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Livin' It Up with the Bratz is an interactive movie based on the popular Bratz doll franchise. It is the first interactive DVD released based on the Bratz characters.


"More adventures with hip chicks Jade, Cloe, Yasmin and Sasha. This time, the girls feature in an interactive DVD storybook, with the viewer able to choose what the fashion-conscious girls do next, either putting on a show, creating a new music video, or deciding the format of the yearbook. With two to six distinct paths at each choice point, there are a multitude of possible scenarios."


Sasha meets Dylan in a music shop where he is playing some new records. Cloe is at home painting a mural on her wall when she receives a phone call from Sasha asking where she is. They laugh about both being late.

Yasmin is meditating when she is interrupted by her Yoga instructor who tells her her hour is up. Yasmin realises she is late and rushes around collecting her stuff. She calls Jade, who almost drops a pile of presents she is carrying.

Sasha, Cloe, Jade and Yasmin meet up at the Bratz magazine office. The girls are excited to celebrate the new school year.

On the first day of school Cloe looks at the notice board and finds out there are no singing, dance or drama clubs. She goes to the principal's office and confronts him about the lack of creative extra curriculars. The principal gives her permission to put on a show.

In biology class Cloe shares the good news with her friends. They discuss what kind of show to put on. The decision is up to the audience.

Cloe runs rehearsals with help from Yasmin, Sasha, Jade, Cameron and Dylan. Cloe is stressing out about the shows outfits but when Jade shows off her Genie Magic outfit, Cloe agrees they should all wear outfits like it to the show.

Backstage on the day of the concert Cloe gets overly excited and knocks a drink onto the lighting board, frying it. They find torches and perform the show in the dark with their torches as their guide.




  1. "Livin' It Up."
  2. "Me & My Girls."


  • Stung is a parody of the singer Sting.
  • Apart from the sunglasses, Cameron and Stung have the exact same model.

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