shaped Shelf[]

Lookin' Good Jewelry Holder[]

Lookin' Hot Wall Clock[]

Luscious Lip Jewelry Box[]

Throw Blanket[]

Outta Sight Light[]


Rockin' Hot Alarm Clock[]

Shower Curtain Rings[]

Sittin' Beauty Butterfly Chair[]

Sittin' Pretty Lounge[]

Sittin' Pretty Moon Chair[]

Sporty Flair Alarm Clock[]

Sporty Flair Bean Bag[]

Sporty Flair Pillow[]

Sporty Flair Single Comforter[]

Sporty Flair Twin Comforter[]

Sporty Flair Throw Blanket[]

Sporty Flair Wall Clock[]

Star Alarm Clock[]

Stash 'N' Style 6-Drawer Storage[]

Stash 'N' Style Fabric Bin[]

Stash 'N' Style Jewelry Box[]

Storage Chest[]

Strut 'N' Style Door Beads[]

Stylin' 3-Shelf Storage[]

Stylin' Sofa Sleeper[]

Totally Hot Hanging Baskets[]

Totally Hot Taking Clock[]

Tune Tower[]

Vinyl Shower Curtain[]

Wheel Appeal Storage Bin[]

Promotional Images[]