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MGA Entertainment (Micro-Games America Entertainment) is the manufacture and creator of the Bratz doll franchise.


ABC Electronics

ABC Electronics was founded in 1982 by brothers Isaac and Farhad Larian, also known as Fred. The company imported consumer electronics, such as handheld video game consoles. The company was a success and made $30,000 in the first nine months..[1] In 1987 the company became a distributor for Nintendo's Game and Watch handheld videogames in the US.

In 1985, the Larian brothers sold 10% of their company to their brother-in-law.[2]

In 1998 ABC Electronics name was changed to Micro-Games America Entertainment, more commonly known as MGA Entertainment.

By 1999, Isaac as president, assumed control of sales, product development, and financial matters. Fred was less involved in the day-to-day sales and financial control of the company. [2]

Fred sold his 45% of the company for just $9 million in 2000, right before Bratz was produced for sale.

Early Products

It was around this time that a toy inventor named Joe Trushus showed Larian a prototype of a talking doll. He had previously pitched the doll to Mattel, who had rejected his idea. In 1997, the Singing Bouncy Baby doll became the first toy hit for the company.[1]


Singing Bouncy Baby

Super Click-It/Bonk It


Little Tikes





MGA has been involved in many lawsuits over the years. The following are in the order by which they occurred.

Main Article: Larian Brothers Lawsuit

Fred sued Isaac in 2003 claiming he hid information about the pending Bratz doll and its potential to be a huge success. The court ruled in favour of Isaac.

Main Article: Art Attacks Inc Lawsuit

In 2009 a small airbrush T-shirt shop in California attempted to sue MGA, alledging that the maker of the popular Bratz dolls copied artwork from its "Spoiled Brats" custom shirts.

Main Article: Mattel Lawsuit

Lawsuit between Barbie creator Mattel and MGA Entertainment over ownership of the Bratz brand.

Other Non-Bratz related Lawsuits

  • Lalaloopsy, Viacom Lawsuit: Lawsuit over distribution of Lalaloopsy media. (Read)
  • LOL Surprise, Zuru Lawsuit: MGA sues Zuru over their 5 Surprise brand, suggesting it to be a copy of LOL Surprise (Read)


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